Ozzie Newsome says he’s headed to watch film later today


Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said he wasn’t completely sure what led to his trip to a Chicago hospital last night, but he knows where he’s headed this afternoon.

Newsome told Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun: “I’ll begin breaking down film this afternoon. It’s back to work.”

That’s a quick turnaround after he was taken from Solider Field in an ambulance, and didn’t make the team flight home.

“I’m fine,” Newsome said. “All my tests were normal and there is nothing wrong with me. They didn’t find anything.”

Asked if he recalled being stretchered out, Newsome replied: “No, just one of those things, I guess. We don’t know right now.”

The hope is that there are no further problems, and that he isn’t pushing himself by returning to the office so quickly.

24 responses to “Ozzie Newsome says he’s headed to watch film later today

  1. Determined not to let a little health scare upset his routine, Ozzie will be back in the film room for the next 12 hours, with some nice takeout food, a case of soft drinks, a giant urn of coffee and a large box of doughnuts.

  2. I’m really glad he’s OK. Really. To help make him feel better I’m going to Fed-Ex him some bratwurst and deep dish pizza.

  3. You know things are bad for Jets fans when the most football satisfaction they can hope to achieve comes not from watching their team, but from looking for any way to turn any story into something about Belichick.

    Note not one word from our Jets fan above about Ozzie watching film from the game – presumably including play calling.

  4. @jetsjetsjetsnow …

    Not Ozzie. He and Belichick are buddies. Ozzie was part of Belichick’s Browns staff from the mid-1990s that produced four GMs–Oz, Mike Tannenbaum, Scott Pioli, and Thomas Dimitroff–and three head coaches–Jim Schwartz, Eric Mangini, and Bama’s Nick Saban.

    Glad to hear Ozzie feels good. Hope the docs make sure he stays good.

  5. I’ve been a Browns fan for all of my 36 years and The Wizard of Oz is a legend even though he is GM of the Ravens. I wish him the best of health and I hope he isn’t pushing it too soon

  6. Looks like all the anonymous prayers on the msg board last night paid off. I wonder what would have happened to him without those?

  7. Now that we know he will be ok, he was probably sweating bullets on how to justify again to Steve B the contract he gave Flacco :).

  8. The Wiz: we’re glad you’re alright, back in town and back to work. We understand the drain that this year’s team has caused all of us to feel! Uugghhh! Now let’s go stack some good days of prep and practice together and move on to Sunday.

  9. I guess the reasoning for a G.M. to be breaking down tape would be to second guess the coach. Jerry Jones has the ability to do that right after the game, with no tape watching involved.

  10. @greymares …

    Good GMs break down tape to assess whether their players are performing at the level expected and to see what holes they need to plug. That way they can watch college games with an eye toward filling those holes. Ozzie is a very good GM.

  11. Good to hear he’s OK. Don’t be surprise to see him check back into the hospital though after seeing Flacco’s latest passing stats. And realizing HE’S the one responsible for paying Flacco all that money.

  12. dontstabmeray says: Nov 18, 2013 8:13 PM

    Why would he want to watch game film of a bunch of last place losers?
    He doesn’t need to watch the Browns. Already played them twice. With tie breakers involved Ravens are actually 3rd. If you take away tie breakers its a 3-way tie for second place. But hey, you tried right?

  13. What is sad is that the Browns and Bengals fans can only pin their hopes of success on the Steelers and Ravens having a down year.

  14. To all the clowns making pizza and doghnut comments… Ozzie spends a minimum of 30 minutes on the treadmill 3 times a day everyday. Being out of shape wasn’t the cause of whatever happened. Do ANY of you workout 3 times a day…?

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