Linebacker Thomas Howard killed in high-speed crash

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Former Raiders and Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard died early this morning, after a high-speed crash on an Oakland interstate which claimed another life as well.

Howard, who was just released by the Falcons last week, was 30 years old.

According to KRON-TV, citing a California Highway Patrol report, Howard’s BMW was traveling at more than 100 mph when it hit the back of a tractor trailer and flew across the median into oncoming traffic.

The driver of one of the other cars he hit, a 55-year-old man, was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Our thoughts are with both families as they deal with the tragic loss.

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  1. I got to know Thomas while he was in Cincinnati and… this is devastating. Thoughts are with his mom and daughter and especially with the others who were hurt or lost their life in the incident.

    I remember Thomas coming to our office during a charity event we were holding. You were supposed to buy gifts for needy children. You would have thought we had done him the biggest favor in the world by buying toys with the $200 he donated since he didn’t have time to go shopping.


  2. Jeez man! That’s terrible. Howard was a class act in Cincy. I was sad to see him go. I hope there’s a good reason for this somehow… RIP and condolences to both families.

  3. OMG!!! He was a hero here at UTEP and he and Johnnie Lee Higgins both started their NFL careers at the Raiders. RIP big guy; you will be missed.

  4. Wow. UTEP great. Was a walk-on and was the epitome of hard work and determination.

    Will forever remember him for leading the Miners to the Top 25 in the mid 2000’s.

    RIP Thomas.

  5. Too sad. I always thought that he wasn’t gonna be a super star LB after he had I think, a 6 INT season on the RAIDERS. But he just regressed. It doesn’t take away from him as a person tho.

  6. The real tragedy is the man who died because Howard was speeding and behaving recklessly. Howard made a bad choice but the other man never even got one.

  7. This is somewhat shocking… RIP to the 55 year old man killed in this accident. Howard made a poor decision that he paid the ultimate price for, but from what I’ve read here in the comments it doesn’t take away from the fact he lived a good, if short, life. RIP Thomas Howard as well.

  8. Heartbreaking situation for everyone involved. But murder is a strong word. Most of us have significantly exceeded the speed limit at least once in our lifetimes. Deepest condolences to both families.

  9. sad news … I was in high school when we first started buying season tickets to Raider games. Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard were the heart and soul of that defense so those names will always be remembered in my mind personally. Prayers to his family.

  10. Aww, man this is a shame. My heart always is pained when I hear about players, both former and present passing away despite the cause. Im a DIE-HARD Raider fan which is how our Dad raised us and I will always have an affection for ANY player who wears the silver and black. God Bless Howard and esp his family. Man, this is really sad man. He was a heck of a player. Sad 😦

  11. Deb…really? he was going 100 mph. That is not just speeding. No regard for anyone. I don’t care what a class act he was. He ruined a lot of people’s lives including his own family.

  12. For those of you inclined to leave snarky, judgemental remarks from your high horses, you may want to find out the FULL circumstances first.
    That part of 880 is known of trucks pulling out of nowhere. Thomas lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the other vehicle and over the median into the other lane while trying to maneuver around the other big trucks. People speculate he was going fast but no one really knows. But you just go on being the cynical, judgmental, snarky jerks that you are. Your days are coming.

  13. I can understand the strong feelings regarding this accident. But murder means that he intended for that man to die. He may have been stupid and reckless, but I don’t believe he was intending to kill someone else, let alone his own self.

  14. RIP Mr Howard and his family. Lets use this tragedy to remind everyone to SLOW DOWN. Guy was a class act here in the Bay Area and always had a smile on his face.


  15. @teambringitstrong says:Nov 18, 2013 6:22 PM

    “That part of 880 is known of trucks pulling out of nowhere.”

    So you adjust your driving by going faster? Do you think going 100 mph will let you pass right through them?

  16. It’s one thing to do something dumb and effect only yourself. It’s quite another to take out someone else along with you. That unsuspecting man in the other car minding his own business could have been any one of us.

  17. @tory707 …

    Not denying the recklessness of his behavior. Just remembering I’ve driven that speed myself in the past never imagining in a million years that I could kill myself or anyone else. We’ve all done stupid, reckless things in our lives. It’s not in me to judge someone so harshly when there but by the grace of God …

  18. fatsolio says:
    Nov 18, 2013 7:04 PM
    Good job by this moron to have been reckless and got someone else killed.

    People showing sympathy towards this clown while not caring about the innocent driver are fools and are the exact reason why our celebrity loving culture is embarrassing.

    I often speed while driving (though usually not if others are around) and if it ever results in me being killed then I had it coming. The same if I do anything that is reckless/dumb and I die from it. I have zero sympathy for alleged adults who do stupid things and die from it.

    My sentiments exactly well said, condolences to the driver that he killed, he should be deserving of our sympathy and not Mr Howard who was speeding like an idiot. Hey, he may have been a good person or what not but the moment he decided to play real life grand turismo he endangered others.

  19. My condolences to all parties involved. Why hasn’t anyone considered that this may be a case of suicide? Who can say that Howard wasn’t fed up with life and did something reckless in order to end it? Reserve judgment – who knows what type of state he was in; quite possibly may have been troubled

  20. daroc88 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 8:57 PM
    My condolences to all parties involved. Why hasn’t anyone considered that this may be a case of suicide? Who can say that Howard wasn’t fed up with life and did something reckless in order to end it? Reserve judgment – who knows what type of state he was in; quite possibly may have been troubled

    This isn’t looking for Alaska. If someone commits suicide by killing other innocent people they don’t have my pity even if they are troubled. Suicide bombers do the same thing. Should they have our pity because they might be troubled?

  21. They are called “accidents” for a reason people. Condolences to both families. While it appears that Howard, at this time, is responsible for the accident, the deaths of two people, regardless of the reasons, is no less tragic.

    It just amazes me the lack of empathy and understanding we display towards others when we don’t stand in their shoes.

    But then again, the majority of posters on here lack the ability to express any of those emotions, for the most part – based on gender alone.

    So I guess I shouldn’t expect anything more.

  22. I’m sad and extremely sorry for both lives tragically ended. I pray for the comfort of their families, and silence from others guessing about circumstances that aren’t fully understood. A 100 mph puts him decidedly at fault, but doesn’t give us license to speculate about anything more. Many who knew him as a player for the Bengals, knew him to be a sweet, kind and thoughtful man. So, reckless or privileged never described him. May kind words for the 55 year old man also be recorded for the life he lived.

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