Peyton Manning’s prime time in television ratings too


The NFL’s decision to flex Sunday’s Broncos-Chiefs game into prime time was a winner, in terms of television ratings.

Last night’s NBC broadcast recorded a 16.6 overnight rating and a 27 share, up 36 percent over last week’s Ravens-Steelers game and the best November rating for an NFL prime time game since 1996.

The last November prime time game to draw as many eyeballs was the 1996 Steelers-Dolphins Monday Night Football game, which had a 18.0 rating with a 29 share.

The game also set local records for Sunday Night Football in both Denver (52.0 rating, 75 share) and Kansas City (51.5 rating, 72 share), meaning practically everyone in those cities who was awake was watching.

It was the sixth-highest rated SNF game, and only trailed Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis earlier this year. He’s appeared in three of the top six-rated SNF broadcasts, which should tell you why this week’s Broncos game with the Patriots was originally scheduled for prime time.

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  1. The most popular player of his generation. I honestly don’t understand how fans can root against the guy, class act on and off the field and is an amazing quarterback. I hope he wins another ring to shut everyone up like Lebron did.

  2. Chiefs pass rush??? Looks like the word came down from the top: Take it easy on Manning until he has a chance to heal. Not that’s all about money though.

  3. The Giants’ recovery from an 0-6 start will be the most compelling story when the season is over.

    The more NBC flexes them out, the harder they’ll play.

  4. Manning puts on a show like no other QB that I have ever seen and I’ve been a fan for over 50 years. The guy is just great to watch him operate.

  5. Peyton may be the common factor in some of those SNF games, but HE is not the draw. The TEAMS he has lead is the draw. Football fans tune in to good games more often then we tune in to bad football games. It’s that simple. I’m sure some folks tuned in because they have a Manning crush, but by and large the rest of America was watching because it’s a game between two teams with great records. The Chiefs had an awesome defense and the Broncos had an awesome offense. And if it weren’t for Alex Smith, last nights game could be considered good football.

    It’s not Peyton Manning we all want to see. We all want to see quality football games. And, to Manning’s credit, he has been at the helm of some great football teams, and some would even say he is the reason those teams are great. But people want to see good football. Not Peyton Manning himself.

  6. Breaking news from Denver……..

    Equipment Manager says he will NOT need to wash jersey #18 after last night’s game.

  7. Poor, poor Chiefs fans…….every time they think they might have some success (which is not often), the Broncos seem to be in the way…..

    It’s tough when you come play big boy football against quality teams……isn’t it??

  8. Peyton’s writing the job description of a good quarterback, for the 21st century. The ability to recognize defenses and audible, has been raised to the level of offensive coordinator, on the field. Sure, the mechanics of throwing is still the prime factor for a quarterback. But, besides running, Manning uses his noodle better than most every QB playing today’s game. That big head sure comes in handy!

  9. In the 2nd paragraph there is an error. It says last week’s Ravens Steelers game… I think it is supposed to say last YEAR’S Ravens Steelers game.

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