League will look into Trent Williams’ claim ref cursed him


It didn’t take long for the league to notice the reports that a game official cursed at Redskins tackle Trent Williams.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT the league will look into it, and there should be sufficient evidence. With guard Kory Lichtensteiger miked up for the game, and saying he heard the exchange, there could reasonably be audio of the conversation.

And if the officials don’t have anything to worry about, they have a funny way to show it.

A pool reporter attempted to ask referee Walt Coleman about the incident after the game, but Coleman didn’t respond, and apparently directed the driver of the bus he was in to roll up the window and drive away, according to the Washington Post.

34 responses to “League will look into Trent Williams’ claim ref cursed him

  1. NFL refs are jerks that can’t even do their jobs correctly on a consistent basis.

    The NFL has an obligation to put the best refs in the world on the field, and they fail to do so.

  2. RG3 after the game:
    “Players make plays and coaches have got to coach.”

    That doesn’t sound good at all.

  3. Slightly off topic, but I’d like to see that mediocre whiny RGKnee point to the heavens every time he throws a pick

  4. From the article: [Williams said the incident negatively affected Washington’s play as it fell to 3-7.]

    Give me a break. Maybe the Redskins lost the game for the simple reason they aren’t good.

  5. Right. The League will turn a blind eye like they do on every dirty hit towards RGIII. We deserve a public apology from Goodell for being screwed out of two NFL seasons from that BOGUS 36 million cap penalty. #TheRedskinsdontdeservethisbadrecord

  6. Maybe if the DEADSKINS weren’t such LOSERS
    (ie 36 million cap penalty) for CHEATING , again.

    maybe someone would listen to their CRYING,each week.

  7. What logical reason would a ref just randomly just call a player a piece of garbage, without any prior situation? The Redskins should be more afraid of what the NFL investigation finds out then deflecting blame for their loss.

  8. So glad the Eagles put them out of their misery. Now the bickering begins starting with RG3 leading the charge. I can just imagine how Snyder feels now about the future of the team with his GREAT self acclaimed QB. If I was a betting man I think they may run the table the rest of the way (All Loses.

  9. Being an NFL ref is really one of the more difficult jobs that come to mind. However, if Trent’s claims prove to be true – tough job or not – the ref was way out of line.

  10. So why is it okay for players and coaches to use vulgarity towards the officials on a weekly basis then? Seriously, NFL Films films this all the time. Players are the biggest babies, they can dish it out but as soon as someone gives it back they cry.

  11. Really?? The media is turning football into a female sport. If the media left the Martin incident alone, I wouldn’t even be typing this because this “incident ” would of never been covered.

  12. The league will never look at the refs they placed under contract. Watching different games the refs flags are all over the place when it comes to consistency. Now they feel they can say what they want to players but don’t dare a coach run down a official.

  13. bigbuc419

    Right on dude. After 50 years of being a season ticket holder, I finally sold them…and oh yea made a boatload of money!!! This league is so bad anymore. Inmates trying to run the jail, Goodell has done such a bad job. NFL is a bad product period. It’s a shame because the young guys don’t know what good football was! These players could care less about the game or it’s past. SHAME!!!

  14. No, the AMATEUR refs of the most successful and richest league in the world just roll up the window and go back to their jobs in corporate law offices. NFL officiating is a joke, an indefensible insult to the fans and the players. They may get a slap on the wrist, but then, this is just a hobby, a second job, what do they care? Never answer a question from anyone.

  15. I think the NFL should look into the curse that was placed on the entire Redskins franchise since Snyder became the owner.

  16. For those of you that don’t get it. This is very different than a player talking trash. When an authority figure does this it leaves you with the feeling that your best will only end with them making up a reason to take triumph from you. For instance, they might not call the really obvious pass interference that would put your team inside the 10. And more importantly, this is the second time this season redskins have said the refs are acting this way. Which makes question the integrity of NFL officials. Because if what Deangelo Hall said weeks ago regarding his ejection was untrue, he would have been suspended. And he wasn’t. And if the NFL is doing this to the redskins now, then who have they done it to before and how has it affected the integrity of the sport? I’m about ready to quit on the NFL and switch to ruby where there is one ref for 30 players and the only rule that gets enforced is “what goes around comes around”.

  17. Wikipedia Walt Coleman and you’ll see that him and his crews have a laundry list of screw ups. I get that the officials have a union but how is this idiot still employed?

  18. I’m willing to bet that the league will turn a blind eye to this horrible injustice, just like they have turned a blind eye to the horrible injustice of the Redskins getting fined $36 million. These injustices will continue until Roger Goodell is fired. #RedskinsAreBetterThanTheirRecord #GoodellHatesTheRedskins

  19. Who knew the Washington Semi-pro Team fans were so sensitive and delusional. The refs, or Goodell, or anybody else doesn’t have it out for you, it’s just that you have a scum bag owner, an overrated coach, and a China doll of a QB, which means your team sucks!… Quit cheating and you don’t lose cap space. Quit hiring your weak coache’s son as your OC and maybe you call good plays. Quit throwing your draft picks away on a fragile QB and maybe you don’t get owned by the Eagles twice. But you know what, please keep living in the past and celebrating and mentioning your last SB, it’s funny and pathetic, and makes the rest of us laugh.

  20. Seriously? You guys think the redskins and cowboys deserved cap penalties for violating rules that didn’t exist? You’re either a troll or a moron.

  21. If they followed the rules they wouldn’t of been fined 36 mil.CMON MAN


    There were no rules. It was an uncapped year. We were screwed

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