Trent Williams accuses official of cursing at him during game

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Redskins tackle Trent Williams was frustrated after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, but not just because of the loss to the Eagles.

Williams accused umpire Roy Ellison of cursing at him and making disparaging remarks to him during the game.

“When you have a ref come up to while you’re at the line about to run a play and call you, excuse my language, but a ‘garbage [expletive] disrespectful [expletive]’ to me this is a player’s league,” Williams said, via “I just don’t think there’s no room for you to have to take that from the team and the refs. I think it’s very unprofessional and it sucks. I’m at a loss for words. You never expect that as a player going into a game to have to beef with the refs also.”

Redskins guard Kory Lichtensteiger said, via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, that he heard the official say the same thing that Williams accused him of saying. Lichtensteiger was wearing a microphone during the game and the league could use tapes from those recordings to investigate what Ellison said on the field.

And they should investigate because there’s no place for an official using that kind of language or interacting with players in the manner that Williams alleges Ellison interacted with him in Sunday’s game.

78 responses to “Trent Williams accuses official of cursing at him during game

  1. I’ve said from the Seattle Playoff game…the league has a CLEAR vandetta vs Dan Snyder and the Redskins and it has been shown all year in every game. We should be at least 8-2. If the games were on an even playing field, the Redskins would be preparing for the Superbowl right now. #Wewerescrewed

  2. Also sometimes the Refs put their hands on players. It happened in the Lions game that a referee shoved a player. Now it was a pretty light move given the circumstances, but it’s still a potential issue that I would like it if the NFL is more clear on what rights the referees have to say what they want to say and touch or do what they do to the players. What are the lines so that we can be aware of when a referee might have crossed a line, or are there just no lines and a referee can do anything that he or she wants?

  3. Now that Jonathan Martin has opened the door just watch as player after player starts to whine about every slight, both real and imagined and look for some kind or remedy from the league.

  4. Good God. My high school football team didn’t win a game last year and they were tougher than most NFL players today.

  5. Washington should be 8-2? A vandetta against Snyder? Your team stinks because you have a coach who isn’t very good and an owner who can make a lot of money, but can’t get the results on the field. Just think about this: Washington doesn’t have a 1st round pick in 2014 or 2015 and both years they are going to lose $18 million dollars of their salary cap. They are cooked for the next few years. Hope you enjoyed last year because its not getting any better. Somebody has to finish last.

  6. There once was a man from Peru
    Who dreamed NFL refs were terriblu
    He woke with a fright during any game ever
    And found that his dreams had come true

  7. kd75 says:
    Nov 17, 2013 6:14 PM
    Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you…

    Not according to johnathan martin.

  8. Wow, a Philly referee acting disrespectful? Naaaah, not possible. Wonder if he was part of the group of fans who egged the Redskins bus on the way into the stadium.

    Stay classy Philadelphia!

  9. hahahahahhaa. The Racially Insensitives are the worst team in the worst division in football. RGIII is an overhyped bum and the fans are starting to sense it. No 1st rounders. Losing cap space because they got caught cheating.

    Basement for two more decades!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  10. Lmao…this is an absolute joke. you are disrespectful Trent Williams and you got destroyed by two Eagle greats today. wah wah wah. keep crying. let’s not forget you got whooped up on by Seattle, kept your helmet on and punched a “player” in the face. Sherman would have jacked your overweight soft body like Cox and Cole did today. have fun crying in last where your tears have nowhere to fall

  11. To the guys saying “Waahh” and that NFL players should toughen up: Are you the same guys who said Jonathan Martin should hit back? Because I’m fine with letting the refs talk to players that way … as long as the players are allowed to talk to the refs that way and to shove the refs out of their faces. But the refs have special little shields around them. The players can’t curse at them and they can’t touch them or they risk an ejection.

    So yeah … let’s put everyone on an even plane. Then let the players handle it as they would with anyone else.

  12. players league. its funny really. they could go on strike for a 2 year period, and the replacement players would become very very popular, close to that of regular players. why? because it is a players league controlled by the amazing NFL Marketing machine. with NFL Films, NFL N, and the way they can hype a game/player and his abilities, it doesn’t matter who is out there trent Williams, they can find another trent williams

  13. Lets all wait to hear what the tape recording shows………If as the player indicates then perhaps suspension of the striped offender is in order…….

    My guess: it was not as indicated and in response to something the player did/said.

  14. phantom horse collars, free holding for the eagles all game, when they did call it, it was hands to the face 5 yds insyead of 10, robert getting hit from behind late every play on camera with no flags, yes there is a vendetta and yes this is not a trend its a pattern.

  15. And I’m just positive the player said absolutely nothing disparaging to the ref right? He’s as pure as the driven snow. And would someone please help illogical voice in his head find his meds. 8-2? The only problem with that whining is it smacks of all the spygate whining, just one little problem you can’t change reality. The pats one and the skins are having a terrible year.

  16. And logical, it was great when you went away. Do it again. The Redskins are horrible because they can’t play D, RG3 can’t hit open receivers, and when he does throw it on target that “top 5 WR” of yours drops it.

  17. I am a skins fan, however this is what Williams is concerned about? Stop making excuses and working on playing football. If it was something physical say someth I ng, just words ignore it.

  18. I bet it’s the chem trails the government releases from planes that turned RGIII into an average quarterback! The floride in the water made him throw that ridiculous pass at the end of the game! The NSA is why the Washington football team will be cellar dwellers for a while! Wake up people! It’s the government who made them trade 3 first round draft picks for Griffin and then made them run him into the ground! 5 years from now, one Washington fan talking to another: “Remember that 3/4 a season when Griffin was exciting and the team made the playoffs? I sure do miss not being in a last place.”

  19. Look at the Eagle fans talking trash…..Wow win a Super Bowl or 2 or 3 or 4 before you start to dictate.
    Classless pathetic Eagles. Some things never change

  20. If your team and players suck you can always cry about the refs and blame your own incompetence on them, right?

    The National Whining League

  21. Totally random here, because lets be serious, players swear at refs all day, it’s the nfl, I don’t care if it’s a ref or not. Didn’t impact a call or decision as of now it appears. Anyways, watching the miners game, and maybe someone at pft or on here can answer this. How is Aldon Smith playing? Kind of like the Von Millere situation, with him now back in good graces with the league and everyone forgetting about what he’s done. Smith got arrested for a DUI, not convicted, I understand that. He then played two days later, which Harbaugh was not even criticized for, then he went to rehab,completed his time and boom back on the field. First, Harbaugh should have immediately had him go get help. It’s awesome he got help and hopefully he will remain sober, being someone who has been though similar circumstances, I can appreciate that. However, how was he not suspended, being a repeat offender, and also we the charges in the gun case? It’s baffling to me. Now, basically, it’s go to rehab, get paid, and the league won’t touch you, something is not right there. Still consequences for actions. Just because you are clean doesn’t mean what you did goes away. And last of all, if he was taking sobriety seriously, a month wouldn’t have done it, it’s a daily struggle and most don’t return to normal life for an extended period of time, studies and statistics show that long term treatment is far more effective than 30 days. This guy for his sake should be in intensive therapy if he’s out of rehab, he was drunk at 8 am, that’s a problem! Someone please tell me how no one has talked about both him not being suspended, but also his well being.

  22. nickynick04 says:
    Some things never change

    Correct . . you will always be in last-place.
    Eagles have been to playoffs and Super Bowl recently.

    We don’t need an ancient-history-book, to find winning seasons.

    but . . don’t forget Dan raised prices again for next year.
    You fans got to pay more for that cellar-seat,

    Redskins – Building a Rams-Dynasty since 2012

  23. logicalvoicesays says: Nov 17, 2013 6:07 PM

    I’ve said from the Seattle Playoff game…the league has a CLEAR vandetta vs Dan Snyder and the Redskins and it has been shown all year in every game. We should be at least 8-2. If the games were on an even playing field, the Redskins would be preparing for the Superbowl right now. #Wewerescrewed
    Do you even watch the games, the Skins D is terrible, RG3 is just an average QB. Last season was a fluke and this season proves it.

  24. What was he saying to the refs the whole game? Or, for that matter, probably every game at some point?

    “players league” is right. You can swear, yell and question the refs decisions every single play, but as soon as they snap a little because of the extreme pressure put on them by the players, fans and the NFL, suddenly it’s “very unprofessional and it sucks”??? Heh, try looking in mirror, lol.

  25. Redskins and Redskins fans all the biggest bunch of big crybabies in the world! It is always someone else’s fault Lavar Arrington used always blame the refs too. He would never blame is terrible play.

  26. what a girl. no wonder the skins are 3-7. this wuss must have gone to the jonathan martin toughness finishing school.

    skins stink. at the bottom of the div and swept by THE BIRDS.

  27. Redskin fans (most of them) are really delusional. A few post back romo was complaining about the non calls the redskins didn’t get. The refs on that last drive TRIED to give the Redskins all the advantages of 2 calls that went in their favor The bad defensive holding call on 3rd down and not to mention Trent Cole being held on a lot of plays. GET REAL.You’re team stinks!!!

  28. Here is the only logical way to see this is to look at the numbers for what this means. Eagles had nine penalties in the game, redskins had four. So is the ref Richie incognito and Trent Williams is Jonathan Martin? The skins are being bullied by the refs? Awwwww, you will feel better after a win. I pwomise…..

  29. Seriously all you trolls!…NFL players are always scrutinized for their conduct on and off the field, why shouldn’t refs be held to the same standards they’re supposed to enforce…if in fact these allegations are true!….even though y’all hate the skins, common sense needs to prevail! HTTR!!!

  30. thestrategyexpert says:Nov 17, 2013 6:10 PM

    Also sometimes the Refs put their hands on players. It happened in the Lions game that a referee shoved a player. Now it was a pretty light move given the circumstances, but it’s still a potential issue that I would like it if the NFL is more clear on what rights the referees have to say what they want to say and touch or do what they do to the players. What are the lines so that we can be aware of when a referee might have crossed a line, or are there just no lines and a referee can do anything that he or she wants?

    I saw what you are talking about. What the player was trying to do is get closer to other refs who were discussing a play and the ref placed his hand on the players chest. When the player kept moving closer the ref did seem to apply a little pressure to the players chest to try to keep him away. Now the player might have been also saying something which you cannot tell since his hemet was on. You could hardly consider it a push but it did catch my attention.

  31. bigbadal21:

    Well I only bring it up because you seem to see it in sports more nowadays. I have seen it a little in baseball, some in hockey, and there was a big boxing fight recently where a referee was very handsy with a fighter that you could practically charge him with assault! I just wonder how proactive the NFL is in having a clear and concise understanding of the rules of what is ok and not ok with respect to how you touch other athletes.

    That play was kind of a justified push, but he did push and shove the player nonetheless. Low risk push, but hey he could have injured the player from that move. What if he knocked him off balance and he fell or he hit him too hard in the wrong spot. It wasn’t a tap. He pushed him. Small push, but it was a push worth noting for purposes of being properly concerned about it in the future, just in case the day comes that some referee pushes too hard when it could have maybe been prevented through better awareness.

  32. Trent Williams is so “weak.” What a “baby.” Doesn’t he know that in “NFL culture” you don’t “snitch.” What NFL coach would want this guy on his team? In the NFL you go to battle everyday!! There no room for this type of behavior in an NFL locker room!!!

  33. Trent should tune into the NHL 24/7 leading up to the Winter Classic. Those officials curse up a storm.
    Still, I like any story that brings out @logicalvoices, that dude’s hysterical.

  34. Like Trent never had a disparaging word for an official.

    Too bad poor officiating is becoming the standard. Get it together NFL.

  35. For the morons above, it shouldn’t matter what team it is. Between plays is one thing, but having a half blind blowhard cursing at you while getting set for a play is unprofessional. Regardless of what team you like or dislike, is not acceptable. O-lineman are getting their play at that time, setting up their blocks. Imagine Hochuli flexing and cursing Manning while he starts to call a play??

    These refs get paid a lot of money to do a job. Interaction between plays is one thing, when a play is about to start??

  36. Logicalvoice was humorous for the first two hundred plus comments of his I read, but the gig’s getting old. I’m gonna start doing like he does: post non-related messages on threads for the sake of trash-talk

  37. Chip Kelly and his sideline coaches with red wristband and play cards with photos of Bart Simpson will never last in the nfl. Can you see the Patriots doing nonsense like that…?

  38. Trent williams shoves people in the face. He should be able to handle a cuss word. Not to say the official was right, but be that physical guy and then expect someone else to watch their words.

  39. 1rockyraccoon says:

    “Washington doesn’t have a 1st round pick in 2014 or 2015 and both years they are going to lose $18 million dollars of their salary cap.”

    You are clearly unaware of the timing of the events as they are unfolding, and you should be ashamed of your ignorance.

  40. 10 games in, here’s my assessment of the 2013 Redskins, as well as what I think we can expect in the offseason.

    First, Trent Williams: If the ref said something stupid to Trent Williams, then he shouldn’t have done that. But let’s be honest here. Trent Williams, like any lineman in the NFL, is a gifted and superior athlete. I have no doubt whatsoever he could manipulate his body and his opponent enough to get close enough to the ref in question to “accidentally” roll up on him and end his season.

    Now, the Redskins: Regardless of your belief on the validity of the $36M cap hit, it has clearly hurt the Redskins. This is more prevalent on the back side of their defense than anywhere else on the entire team. Luckily, this is the last year of the hit; they’re back to even starting in the 2014 offseason. I expect them to make some significant moves to shore up the back side of that defense with that $18M. In the meantime, they’re so bad on the back side of the defense, that they end up having to drop linebackers into coverage and then they get gashed up front. This makes their entire defense look worse than it is. Their front line is strong and it is deep. The linebacking core is good, but some change will be needed in the offseason (specifically, it’s time to let go of London Fletcher and move on; there, I’m a Redskins fan and I said it).

    On offense, they’re one-dimensional. They run the ball really well, but they’re not particularly good at throwing the ball. Jordan Reed has come on, and Pierre Garcon is a keeper, but Santana Moss should be in his last year with the Redskins, and Aldrick Robinson, who we never see running across the middle of the field, strikes fear in the hears of exactly zero defensive coordinators in the league, because everybody knows that if he’s on the field, he’s running a post route. They need a multi-dimensional receiver with some speed. Somebody who can both stretch a defense and do the dirty work underneath. Or go up and catch a jump ball. SoMETHING other than sprint the length of the field. I hope they do something to address this in the offseason, though the ability to do so depends on available free agents.

    In the meantime, 2013 is a lost cause. Though technically not dead, Washington doesn’t dig out this year. Not with KC, SF, the Giants (2x), and Dallas still on the schedule.

    Going forward, Washington gets their cap space back this year, so they can actually perform in the free agent market. That will undoubtedly help them. They don’t have a 1 round draft pick in 2014, but they get that back in the 2015 offseason, so at that point, if they do nothing to move things around draft wise, they’re back to square starting in the 2015 offseason.

    Admittedly, they look pretty terrible this year. They’re one-dimensional on offense and they couldn’t tackle a mannequin on defense. I won’t even talk about special teams! But I think the reality is that they’re not that far off from being a very serviceable organization, and I expect that to bear out in terms of improved personnel, translating into improved play, translating into improved records in the years to come.

  41. Well that explains the no calls on two important plays. The blatant pass interference and the blatant rouging the passer. Stevie Wonder has got to be wondering how they missed those calls. Plus the constant holding calls on Phillies O-line. This is gonna get interesting. HTTR…That’s cool. we get our cap space back.

  42. if that’s in response to me, bigblackanvil, i should have also stated (and i meant to but forgot) that i stopped watching part way into the 4th quarter (at 24-0) so i could take a shower and get ready to go out for the second games. it wasn’t until i was almost to the subway and saw the game on in a bar and saw the game was 24-16 and the redskins were driving again that i picked it back up.. so i may have missed some stuff in there. but i watched almost all of the rest of the game, and the redskins took a beating fit for a red-headed step child all day long.

    the good news is, everytime the redskins win, and they’ll win again this season, some fan for the other team gets on these feeds and complains about how they were “slighted” in some way. witness the chargers fan a few weeks ago. it was funny then and it’ll be funny again the next time it happens.

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