PFT Live Engineering a Game Plan: Mike Tomlin tames the Lions

Mike Florio says the Mike Tomlin and the Steelers had the best game plan heading into their Week 11 matchup against the Lions. Florio says Tomlin not only came in with a great game plan, but also made the necessary adjustments during halftime.

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  1. The “game plan” was simple: let Roethlisberger play like every other franchise QB gets to. Fact is, Ben is entirely capable of putting up these kind of stats IF AND WHEN the coaching staff allows him to. If you doubt this, go find another franchise besides the Steelers whose OWNER actually talks about the need to be a running team like Artie Rooney does. I’m talking about in public.

    Do you ever hear Pat Bowlen or Bob Kraft talk abut the need to play “Broncos football” or “Patriots football” and favor the run over the pass? Well the Steelers do. And you WONDER why the passing stats are low sometimes.

    I don’t think people, including many Steeler fans, realize what a challenge and burden this puts on a QB. You can see it in getting rid of Arians and bringing in Haley, to run first then dink-dunk later. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain. This challenging set of circumstances is what makes Ben all the more elite and impressive. Put Brees on the Steelers and see how LITTLE he throws for. Ditto for Brady and Manning.

    Yesterday had little to do with the competition and everything to do with the fact that the Steelers allowed — or rather found they had — let Ben be Ben, because the Steelers defense was getting absolutely pummeled. What you saw was a QB carrying the team, the way Brees or Brady or Manning are allowed to.

    Ben had a whopping 40 yard worth of run support and the Steelers still put up 37 points. I don’t care whom you’re playing, that’s mighty impressive. Again, when the Steelers allow their franchise QB to play like one, they have a shot to win no matter how lame their own defense is that day. That’s your “game plan” in a nutshell.

  2. Since 2007, Roethlisberger has thrown the ball 65 percent of the time. That’s hardly holding back an alleged gifted quarterback.
    What helped Roethlisberger yesterday was playing against the 30th-ranked passing defense in the league. That’s THIRTY out of 32. But to his credit, he was exceptional, which is a novelty in itself.

  3. You want to deny that Bob the Steelers owner himself publicly decreed the team must run the ball first? You want me to pull up the quotes? If that’s not holding back the QB I don’t know what is.

    And listen up Bob, it’s not how many times pass plays are called, it’s WHAT KIND of passes are called. Brees and Manning don’t get shackled to the dink-dunk school of “run first then throw safe and short” offense the Steelers call for. Often only Ben audibling or scrambling and going deep are what bumps up the numbers.

    As usual Bob, you’ll name anything you consider a break for Ben, but completely ignore all that he’s got to overcome. Tsk tsk.

    As for the “miracle second half defensive adjustments” that has more to do with the Steelers possessing the ball for a full eleven minutes of the quarter. Keeping the Detroit offense off the field. All done with a NET 40 yards of rushing. I’d say full credit goes to the QB and the passing game here.

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