Ozzie Newsome headed back home after health scare


The day after another frustrating loss on the road, the Ravens got some good news.

The team announced that General Manager Ozzie Newsome was on his way back home after being taken to a Chicago hospital, and was “feeling fine.”

Newsome was taken by ambulance from Soldier Field yesterday, but apparently checked out well. The team said last night he wasn’t feeling well, and was advised not to fly home with the team.

“Ozzie is expected back in the Ravens’ office and on the treadmill soon,” the team said via Twitter.

15 responses to “Ozzie Newsome headed back home after health scare

  1. Glad to hear it’s not serious. But for precaution, don’t let him watch any tape of the Ravens offense. Hate to have a relapse.

  2. I’m no doctor, but I think he just got a small case of the $120M Flu bug. Also known as realitysettingin-idous.

  3. Get well soon Ozzie. With your 13 year career in orange and brown without missing a game, your bust in the HOF, the 3 Pro Bowls and team records set, you will always be above all, a Cleveland Brown.

  4. Good thing he was discharged before he learned that he couldn’t keep his doctor or his health plan, you know, that Obamacare thing the Ravens are pushing

  5. Heart Complications on Gamedays.
    It is my belief that the NFL Illuminati favors story lines (go figure) that will maximize revenue at future events.
    Hypothetically speaking, if a coach is wrong about a play call, player selection, gameplan or whatever, 9 times out of 10, the coach will admit their mistake, keep their cool and live another day. However, when a coach is right and the team executed the play for a positive; but the game official: negates the play via flag, extends the opponents drive or worse ignores flagrant violations on behalf of the opponent — bad things can happen, ie. stress from, “fair & balanced,” rule enforcement can cause heart complications.
    The NFL should really fix this or soon, a coach will more than likely die on one their fields.
    Secondly – Take a look at World Soccer matches that are fixed in their outcomes…. fans riot and deaths (murders) occur. If the NFL thinks it can get away with screwing with people’s hearts (See REDSKINS), assisting heart attacks (See NFL Coaches) and wasting my time (See Ed Hoculli),. then I hope they get everything that they deserve.

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