Dashon Goldson suspended one game for illegal hit


Earlier this year, the NFL suspended Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson for one game as a result of repeated illegal hits during games.

Goldson successfully appealed the suspension, getting it overturned in favor of a $100,000 fine. He’ll need another reprieve to avoid a suspension this week.

As Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported and the league later announced on Monday afternoon, Goldson has been suspended one game after he was penalized for a personal foul in Sunday’s victory over the Falcons. Goldson was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on wide receiver Roddy White in the second quarter of the game. It was Goldson’s third personal foul of the season.

Assuming Goldson appeals this suspension, it will be heard by Matt Birk, who heard Goldson’s earlier appeal, or Ted Cottrell in an expedited fashion so the Bucs will know whether Goldson is available in Week 12 or not.

19 responses to “Dashon Goldson suspended one game for illegal hit

  1. Where’s the guy who said Dashon is better than Earl Thomas? Like I said to him, Dashon got his money and went ghost. The only things he’s good for is 15 yards and a headache the next day.

  2. C’mon NFL. You know how this works. You gotta give them 2 games, then on appeal knock it down to 1. Suspended for 1 game just means on appeal it gets knocked down to a fine.

  3. It still doesn’t beat Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Drew Brees….

    Brooks is just playing football the way it was always meant to be played.

  4. Could not have happened to a nicer guy……..Roddy White that is. Where are all the Falcons fans now? I live in Atlanta and I am always amazed at how fast all the falcon fans jump off the bandwagon. Bah ha ha stupid falcants! Never going to win anything!

  5. Headbutt a player without his helmet on 1 game suspension. Illegal hit 1 game suspension. Something just doesn’t add up here.

  6. Am I the only one confused as to why Goldson is being treated less harshly than Brandon Meriweather? What am I missing? Meriweather’s 1st suspension was 2 games. Goldson’s 2nd suspension is still less than Meriweather’s first…

    Does Goldson have dirt on Fuhrer Goodell?

  7. In addition to the “Days Without An Arrest” sidebar, you may need to add “Weeks Without A Suspension”.

  8. The fact is that guys like him and Meriweather aren’t interested in tackling guys. Stop with this nonsense about the way football “should be played” or even how it used to be. “Back then” guys were blue collar players more interested in making a tackle for their team then making a highlight reel with a reckless hit on a guy

  9. Goldson’s a cheap shot artist, and always has been. There’s nothing tough about spearing players that are already stopped or on the ground, much less hitting WR’s in the head with their backs turned.

  10. mackcarrington says: Nov 18, 2013 6:17 PM

    In addition to the “Days Without An Arrest” sidebar, you may need to add “Weeks Without A Suspension”.

    They don’t need one, it would only reach 1 or more in the off season.

  11. Am going to have to feel sorry for this guy once his playing days are done and he is living in a trailer broke crying about head injuries?

    I see the Bucs doing everything they can to part ways with this tool over the summer. He is a selfish player who consistently hurts his team and is incapable of change.

  12. That wasn’t a valid penalty. Offenses are now teaching their players to force the helmet to helmet contact in order to get penalties.

    I don’t think he should appeal. Not much chance of winning the next game anyway and the fine would be over $100,000 this time if he wins.

    NFL is ripping off defensive players.

  13. I’m getting sick of seeing defenders penalized for trying to make perfect tackles simply because the offensive players duck into them knowing it will cause helmet to helmet and free yardage.
    It’s time both sides of the impact are looked at and those that are really causing them are punished. White cause a helmet to helmet and Goldson gets the fine and suspension, that sure seems fair.

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