Jones knows blowout in New Orleans will “hang with us”

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Gone but hardly forgotten during their bye week, the Dallas Cowboys are still dealing with the aftermath of last Sunday night’s both-sides-of-the-ball blowout loss to the Saints.

On Friday, owner Jerry Jones acknowledged that the 49-17 defeat will linger.

“That was one that will hang with us for a little while, but it’s not the end of the world,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Friday.

Well, it’s not the end of the world.  But it could be the end of the season.  And also the end of the line for coach Jason Garrett, especially since firing the G.M. isn’t an option.

“We’ve got things, with this team, that can compete with anybody,” Jones said.  “It’s before us if we want to take it. It would be wrong to look at this past weekend and say, ‘That’s it — count us out.'”

We’re not ready to count them out when it comes to making the playoffs, but based on the inability to compete with the best teams in the conference, what’s the point of making the playoffs?  While the Giants managed two years ago to win the NFC East and then win the Super Bowl, the Cowboys don’t seem to have the ability to run the table after finagling a way to get a seat at it.

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  1. That makes sense. Fire Garrett because Jerry Jones opted for a dinosaur Kiffin defense instead of a Ryan defense.

  2. How could Jones fire Garrett when he’s the one that is responsible for his team’s struggles? He forced Garrett to coach with Rob Ryan, Monte Kiffin and Bill Callahan, so how could he rationally explain this if he does fire Garrett at the end of the season?

  3. Dallas had the division handed to them on a silver platter and gave it away. Looks like Philly is the team who wants it. That’s okay, I stopped getting my hopes up a few years ago.

    -Dallas fan

  4. He IS becoming like Al Davis in his declining years. Al was notorious for forcing HIS picks for assistants on his head coaches.

  5. Same old baloney from this drunken fool every single year. Nothing is ever going to change until he starts seeing empty seats in his palace cuz Jerry loves money (and scotch) more than he loves winning. Too bad there’s a steady supply of fools who keep falling for his act and hand over their money to this grifter.

  6. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here: If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs, Lane Kiffin will be coaching them next season, because Jerry Jones is just that stupid. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but, as we’ve seen for years, JJ’s never let a little thing like incompetence stand in the way of his hiring a big name…

  7. Mr. Jones speaks a lot of wisdom. Coaches get too spoiled here in Jerry’s World. Even Jimmy Johnson. That’s why he couldn’t win anywhere else. Hang in there Jerry, i know you will find us a coach that is worthy of America’s team. #Jerryjonesisthegreatestownerever

  8. Clearly Jerry Jones is senile, but that’s why we all love him. I hope he is getting great medical care in Dallas because I know all of us would be sad to see him go. Here’s hoping for another 30 long years for Jerry.

  9. OH JERRY!!

    keep popping off your mouth.. just to stay in the news..
    it’s a “moral victory”

    it’s.. “this year is DIFFERENT”

    it’s.. romo is worth 120 million..

    AFTER already giving him.. 80 million previously

    STILL After all that.. ONE PLAYOFF WIN!!

    keep yourself as coach/gm/cowgirls god

    love EVERY nfc east team!

  10. Thank u! The only problem in Dallas is the same problem they’ve always had, as an owner let the professionals do there job and stay out of it! Itz all about jerry, getting as much press as possible! With meddling owners like jones & Snyder , there teams will suffer forever! WTF! Itz not hard to figure out! Dumbasses! Sorry , rich dumbasses

  11. Can we fans fire the General Manager? Pls help, he is good as a owner, but doesn’t have an idea about football! 😦
    He can hire the best coach in the NFL, but nothing is gonna change meanwhile he is still there as GM.

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