Jets sticking with Geno Smith at quarterback

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Geno Smith turned the ball over four more times on Sunday and got pulled from the 37-14 loss to the Bills in the fourth quarter in favor of Matt Simms.

That benching won’t extend into next week’s game against the Ravens. Smith has been playing poorly for weeks, but coach Rex Ryan isn’t contemplating a move to Simms or David Garrard at this point.

“We’ll look at everything as we go, but again, but I don’t think it’s fair to place it on one man,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of “We have to take a hard look at what we’re doing, but I would say Geno is our starting quarterback against Baltimore next week.”

The Jets could live with Smith’s 8-of-19 performance against the Saints because he didn’t turn the ball over, but they can’t live with anything approximating Sunday’s performance because there’s no way for them to overcome handing away points on turnovers. If that continues to happen for Smith, who is now at 20 turnovers and counting, then Ryan may have to take a harder look at a change in the coming weeks.


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  1. The jets definitely should bring in someone like Derek Carr or Blake Bortles next year. Not to unseat him but to challenge him and if that QB wins then so be it the jets and Rex can’t hinge there season next year on whether or not Geno Smith will be a turnover machine.

  2. Geno is the 3rd best QB in the draft at this point after Manuel and Glennon, and his numbers are worse than Sanchez. You do gotta play him but his mistakes are alarmingly bad.

  3. The Ravens aren’t a good team so the Jets might be in trouble. They’ll need to see a division leader to get right.

  4. Just as long as they stick with Wrecks Ryan, I’ll be happy.

    Wrecks showed that he’s very versitile when it comes to crushing the confidence of his QBs. With Sanchez he guaranteed two Super Bowls.

    With Smith he benches him. Opposite points on the spectrum – but both approaches are sure to kill a QB’s career.

  5. Geno Smith was trouble from the moment he came out of the draft. He fired his agent because he slid in the draft, his WVU teammates said he wasn’t a leader, and D1 college teams figured him out when his team stopped playing cupcakes on their schedule after week 4 of his senior year at WVU. Smith is a chump and it’s showing now.

  6. It is appropriate that they gave him number 7, because just like 7UP, Geno never had it and he never will.

  7. As a jets fan as someone who isn’t in favor of the quick hook….I think he should sit, he sucks. He was like winding up long and slow before each throw & staring down WRs. He actually looks like a dumber version of Sanchez….however sitting him is tough, We don’t have a b/u!

  8. Yea jets really suck. Some nfl fans/jets haters are just so lost it becomes embarrassing. He is a rookie, second round rookie none the less. There is a good chance he isn’t the jets QB in a year or so if they fall into a franchise QB….And for any fans saying Rex sucks??? Give it a rest…he is 5-5 w/no offense….look at mike McCarthy when he doesn’t have a QB…not such a great coach, huh? Chill out morons…jets are a team rebuilding and still .500 playing meaningful games…if you can’t realize that, I heard they’re running a special on Fox Sports Soccer, go watch that

  9. multiplemeggs, EJ has played in 7 games, and last week was his lone hideous performance, and it was still considerably better by comparison to Genos hideous performances. On top of that, EJ and Genos good performances are quite similar. Therefore it is plain to see that, thus far, yes EJ has looked better as a rookie. But they’re both rookies so let’s not get too defensive yet that one has been better than the other.

  10. You know after Alex Smith was given 5 years to fail before Harbaugh came in, I thought for sure people would be more patient with Qbs. But it’s the modern football era and people have little patience. Plus he’s under NY scrutiny, and Rex is under pressure to deliver results. Some of you calling him dumb are being way too harsh & a bit unfair

    As a die hard Jets fan, I don’t know what to think. One week, the whole team plays well, another the whole team sucks. The defense today was not the defense that faced the Saints, or the Falcons, or the Patriots. As for the offense, I personally think they don’t trust Geno enough(again, look at Alex Smith in years prior). They’re putting a leash on him like they did with Sanchez…it’s clear as day, instead of letting him go out there and sling it. I don’t care if he throws 10 interceptions in a game, if you had to throw interceptions do it in your rookie year. No one expected anything from us, let Geno be Geno and learn from his awful mistakes. Geno should be throwing it 25-35 times a game IMO. They were way too safe with him and Quarterbacks NEED confidence

  11. Schadenfreude grün – pleasure derived from watch the J-E-T-S have another quarterback “experiment” blow up in their face…

    Please, oh please, extend Ryan another three years and have a quarterback competition of Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith for training camp next season that goes into the regular season…

    Let there be Team Geno and Team Mark T shirts and other marketing…

    Please let them continue the suspense…


  12. For me, that game was even worse than Geno’s implosions in Tennessee and New England because at least in those games he went down trying to make plays. Yesterday he couldn’t move the ball at all. After being patient with Sanchez for for years it’s unreasonable to expect fans to have any trust that Geno will pan out when we see the back breaking turnovers time after time after time and when we remember the last guy who had the same problem.

  13. jets oline was unimpressive to say the least. geno got hit a lot and the running game never got going. meanwhile, manuel had time in the pocket to make good throws. clearly the jets secondary isn’t strong enough now to survive not having a pass rush. there’s the game. still rebuilding; hope for the future

  14. I realize that this is a bit of a stretch, as far as comparisons go, but I think it’s fair to note that Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in his rookie season. Yes, he threw 26 touchdowns to go along with those interceptions, but it just shows that rookies make mistakes…and look at Drew Brees. His second year as a starter, he threw more interceptions that touchdowns. Look at him now!

    Yes, Geno is struggling in certain situations, and it’s fair to say that he has struggles more than he has thrived so far this season, but you need to remember that he is a rookie, and the best thing he can do is to play, and learn from his mistakes.

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