Jay Cutler won’t play in Week 12


The Bears outlasted Mother Nature and the Ravens for an overtime win on Sunday, leaving them in a tie with the Lions on top of the NFC North and quarterback Josh McCown with a 2-0 record in his two starts this season.

McCown will get a chance to make it three against the Rams next Sunday. Coach Marc Trestman announced that Jay Cutler is still being considered week-to-week with the ankle injury that kept him out against Baltimore and that he won’t play in St. Louis. McCown has played well and clearly has a strong command of the offense, something he hopes keeps the team victorious until Cutler is ready to step back into the lineup.

“I have said this over and over again — I’m the backup quarterback on this team,” McCown said, via the Chicago Tribune. The way that I serve my team is to play when the starter is not healthy. Jay is our starting quarterback, there is no doubt about that. So for me, I need to serve our team, in my role. Hopefully whenever Jay is healthy, we are still in a position to get everything we want to get accomplished and done when he takes back over. That’s my mindset.”

McCown’s played well, but it would be silly to think that the Bears would be making a permanent quarterback change. Cutler will start again once he’s healthy and McCown’s presence makes the wait for that moment a lot less painful than it might be under other circumstances.

Trestman also said that linebacker Lance Briggs remains “a couple of weeks away” from returning from his shoulder injury.

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  1. They shouldn’t have rushed him back the first time, and they shouldn’t rush him back this time, they are one of the few teams in the NFL with a competent backup plan (for once, see 2011 & 2012 seasons). Let Cutler get 100%, the guy needs to be able to run and move back there to be himself.

  2. McCown maybe old mostly a backup QB throughout his career, but he is better than at least a few starting QBs in the NFL. I hope a team with real quarterback issues signs him next year and brings him to camp with at least an outside chance to become a starter.

  3. I really wish that some mad scientist could put Josh McCowns head on Jay Cutlers shoulders. That creation could possibly be the best QB in the league. Jay has the arm and Josh has the QB smarts that Cutler lacks. I really hope the Bears sit down and think about it before they give Jay the big money contract. Not saying Josh is the answer but boy does that defense need help and putting all the eggs in Jays basket is not going to help that problem.
    Go Bears!!

  4. The Jacksonville Jaguars would like to introduce their 2014 starting QB……Jay Cutler!

    Remember when all the talking heads thought the Cutler/ Marshall reunion would be an automatic Super Bowl? Idiots.

  5. Josh McCown is Matt Moore is Derek Anderson is Luke McCown is Matt Flynn is Seneca Wallace is Kevin Kolb etc. etc.

    Competent in small doses, not a long term solution once opposing teams get tape on them.

    How many times do fans have to be fooled by guys like this before they figure it out?

  6. Jay is done in Chicago. McCown will be backing up his replacement next year. Let some other team overpay the barely .500 Cutler.

  7. Because Jay Cutler has all those championships and playoff wins… oh wait.

    Nick Foles isn’t the athlete Mike Vick is, either. Only one of them is a winner though.

  8. Flacco…. $ 20 mil a year.
    McCown….$ 840 (k) a year.

    $ 840 (k) beats $ 20 mil a year QB.

    Cutler in contract year and is looking for $ 14 mil a year.
    McCown has won his last 3 starts.

    Bears management has a big decision to make….but maybe not.

  9. Cutler is (not) playing his way out of Chicago. Will be a Jet next year. They desperately need a QB & drafting one really hasn’t worked — mark my words

  10. Didn’t Peyton Manning just throw over 300 yards and win a game with a high ankle sprain? Well, that and the largest forehead in the history of the NFL.

  11. Right now it’s pretty clear that McCown is better than a partially healthy Cutler, so there is no reason to play Cutler next week (I wish Trestman realized that last week too).

    The bears are not anywhere close to being the best team in the NFL, but they are still capable of winning the superbowl. Obviously they have a pretty slim chance of pulling that off, and the only way it happens is with a dominate stretch of games by Cutler and the offense. The defense should get better when they can put in Briggs, Ratliff, and Tillman, but not good enough to carry the team in the playoffs.

    I feel fine about McCown behind center when playing borderline playoff teams or worse, but do any Bears fans actually think he could win 4 games in a row against the best teams in the NFL while playing primarily on the road?

    The bears might be a better team if they don’t give Cutler $18-20 million a year in the offseason, but this year I think their only chance for post season success revolves around a healthy Jay Cutler.

  12. sullijo1 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 4:01 PM
    Tim Tebow has as many playoff wins as Jay Cutler………That’s sobering to think about.

    And the same as Matt Ryan, Tony Romo and 1 more win then Matt Stafford. All are paid over 100 Million.

    What exactly is your point?

  13. Zero rings between them all is the point and they’ve all been in the league awhile with some pretty good weapons.

  14. McCowan is a backup for a reason and while it’s great he is playing so well right now, but if he was a legit starter he would not have been a high school coach when the bears signed him. the bears are not going to be stupid and let Cutler go and make McCowan the starter. I am getting pretty sick of all the hate directed at the guy because he is not a phony media suck up. oh no look at the expression on his face and how dare he get upset at his lineman for getting sacked for the 500th time since he came to the bears. if it were any other qb they would be talking about his passion for the game.

  15. I don’t think the Bears will let Cutler get away. The improvement under Trestman is noticeable, and a full year of working in the system should bear even better results in 2014. McCown is never going to get better than he has been these last few games, but there is still upside with Cutler having continuity with his OC, not to mention he finally has a coach that understands how to stress a defense with playcalling.

    However, if the Bears franchise tag Cutler, which I expect them to do, and some team comes calling with 2 1st rounders to sign him away (2014 and 2015 drafts), the Bears would have to think hard about letting it happen, since we are aging remarkably fast on defense, and more than half our team is out of contract after this season, not to mention Briggs and Peppers both needing to be reviewed to see if they are worth what we would be paying them in 2014.

    I would rather not start over with a new QB, or rely on McCown to get us through an entire season, but they would have to consider it as they evaluate the next 3-5 years of this team.

    Josh McCown can’t win a Super Bowl with our defense playing like it is, and I am not sure Cutler can either. But the chances of the Bears even playing into late January is pretty slim. For that reason, I think you get Cutler on the field when he is ready, and you make the rest of the season his audition for a new contract.

    Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, New York (Jets), Houston, Minnesota, Tampa, St. Louis, and Arizona would all be instantly upgraded with Cutler on the roster. Will any of them see 2-1st rounders as worth it? Maybe. And why not take a run at him before the draft, and see whether they get him. If not, they still have their pick to use on a rookie QB.

  16. The Bears (and their fans) have earned this small joy: having a competent back-up QB. We’ve earned it through our PAIN and misery and disappointment, through trial and error (after error, after error, after error…)

    We’ve earned it after back-to-back seasons where we watched as our team go from being a front-runner in the division/league, to crumbling completely down the back stretch under a series of crap, crappier, and crappiest QBs.

    We’ve endured Caleb Hanie in the NFC Championship game, for chrissake…
    Jason Campbell…
    Todd Collins…
    Kyle Orton…
    Rex Grossman…
    Brian Griese…
    Craig Krenzel…
    Chad Hutchinson…
    Jonathan Quinn…
    Kordell Stewart…
    Chris Chandler…
    Jim Miller…
    Henry Burris…
    Shane Matthews…
    Cade McNown …

    We have earned this brief moment of triumph, however small, however short-lived — what a strange and joyous experience it is for the rest of the league to look at the Bears QB situation and say, “If only we had that guy…”

    Just revel in it, Bears fans. Enjoy this moment in absolute bizarro world, where the Chicago Bears — of all teams — are the model of savvy when it comes to the QB roster!

  17. The Chicago sports media have said multiple times that Cutler can make throws McCown can’t. Until this last game I wasn’t sure that was true. When they had about six chances to put it in the end zone in the first quarter and had to settle for the field goal, McCown took a shot to Jeffery on the left side of the end zone and to Marshall on the right side. The obvious thing to do is throw the ball high enough where only ridiculously tall receivers can catch it, and both times Josh didn’t come close to that. The throw to Marshall hit the defender in the head. Cutler would have made both of those throws.

  18. sullijo1 says: Nov 18, 2013 3:22 PM

    The Jacksonville Jaguars would like to introduce their 2014 starting QB……Jay Cutler!

    Remember when all the talking heads thought the Cutler/ Marshall reunion would be an automatic Super Bowl? Idiots.

    Nope, Pittsburgh fans have assured us that the jags will give their first round pick(s) for the next 5 years for Roth.

  19. Hindsight is 20/20, but the Bears should have sat Cutler vs. Detroit. He probably needs 2 weeks to get better, but they’ll only give him 1. This puts their playoff hopes in jeopardy.

  20. vikescry1 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 3:13 PM
    As a packers he needs to hurry up, McCown doesnt throw picks and the bears need a qb to keep turning the ball over. Just saying…..
    You might want to worry about the Packers QB situation instead.

    Just saying…..

  21. sullijo1 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 4:01 PM
    Tim Tebow has as many playoff wins as Jay Cutler………That’s sobering to think about.

    And not one NFL team wants Tebow for even a back up role.
    Do you think Cutler will have more interest than that if he is a free agent?

  22. I wish all the meatheads would stop it with the “the Bears should dump Jay for Josh” talk. I’m glad Josh is playing so well, but he is a BACKUP. The Bears have suffered through a long list of mediocre QBs over the last 20+ years, so I don’t think we should give up on Cutler so quickly. Too many teams are looking for a franchise QB and would love to have someone as talented as Cutler. Cutler has shown improvement now that he finally has an OL, TE, WRs (not to mention the fact we have a real offensive minded coach). I think you franchise Cutler and hope that he continues to improve. If so, my next wish would be a reasonable, “team friendly” contract for Jay that will allow the Bears to restock the defense.

  23. extinctionburst says: Nov 18, 2013 9:02 PM

    “To be fair, it’s obvious he didn’t “play” in weeks 1-11”

    To be fair, you have no idea what you’re talking about. And neither do the rest of the Cutler-haters on here.

    Just sayin’.

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