Julius Thomas day-to-day with knee strain, Rahim Moore has surgery


Earlier on Monday, reports out of Denver were that safety Rahim Moore would miss several weeks with a lower leg injury and the Broncos confirmed it on Monday afternoon.

Interim coach Jack Del Rio announced that Moore had surgery for lateral compartment syndrome on Monday morning. Del Rio called the problem, which involves increased pressure in muscle compartments that can lead to serious nerve and muscular damage, a “freakish” thing and complimented the team’s training staff for acting quickly to diagnose the problem.

Del Rio didn’t put a timetable on Moore’s return. Things look a little brighter for tight end Julius Thomas, who briefly returned to Sunday’s game after hurting his knee before spending most of the fourth quarter on the sideline. Del Rio said Thomas is day-to-day with a knee strain, leaving his condition as something to monitor over the practice week before the Week 13 date with the Patriots.

Del Rio also confirmed that wide receiver Wes Welker has a concussion and will go through the league’s concussion protocol before he’ll be cleared to return to the field.

7 responses to “Julius Thomas day-to-day with knee strain, Rahim Moore has surgery

  1. Undoubtedly, Rahim Moore’s playoff meltdown against the Ravens was absolutely devastating and hard to fathom for soooo many reasons — but much to Moore’s credit, he faced the music, accepted full responsibility and completely owned it.

    Class act – hope makes a full recovery.

  2. Good thing for Moore that this emergency was taken care of. As a Broncos fan I won’t say I will miss him being out as he is a very lousy safety.

    Good job as well for John Elway not making any effort to improve the safety spot before the trade deadline and not taking a chance on getting Ed Reed. Moore has shown he stinks and that other guy who is starting is a moron as seen by his play last night, especially his taunting penalty.

    Elway’s a genius though simply because he got Manning and Welker. Such brilliance was needed to go get two of the best players in the league and all his failings at roster building (here’s looking at you Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball, just to name two guys) should apparently be ignored. When Denver loses in the playoffs because their D is not good it’ll be Manning’s fault rather than Elway’s fault for not improving what was obvious in need of improvement. Rodgers-Cromartie was a solid signing though…

    A shame about Julius if he is out for any amount of time. I can’t say I am surprised by these injuries happening now as EVERY SINGLE TIME the Patriots play a good team in a hyped up game a key player of said good team gets injured right before the game. I expect Wes to be out, Julius to be out and I am sure Champ will still be out and some other good Broncos player will get injured in the next few days and be out. Oh and there is of course Manning’s gimped out ankle which is a factor. It’s obvious the ankle is affecting his throwing.

    Apparently none of this will matter though when the Pats beat them Sunday as the media will just go and gush about Brady.

  3. As a bronco fan myself I would think that you would know the names of the safeties on your roster, much less be able to identify good safety play. Moore has played well, and “the other safety” that was trash talking was the other starter, ihenacho, not his primary back up, Adams. Just saying.

  4. fatsolio – Aggressive post, but let’s break it down. And just to be clear I am a Broncos fan.

    First off, I agree Moore had a terrible outing last year against the Ravens. Time to move on. So far this year he is much improved with 44 tackles and 2 ints. I hope he has a speedy recovery and can return to the starting lineup soon. And Ihenacho made some stupid mistakes during the KC, but has played physically and done well overall.

    Ed Reed is 35 years old. Enough said. He had an amazing career and should have retired on top after winning the SB last year. He went to the Texans and hardly played (recorded 16 tackles and 0 ints). We will see what he does with the Jets, but he is long past his prime, so I am glad the Broncos did not pursue him.

    Montee Ball is a ROOKIE. He is going to make mistakes. Manning took the blame for the fumble in the KC game, and then Ball went on to score 2 of the Broncos 3 TDs. Not a bad output for a ROOKIE. Ronnie Hillman has been a disappointment this year, but he creates some match up issues with his speed and he is in his second year and did not play much last year with McGahee taking the majority of the snaps. I have a feeling that he will improve as he gains more experience (if he can get off the bench…). Also, the Broncos acquired Shawn Phillips who has been a stud on D. All in all, while it may not always look pretty on D, the Broncos have yet to field their “starting” D and haven’t been full strength, but are still doing well enough to win. And winning is all that matters in the NFL.

    Hopefully we get Welker and J. Thomas back this week – if not we still have DT and Decker as well as Dreissen and Tamme. Also, hopefully Manning’s ankle continues to get the rest it needs to fully heal – if the O-line plays like it did against KC, he should be fine from that regard. Champ is a few weeks away from getting back and hopefully he can stay healthy the remainder of the season. In the meantime let’s just hope the Broncos continue doing what they do and find ways to win.

    In the end, no doubt it will be a tough game against the Pats (always is with Brady at the helm), but here’s to hoping for a Broncos victory! Go Broncos!

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