Jim Schwartz: Rain, not fumble, caused Reggie Bush’s benching


Lions running back Reggie Bush saw his playing time reduced on Sunday after a fumble against the Steelers. But coach Jim Schwartz says he did not bench Bush for fumbling.

Despite Bush himself saying after the game that he thought his fumble was the reason he was benched, Schwartz said today that Bush’s benching “had nothing to do with” the fumble. Instead, Schwartz said it was all about playing the running back whose style is best suited for the wet, rainy conditions in Pittsburgh, and that’s Joique Bell. Schwartz said Bush does his best work when he can cut on a dime on a good surface, and that on a wet day he’d rather have a straight-ahead runner like Bell carry the load in the running game.

“Reggie in horse racing wouldn’t be called a mudder. He’s an explosively quick guy. He’s better on a fast track,” Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Getting the ball to Bell seemed to be the right move for the Lions, as Bell had 49 yards on nine carries, while Bush had just 31 yards on 12 carries. Now the Lions are preparing for two games back inside at Ford Field, against the Buccaneers on Sunday and then against the Packers on Thanksgiving. If they lose either of those games, their status as NFC North frontrunners will take a big hit, and if they lose both of those games, their season will be on the verge of collapse. The Lions need Bush to show what he can do on that fast track.

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  1. When the national coverage switched to this game, I saw Bush trying to make cuts, but sliding and falling on the slick turf. Both teams were impacted by the rain, but it definitely put the indoor team at a disadvantage.

  2. “Schwartz doesn’t really get this “coaching” business, does he?”

    Why don’t you ask the Chicago Bears if he does?

  3. Well my dad jinxed this one. He called out when Reggie threw his arms up after an errant Stafford pass and said hey cool it Reggie, maybe soon it will be you fumbling the ball, so just concentrate on your job and stop worrying about embarrassing your QB. He didn’t say a word after the fumble and never mentioned it again. There was just nothing to say at that point.

  4. Fake field goal – can’t argue to much with the call, trying to put the game away. Hindsight is 20/20, could go back and look at each play that didn’t work and argue it was the wrong playcall.
    Stafford/Bush/Calvin, on offense all had bad days except for that 2nd quarter.
    Sloppy play by the DEFENSE is the story of this game. A good sound gameplan by the defense and this game is a no contest.
    They did, however, take the off the trottle after the big second half and it bit them. Worst offensive playcalling I have seen in awhile in the second half.
    Bell was the right call – he produced nicely until he hurt his foot.
    The Lions can turn this around really quick by being humble and taking this beating as motivation by putting it to the Bucs and Packers the next two weeks. After that, it depends on what Eagles, Ravens and Giants teams show up, we go 2-1 in that 3 game stretch and we will have the NFC North wrapped up before the Vikings. But……. as has been proven this weekend, the only game that the Lions (organization) should be worried about at all is the Bucs this Sunday.

  5. blowpackblow says: Nov 18, 2013 3:34 PM

    Is Jim Schwartz undergoing concussion testing? No one would actually run a fake field goal in that situation that is thinking clearly.

    AND that’s exactly why it would have been brilliant…….. had it worked. Obviously it was not brilliant.

  6. The NFCN division title is just sitting there like a low-hanging piece of ripe fruit, but Gym Shorts is just too short mentally to let the team grab it.

  7. It was too muddy for Bush to run the ball but hey let’s ask a rookie kicker to run in the mud on a fake field goal attempt…….sure Jim sure, feed us some more of your b.s. logic.

  8. “They did, however, take the off the trottle after the big second half and it bit them. Worst offensive playcalling I have seen in awhile in the second half.”

    How many second halves were there? Isn’t two too many? You sound as comprehensible as Schwartz and his “We’re not afraid” nonsense.

  9. tvjules says: Nov 18, 2013 4:47 PM

    Schwartz joins Schiano in the race to see who gets fired first.
    Umm, no. Jimmy is nowhere near where Schiano is in regards to job security. You forget it is the Fords that make that decision. He has a few more years left.

  10. Is the fake field goal going to be the galvanizing moment we turn back to and say “this is where it all started to unravel?”

  11. I think he did it because he didn’t trust Akers on making the kick. The division is up for grabs and Schwartz will screw up another game or two down the stretch to lose the division and wild card

  12. Just can’t figure out why I’d give Swartz one bit if respect of course you chose bell all you know for running is up the middle can we please get rid of this bum before it’s too late again

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