Michael Johnson to Bengals fans: If you’re not being positive, leave

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The first quarter did not go very well for the Bengals on Sunday.

Andy Dalton threw two interceptions, one of which the Browns returned for a touchdown, and the Bengals punted three times as the Browns ran out to a 13-0 lead in Cincinnati. That led to a negative reaction from the fans at Paul Brown Stadium that resonated with defensive end Michael Johnson long after the Bengals scored 31 points in the second quarter on their way to a 41-20 victory.

“If you’re not believing and being positive, leave,” Johnson said, via ESPN.com. “We don’t need you. Because that’s what we’re about around here — staying focused, staying positive and keeping our energy going. Negativity breeds negativity, and we don’t do that around here.”

It’s probably not a coincidence that the boos were heaviest after Dalton’s interceptions as the October AFC offensive player of the month appeared to be continuing the drop in play that’s affected him all month. A banner asking for the real Dalton to stand up was unfurled in the stands, although the plea went unanswered as Dalton went 13-of-27 for 93 yards and three touchdowns to go with those two interceptions.

Bengals fans paid their money, so they’ve got the right to express their displeasure with the team’s play regardless of Johnson’s desires. Any expressions of disgust should be tempered by the fact that the Bengals lead the division by 2.5 games with five games left on their schedule. That’s a pretty nice place to be while waiting for your quarterback to find his way.

36 responses to “Michael Johnson to Bengals fans: If you’re not being positive, leave

  1. Red Rifle? How about Red cap gun? This team is frustrating- like an NBA team that is good enough to get the 8th seed in the playoffs, lose in the first round, and never get a draft choice high enough to pull out of mediocrity. As a Bengal fan I’m ready for them to take the next step and I don’t think it’s with Dalton.

  2. A.J. Green needs to clean up his routes and make effort to come back to the ball. Green gave those interceptions away.

    Don’t just stand there.

    Jermaine Gresham, Mohamed Sanu, and Marvin Jones are not dependable. PERIOD.

  3. Michael Johnson is just starting stuff… so…. when he leaves for a giant heap of cash in free agency after the end of the season…. he can blame it on fans negativity… not his greed and lack of loyalty.

  4. Wow! So they do exsist? Bengals fans are little scary cats. I don’t see them often out here trash talking. Anyways Dalton is who he is. Hes not that hard to figure him out but why boo him and offense at your own turf. You all better be happy you have a complete good team with tough minded players because you guys gave Cleveland the momentum.

  5. I don’t blame Johnson one bit. Be a true fan and stand by your team. Negativity does breed negativity.

  6. Hey Johnson, if you don’t like how the fans react to mediocre performances that they paid to watch, find another profession. It goes both ways, bum.

  7. Hmmmm, interesting thought experiment. Who is more important to the teams well being? Michael Johnston or the fans that pay the bills?

    I guess DEs don’t grow on trees but I doubt he’d be playing for free, which is what he would have to do if the fans weren’t paying the bills. So I would recommend he learn to tolerate those mean fans.

  8. Life long Bengals fan here. While I don’t boo my team here’s an interesting thought: Let’s be proactive and not make horrible plays that warrant the booing in the first place.

    your starving fan base

  9. I’m not a Bengals fan but in this situation l happen to agree with Michael Johnson. They should be more loyal and not so negative about the team. Think about what the Browns fans are feeling. At least the Bengals have a winning record. Looks like they aren’t even fair weather fans. Sham on them!!

  10. If he doesn’t like booing, tell Andy to play better. Fans had every right to be upset at his performance. Thank god for the defense and special teams.

  11. 22 year old 17 year fan of the Bengals to Michael Johnson: Tell your quarterback to get his head out of his ass. His teammates wear bright orange helmets with black stripes they’re not the hard to see on the field. Andy has the number 4 ranked defense, a pretty good special teams unit and weapons on offense that more than half the QB’s in the league wish they had and he’s playing like a tard. If people spend their money to see a product that they expect to be good then they have the right to boo if they’ve been let down 3 weeks in a row by someone who previously had the hottest month of his career and he still made plenty of bad throws during that month.

  12. I never understood booing. I would hope that Dalton wasn’t thinking “goodie” when his leading receiver in the first quarter was Joe Haden. That being said, I thought it was not the best game plan to have Andy throwing longer passes into the wind in the first quarter. How many long passes were completed by both QBs in that direction – none. I thought part of home field advantage was knowing that sort of thing. They ran the ball in the 3rd quarter in that direction with much more success. So booing was not out of the question.

  13. “That’s a pretty nice place to be while waiting for your quarterback to find his way.”

    Andy Dalton is what he is, his arm is not going to get any stronger and he’s never going to turn into a leader, if he hasn’t by now.

  14. Michael Johnson has a short memory just like football players are supposed to have. However, after the misery this fan base has been through the past 20+ years, we still have every right to expect better. Yeah Dalton was OPOM last month. But he’s looking more and more like “Pick Six” Palmer here and us fans are getting worried. He’s making very bad decisions. A lot of times, the defense has not one, but two people there who can intercept the ball. That just shows he is eyeing his receivers. Yeah we’ve been to the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. But we’ve embarrassed ourselves in the playoffs each year. Fans have every right to boo when we want to. We pay a small fortune to go to the games so as long as we aren’t hurting anyone or breaking stadium rules, we can boo to our hearts extent and Dalton deserved every bit of it.

  15. Andy’s stat line makes it sound like he played better than he did. Those 3 TDs are courtesy of the D and special teams. James Harrison’s TD that was called back led to one of Dalton’s and a blocked punt accounts for another. He looked awful the whole game.

  16. As a Bengal fan he is right. The boos were directed at Dalton and his “rookie” mistakes. He never looked off his intent to throw it to AJ Green who was being double covered all day. Im sure the OC reminded hime of that since he changed his approach after the dreadful 1rst qtr. It is frustrating to watch him dig a hole that the team has to overcome. Trust me WE BELIEVE IN THIS DEFENSE and Special teams. Andy its ok to be a game manager.

  17. What a dope – “OK all you guys that help pay our salaries – if I don’t like that you criticize our crappy play, take your money and leave…that’s our position”…

  18. Browns fans and @joetoronto should keep quiet as all of them wish they had the bengals problems.

    7-4 in first place with a championship defense, and a offense that hasn’t hit it’s stride yet and still is the second highest scoring team in the AFC.

    That’s good problems to have.

  19. First of all, this is no “factory of sadness”… Superbowls have been won with game managers and boos should be reserved for the other teams (and not in a Michael Irvin sort of way). I’m sure Dalton and the defense didn’t need the boos to know they were having a rough day, even Brett Favre has been booed. Bengals fans are among the best fans in pro football, we don’t need to sink to the level of Philly fans because that’s beneath Bengaldom. Big ups to M. Johnson, that sounds like a leader talking. Who dey!

  20. For once I actually agree with Joetoronto. He trolls bengals articles about noodle arm Andy, but unfortunately, he’s absolutely right. He’s had more than enough time to develop. Bengals need to draft a QB next year

  21. I hope the Bengals win the SB this year, just so they extend Dalton and pay him $20M/yr.

    Though, for that to happen they’d have to have a Bye the first 3 weeks of the playoffs.

  22. MJ is right , you dont boo your 7-4 home team . People around Cinci seem to forget the 90’s . That is something to boo about . All MJ wants is the stadium to step up there game like this team has over the past 3 years and be the 12th man. Hard to argue that when they can barely sell out games making it to the playoffs soon to be 3 years straight . Get it together Cinci

  23. Michael, let me ask You a question Why on earth would your throw a curl route to Green, have it picked off, and The Very Next Series you throw the Same Exact curl route?
    Besides that, Dalton surely should know this pass Must be thrown to the outside so that either the receiver catches the pass or it goes out of bounds, it gets picked when he throws it to the inside Every Time.
    Watch Peyton throw that play, outside shoulder everytime.

  24. Something is obviously wrong with Dalton’s throwing hand…too many wobblers and inaccuracy on even the mundane short throws …that being said your going to get booed when ever you throw 2 picks with one going for a touchdown against a divisional and historical foe who even in down years we expect to beat..Bengals fans have been through a lot with this consistently mediocre team we will not tolerate ineptitude against the Browns , Steelers or Ravens(Browns in Purple) we just won’t do that so be quiet MJ continue to play outstanding and collect your fat check in free-agency..we’re not expecting you back anyway..not that we don’t want you we can’t afford you…lol

  25. Dalton gets the brunt of the boos bc he is the face of the offense. If the offense is horrible, it was all his fault. If the offense is wonderful, it is never to his credit. Neither is totally correct. Yes, there are times where Andy has trouble controlling his passes. But there are other times where the line is faulty, Gruden is making bad calls, or trying to force the ball to AJ, etc. But there are also times where he drops the ball right on the numbers (too many get dropped), or puts it right where only our receiver can catch it, and people say…….wow, what a receiver! The kids has shown growth, maybe not as much as we would have hoped, but what he needs to acquire is TOTAL COMPOSURE! We have seen it this year, we know its there, now he needs to find a way to not lose it. Even Cam has had issues, and it just seemed to click for him about 5 games ago. Having said that though, Mr. Johnson, as the ones who help pay your salaries and fill those seats, and purchase your jerseys, hats, bumper sticks, etc., we do those things with the expectations that we will get the best product on the field that does not continuously repeat mistakes. You do that and the boos will go away!

  26. MJ is right. This team is motivated by positivity, not negativity. Those boos of Dalton didn’t turn anything around. What turned the team around was Harrison’s interception. Something positive.

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