Inconsistent Jets don’t want to hear playoff talk


As it turns out, the rest of the world has company.

Not even the Jets know what to make of the Jets these days.

But after alternating wins and losses to a 5-5 record, the Jets can’t think abut the fact they’re still technically in the playoff race.

“We’re not going to be a playoff team until they say we’re in the playoffs,” right guard Willie Colon said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “Right now, we just lost to the f— Buffalo Bills.”

Colon called the up-and-down nature of their season a “broken record,” and wide receiver David Nelson said there was “a lack of maturity” in their inability to do anything two weeks in a row.

Mostly, the Jets appear to be what many imagined going into the season, a talented defense with a rookie quarterback who has been alternately acceptable and “awful,” which was his word for it yesterday.

Until they can decide which one they’re going to be as a team, consistency will be impossible.

26 responses to “Inconsistent Jets don’t want to hear playoff talk

  1. ““We’re not going to be a playoff team until they say we’re in the playoffs,” right guard Willie Colon said.

    To be fair, Willie Colon is just being honest: literally, no one on the Jets knows what qualifies for the playoffs… so they’ll just wait until someone outside the team tells them whether or not they are officially in or out.

  2. No Willie. You were destroyed by the Buffalo Bills.

    And you would’ve lost the first time too if the Bills weren’t missing their entire secondary.

  3. LOL the Buffalo Bills have been more relevant losing 4 consecutive Super Bowls than the Jets have ever been.

    Don’t act like losing to them is like losing to the joke of the league. That honor is still held strong in green New York.

  4. Any team that allows the Bills to blow them out should be exempted from playoff contention indefinitely.

  5. This is all about bad coaching. The moment they have any success they can’t stay focused on the next opponent.

    Apparently things like playing video games is more important than retaining that focus.

  6. 2012 Mark Sanchez (15 games) = 13 td – 18 int – 14 fumbles

    2013 Geno Smith (10 games) = 8 td – 16 int – 8 fumbles

  7. It is a good thing they went to Dave & Busters, otherwise that trip to Buffalo would have been a disappointment.

  8. The amount of attention this team gets for being average is sickening. After the way things shook out yesterday there are 9 teams in the AFC seperated by 1.5 games for the 2nd wild card spot.

    The Steelers looked solid yesterday and are now 4-6 and in the hunt after starting 0-4, and clearly playing better. They stomped the Jets and are only 1 game behind and yet that’s a loss to a bad team for the Jets.

    The Bills are 4-7 now and took Cinci to OT and KC to the wire with undrafted QB’s at the helm. Then they crush the Jets yesterday, despite the fact they’re top 2 WRs, and they also are referred to as a bad loss for the Jets.

    The Jets are not a good team. They are an average team and the inconsistent play is a trait of such. Why must we continue to pretend that the Jets getting crushed by the likes of Pitt, Tennessee, Buffalo are bad losses and accept that there is just a lot of pairty in the AFC.

  9. Willie Colon said it all… They lost to the F—– Bills! This team is a reflection of their coach. They didn’t respect their opponent before during and after the game. The Jets thought this would be the same old trip to Buffalo. They thought Geno would light the Bills up like he did early in the season when the Bills had 3 back ups playing in the secondary. This is why every one hates the Jets! They are a bunch of punks like Rex.

  10. They didnt respect their opponent by skipping ONE meeting? They had a bye week, they had all the prep in the world for the Bills, the Patriots didnt practice for the Jets because they had 10 whole days maybe more to prep, and they barely beat the Jets. Nobody trashes Belichick though.

  11. Multiplemiggs just compared a 3 point win to a 3 touch down loss. Really dude??? Laughable. Belichick takes plenty of flack for plenty of things (being grouchy, 4th and 2, “spy gate”, etc) but I think you are stretching to think a belichick win deserves the same scrutiny as a Rex Ryan blowout loss

  12. Obama’s Ballsack says:
    Nov 18, 2013 8:43 AM
    Any team that allows the Bills to blow them out should be exempted from playoff contention indefinitely.

    Right, why give credit to the Bills for blowing them out despite having a banged up CJ Spiller and missing their top 2 WRs? Its clearly just 100% a reflection of how poorly the Jets played, and has nothing to do with the Bills performance being as impressive as the Jets were unimpressive.

  13. So how is this team what everyone thought they were?
    All we heard for months was maybe 2 wins worst team in the league , a circus, Rex is a joke blah blah blah well that horrible coach running this circus has this joke at 5 wins and if they lose out he still should be in talks for coach of the year.. David Nelson, Greg Salas, Jeff Cumberland, Calvin Pace, Kellen Winslow, Willie Colon… need I go on? ?

  14. multiplemiggs says,

    Nobody trashes Belichick though.

    Maybe since Belichick has won the most games in the NFL as a HC for more than a decade +, been to Five Super Bowls winning 3 Lombardi’s?

    And they still beat the Jets that night !

  15. Still trying to figure out how Belichick and the Pats “had 10 days, maybe more” to prepare for the Jets. Considering it was Thurs night football in week 2. That means the Pats and Jets both had, wait for it, 3 days of prep.

    So not only were you stupid to compare a 3 point win to a 3 touchdown loss, but you are also comparing a 3 point win with days of prep to a 3 touchdown loss with 2 weeks of prep…

  16. .

    If you are playing a rookie at QB you will most likely be on a roller coaster ride of inconsistency.

    Smith, Glennon, Manuel et al turn in good games and bad games. It’s just part of the learning curve.


  17. @multiplemiggs

    They didn’t respect their opponent because how they all referred to the Bills like it was expected that they should just run them over and were in disbelief that they lost to the F—- Bills.
    Keep hating on the Bills, they may not be contenders this year but they are building something.

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