Bills ban man who fell from upper deck from Ralph Wilson Stadium


The Bills have issued a statement regarding an incident that occured in the Ralph Wilson Stadium stands during Sunday’s game against the Jets.

As captured on video, a fan in the upper deck of the stadium apparently decided to slide down the railing next to the stairway down to the seats and fell onto the stands below after losing his balance. A fan in the lower level, the 200 level of Ralph Wilson Stadium, was injured and Bills CEO Russ Brandon announced that the falling fan won’t be welcomed back to the stadium in the future.

“The irresponsible behavior that occurred at yesterday’s game by the fan who fell from the upper deck is a violation of our Fan Code of Conduct and cannot, and will not, be tolerated,” Brandon said in the statement. “This individual will not be permitted back into Ralph Wilson Stadium. The vast majority of our fans who attend Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium do so in a responsible manner and we continue to work diligently to eliminate those individuals who violate our Fan Code of Conduct from game days at our stadium. We are cooperating with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office during their investigation of this incident and we want to extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the fan who was injured in the 200 level.”

The Associated Press reports that the man injured in the 200 level suffered a head injury while the other man injured his shoulder in the fall.

49 responses to “Bills ban man who fell from upper deck from Ralph Wilson Stadium

  1. With the exception of the NSA, nobody will know if he buys a ticket from someone and sits in another part of the stadium….

    He’ll be at the next home game….if he’s out of the hospital.

  2. He’ll get in the stadium any time he buys a ticket. He may not be welcome but I sincerely doubt that anyone scanning the tickets at the gate would recognize and prevent him from entering.

  3. Wow… The word stupid just doesn’t cover it!!!!! Go to a game. Have your life possibly foreveraltered by some moron…

    Hope the injury on the guy below isn’t disabling…

  4. Exactly, jayniner. I imagine the ban is announced with deterrence in mind. And maybe fans who are stupid enough to do stuff like this are dumb enough to believe they somehow won’t be able to go back to the stadium any time they like. What they should do is spend a minute shaming him via the video board during one of the MANY periods of downtime that occur in stadium. For the next five years.

  5. Realistically they would not be able to block him from buying someone else’s ticket but I would guess if he causes trouble in the stadium again he would be charged with trespassing

  6. All this means is he cannot buy from the ticket office directly. His name and account (if he has one) are flagged.

    That guy could be there at the next home game if he wanted via stubhub…etc. Not like security will have pictures of this idiot at each gate or anything.

    This means nothing… but thanks, Russ, you hobbit.

  7. 12 dollar beers, 30 dollar parking, bathroom lines, no replays, guys falling from the sky on top of you….yeah I’ll watch from home where none of those apply.

  8. It’s bad enough having to deal with all the drunks and idiots at games but now… having some fool fall on you, too… this is too much even for logicalvoice

  9. Did some of you even read the article? He was doing something stupid and fell. That is why he is banned. Not just because he fell.

    Read the article or don’t post. It will make you look less stupid.

  10. WOW! People are really bashing the Bills!!!! This idiot could have killed innocent people or a kid! Did you watch the video???

    DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrest him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I cant beleive some of you are offended on behalf of the fan who fell. The guy slid down the railing and injured an innocent bystander. He slid down the railing. He slid down the railing.

    No ones fault but his own, and its so obvious, the only way I know how to express it isrepeating it, because maybe you didnt understand the first time.

    Hopefully the guy who was fallen on is okay.

  12. The guys who are complaining about them banning this guy, are probably him and his friends. He climbs somewhere he is not supposed to go, crashes on top of some guy, and it is someone else’s fault he gets banned for it? Really?

  13. logiclevoicesays says:
    Nov 18, 2013 2:57 PM
    This guy slides railings like the Redskins play football. #RedskinsNotGoingAnywhere

    Were you hacked dude? This is dissapointing. Even though most people hate your trolling I find it hilarious.

  14. rationalthinker82 says: Nov 18, 2013 3:06 PM

    logiclevoicesays says:
    Nov 18, 2013 2:57 PM
    This guy slides railings like the Redskins play football. #RedskinsNotGoingAnywhere

    Were you hacked dude? This is dissapointing. Even though most people hate your trolling I find it hilarious.

    Fake Logical profile. Look at the spelling.

  15. Obviously those backing the guy that fell did not watch the video. He was wasted and sliding down the railing acting like an idiot. I feel terrible for the guy he fell on. I am not sure how the stadium will prevent him from entering but the Bills need to take a stand a punish this guy as do the police. Bills fans are great but people need to control themselves!

    GO Bills

  16. For all the people commenting that he was banned because he fell and disagreeing with that ban, read the story again. This moron was sliding down the railing. He belongs out on the playground. Hope the guy he fell on is okay.

  17. that idiot deserved the fall.
    deserves the ban.

    i hope the person under this clown is ok.

    in fact i hope they slid him down the next rail

  18. He was banned because he was hammered and fell down on to another fan and injured them. Thank you to the Bills organization for showing tremendous CLASS in banning this moron.

  19. He could have killed someone. He should have been arrested. I will assume the people criticizing the Bills are just rival fans trolling Bills fans because no one could really be that stupid.

  20. I would ban him too. There has been so many accidents in stadiums lately with fans dying because of this type idiotic move. Then the stadium, city and team gets sued by these families of the fan that died because the fan decides to act irresponsible by getting drunk,fighting or trying stupid stunts. When will people learn to grow up and be responsible? I wouldn’t want to be held liable if a fan died consciously performing stupid acts like that. To the fan that got injured , praying for a quick recovery and the irresponsible fan should be paying his medical bills!

  21. thepftpoet says:

    Banning him because he fell?

    Prototypical Classless Bills Organization

    You must have a comprehension problem.

    The fan chose to engage is dangerous behavior that not only hurt himself but another fan. The fan that was injured will probably sue the stadium, the league and the Bills as well as the guy who fell on him claiming they did not provide adequate security to protect him from this idiot.

    You also obviously haven’t been paying attention to the results of the concussion lawsuit and that the league frowns heavily on anything that opens them up to a lawsuit.

    But hey, its more fun to mindlessly hate a team and, you know, ignore the actual facts.

  22. Wow, gives a whole new meaning to “Upper Decker”.
    Too bad there was someone there to break his fall.

    I, like the rest of us here hope the best and speedy recovery for the victims.

  23. I have seasons and that moron decided to slide down a railing like a kid where ones side of the railing was stairs and the other was a hundred foot drop to the lower deck but yet the bills are classless for banning him? Wow now i see how Obama got elected.

  24. I can guarantee there will be lawsuit forthcoming from the individual who was fallen upon. The Bills should be too happy to pay this person. The Bills are undoubtedly glad this won’t be a wrongful death, or permanent disability suit. At least I hope the person in the lower deck wasn’t permanently disabled.

  25. Couple things here…

    1. Before you guys bash the early posters for not reading the article, FYI ALOT of articles on here are edited when further information becomes available. When you’re hours late to the party, don’t assume its the same as it was at the beginning.

    2. Not only should the guy have been banned(which doesn’t mean anything, I’ve been banned from citizens bank ballpark in Philly for running on the field during a 3 hour rain delay 4 years ago because we were bored but I’ve been to 60+ games since then, its called stubhub) but the guy he injured should press charges(not sue, I hate suing people). He very easily could have suffered a broken neck. The guy who “fell” needs more than just an injured shoulder and a slap on the wrist.

  26. @phillyphannnn83:
    I agree with most of your sentiments, but what legal charges are there for sliding stupidly down a railing and accidentally falling? Do you think some District Attorney is going to want to see that come across his desk? No. A lawsuit is the only recourse in this case.

  27. For people wondering, this guy didn’t simply just fall. He was fooling around, and went to rail slide down the guardrail on the side of the stairs. He lost his balance and fell on top of someone else and they received a head injury and was placed on a stretcher with his head locked down to limit movement. I have seen some comments say “Banning him for falling?”. No they are not banning him for falling. They are banning him for goofing off and doing things that injured a fellow fan. He displayed severe negligence here and I agree that he should not be allowed back to another game.

  28. I wonder if anyone noticed that even though the drunken idiot who fell deserves all the trouble he get from this incident the President refused to offer him ANY kind of recover wishes (not that he deserves them, but the PC thing would be to say something). Now I’m Buffalo Proud

  29. We all know the guy who was sliding on the rail is a moron.

    But why didn’t any fans or security step in to stop this dummy?

  30. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 18, 2013 2:36 PM

    Banning him because he fell?

    Prototypical Classless Bills Organization
    Not a ban for the fall, but a ban for being an idiot and sliding down a railing next to a 100ft drop. There is also the fact that he injured an innocent fan that was doing what most do while attending a football game… watch the game! Not acting like a two year old at an amusement park and putting others at risk. This guy deserves to be banned from the stadium for his antics and complete lack of respect for others. Anybody who thinks that the Bills organization was wrong for this move needs to go slide down that same railing.

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