Andre Ellington lost some hair on a Jason Babin tackle

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NFL rules have long held that it is legal to grab a player by his hair in an effort to tackle him and we’ve seen it happen a few times over the years.

We’ve never seen it result in the haircut that Cardinals running back Andre Ellington got on Sunday. Ellington was bottled up by several Jaguars defenders on a third quarter run and one of the defenders, defensive end Jason Babin, came up with a souvenir on the play. As captured by the FOX cameras at the game, Babin emerged from the scrum with a handful of Ellington’s dreadlocks in his right hand.

“I didn’t even realize it, but they were stuck to my glove,” Babin said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I was walking back to the huddle and said ‘What is this?’ Sometimes that stuff happens.”

Ellington said after the game that he thought it was a “little dirty play” by Babin, who he thought tried to intentionally tear out the hair, but that it didn’t cause him any pain. The Cardinals had someone collect the lost dreads, bag them up and return them to Ellington after the game, which makes for one of the more unusual mementos for a trophy case that you’ll come across in the NFL.

17 responses to “Andre Ellington lost some hair on a Jason Babin tackle

  1. If all men went to the Johnny Unitas buzz cut of old this wouldn’t have happened. That’s a hair cut you could set your watch to.

  2. I’m shocked it’s taken this long for someone to get their hair pulled off like that. And I like the way Babin just held it up for a second and flipped it to the ground lol.

  3. mustbechris says:

    I can’t fathom how that didn’t hurt.

    Hair extensions. That’s what most of those guys with dreads really have.

  4. The long hair fad is getting out of hand!! It’s a monkey see, monkey do league! They all want to stand out, LOOK AT ME! They just don’t get it, it’s a team game!!! When are the owners going to have some huevos and say enough is enough? They represent not only themselves but the owner, team, city and state! So far in all sports, the only owner with huevos is the NEW YORK YANKEES!!!! Bravo NY Yankees!!! You have a TEAM, to be proud of!! No dreads, long hair, shaggy beards (Red Sox) etc….. Men looking like men!!
    Keep pulling the fake hair out of their heads!

  5. I don’t understand why any ball carrier would want to have long hair sticking out of the helmet. They’re just asking for it. Tackling by the hair should absolutely be legal. Don’t want to get your hair pulled out? Then shave the damn hair!

  6. Who cares if a player has long hair, looked cool on Gastineau. We all have our own style, he knows the risks and Arrington doesn’t care, plus his dreads look good when they’re flying in the air after he blazes past linebackers for td’s.

  7. Get a new hair do if you think your hair getting pulled is “dirty play”. No one told players they had to have 3 good long dread locks or be a hippie to play in the NFL.

  8. Of COURSE they are extensions…. Look at the
    Falcon’s Asante Samuel without his helmet.

    Dude is going bald on top… yet he has the mid-back
    level dreads too. Obviously not “his” own hair.

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