Redskins say Eagles “knew what was coming”


For most of Sunday’s 24-16 loss to the Eagles, the Redskins seemed a step behind.

There might be a reason for that.

“They did a good job of scheming us up,” quarterback Robert Griffin III said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “They kind of knew what was coming before it was coming and that was disheartening.

“But like I told the guys, regardless of what’s going on out there, we’re the players and we have to make the plays work, and we just weren’t doing that in the first half.”

It’s easy to read that as an indictment of coaching, and the sound bite will certainly make the rounds and lead to more clarification later this week.

But it wasn’t just the offense feeling that way. Linebacker London Fletcher said the Eagles didn’t change things significantly from the opener.

“For the most part, when we look at what they did on film, the plays they hit us with, they had already shown,” Fletcher said. “They believe in their offense and their system and just try to adjust to what we were doing. Defensively, we played a lot of man-to-man, so they ran a lot of man-beaters and crossing routes and things like that to try to free up their guys, so that was part of their game-plan. Tight end delay, tight end screen, running back screen – a lot of things to beat man coverage.”

Mike Shanahan has coached this team out of holes before (they were 3-6 last year before winning seven straight), but there was no indication yesterday such a run was coming.

49 responses to “Redskins say Eagles “knew what was coming”

  1. The Eagles surprisingly looked solid.

    Maybe the ‘Skins made them look that way.

    Or else the ‘Skins really got outcoached.

    Or a little bit of both.

    I wonder what McCoy was telling Bean Head that got him the flag?

  2. The season is done. The Skins will lose Monday night to the 9ers. Ya don’t come back from 3-8.

    That said, this off-season is going to be a big one. The Skins get the cap space back that the league yanked the last two years. I’m betting they sign at least one veteran o-lineman, a DB, & another WR. This is a strong draft for LBs. Hopefully one is available in the 2nd round when the Skins finally make a pick.

    BUT…off-season be d*mn*d…. Haslett has got to go. The 3-4 defense was brought in to create pressure & confuse opposing offenses. That clearly has not happened. The Skins D has only gotten progressively worse. He’s got to go!

  3. Eagles defense has held it’s last 7 opponents under 21 points. No other defense in the league has done that, thanks to Denver beating KC last night. Another 400+ yard game with no turn overs on offense. Don’t look now but these Eagles might be for real.

  4. AWFUL!

    I am calling for his head. Off with his head. Mike, Kyle and Jim—and that special teams hack….Off with it!

    As far as RG3…Maybe he should focus on his high, low, wide and overall pathetic passing attempts.

  5. RGIII – Shut-up. Stop talking. Just STOP talking. I’ve never heard a second year QB talk so much in my life. Take your Subway commercials off the air, play football, and STOP talking. Then maybe one day you’ll be half as good as Andrew Luck.

  6. RGIII-7 has the worst body language of a “leader” that I’ve seen in quite some time. His postgame comments are calculated to throw Red Lobster under the egged bus.

    It’s nice that he can so easily rationalize his blind toss up for grabs at the end. I guess Boykin knew what was coming then too.

  7. As the QB and leader of the offense why did RGME not check out if plays and get the offense into plays that had a chance?

    The answer – because he can’t. After 20+ starts in the league RGME still can’t run a pro style offense that requires him to make checks and changes at the line. Maybe he should hang out with Luck and Wilson this off season.

    Read option = college football.

    The a

  8. You can stick a fork in the Potomac Basin Indigenous Peoples. RGIII’s talents are wasted because they mortgaged their future to get him and couldn’t build an actual team around him. And they still don’t have any draft picks next year.

  9. Mike Shanahan has coached this team out of holes before (they were 3-6 last year before winning seven straight), but there was no indication yesterday such a run was coming.


    They came within an RGIII INT of tying it up in the 4th quarter. The redskins came within a hairsbreadth of tying up the score so let’s not pretend that it was a total beatdown.

    The eagles looked good for 3 quarters, but the 4th quarter was mostly owned by the skins.

  10. Im a Redskins fan and if I could see what was coming at home surely the Eagles could, and defensively it seems like everyone knows what the Skins are trying to do, for the past three games it has been quaters at a time where Qbs have had 10-15 completions in a row before one is dropped, not batted down, or intercepted. The Shanahans better fix it quick, because in case they’ve forgotten they’re dealing with one of the more impatient ownets in the league, I think they get another year just because of last years cap situation their hands were tied on the personnel to bring in, but there will be no excuses next year…

  11. Redskins are toast, and I don’t think Shanny gets the chance to complete his 5 year plan…

  12. Geez. RG3 is a little punk. A man and professional doesn’t go throwing others under the boss or at least can say it to their face privately . Not to mention players who complain about their coach have such great careers after making those comments. #sarcasm

  13. Maybe they knew what was coming because you’re a one trick pony and they all played college ball so they have pretty much seen all of your team’s offensive schemes?

  14. There is a reason why the Eagles knew what was coming – they studied game film and our Quarterback didn’t. He is one of the least prepared, least ambitious, least motivated, and least inspiring player on the field. When this team needs a kick in the pants on offense, it was obvious the running back was going to do it because the starting QB was making sure he played long enough to be able to get a game check.

    America, if you don’t know this by now, hear me loud and clear … Robert Griffin is a bust. He effectively took off three quarters of a game and only when there was little hope for anything did he decide to show up for the game.

    He padded his stats. That is all he did. He had the same demeanor down by 24 that he did when we were scoreless. He put forth precious little effort and wildly overthrew a wide open receiver that was only about 20 yards away.

    When you squander 3 first round picks for a QB, you expect him to make those plays in his sleep.

    He can’t even make them in game conditions.

    You will hear from my fellow Redskins fans that the offensive line sucks, the play calling is WTF and a host of assorted excuses to give this pathetic QB a pass, but you can be assured that Washington has no professional QB behind the center – they have a pretender.

    Please note in the first half this clown had 26 yards passing. Twenty-six yards.

    He was sacked 4 times. Not because he was blitzed, but because he was hit twice without even reacting to what was coming. The other two times he had so much time to pass that it was amazing that he held the ball and did nothing with it. The offensive line gave enough protection that even the Eagles QB could have been behind center and completed passes.

    It is time that America stops its mindless support of a fraud in Washington. He is collecting a paycheck and nothing more. He has a losing record as a starter and is worse than he was last year despite the same offensive line and essentially the same supporting players.

  15. Right now the Rams are due the 6th pick of the 2014 Draft because of that fleecing they did last year.

    Combine that with the penalties for cheating and the future looks very grim for the R!@#&^%$


  16. Horrendous coaching, deer in the headlights QB, poor schemes that the league figured out during the offseason.

    The Washington team is finished for the year. Since the league went to the current format only 11 teams that were 4 games under 500 at any point in the season made the playoffs, roughly a 1.5% chance.

    Enjoy the offseason Washington fans.

  17. Well on the bright side, if the Eagles “knew what was coming” and still you scored 16 points on them, I would say that either you did a good job, or the Eagles defense is crappy.

  18. C’mon man…let this Shanarat experiment be over with already. We’re in year four and still struggling? I know “but he has one year left” but progress is not being made by this regime…If you’re going to throw deep, you need deeper drops by RGIII…is that Kyle or is it RGIII or both?

    Haslett has to find a new line of work too…I can’t understand why you switch from a perennial top 10 defense as a 4-3 to a 3-4 that is now a perennial bottom 10 defense…The special teams are anything but special…it’s all a train wreck…

  19. Robert Griffin is throwing his coach under the bus with his response saying the Philadelphia Eagles knew the plays before it was coming. As a professional quarterback he should understand what an audible is by now.

    His interception late in the game was preposterous and worthy to a spot on the bench to see if Kirk Cousins could provide a boost.

    He has underperformed this year and while it happens to the best of them, he is a shell of himself. He doesn’t look like the same quarterback from last season.

    The defense of the ‘Skins played their way back into the contest but the back-footed interception deflated that chance.

  20. If your a fan of this team, you know that week in and week out, our coaches get out schemed and out coached. It seems like the players are finally realizing the same thing. I think it’s blatantly obvious that we need to move on from Shanahan because other than the run last year, we have been horrible. The problem is that we are finally cap penalty free next year so do we keep him for the last year and let him spend money in free agency, or do we bring in a new staff to let them use that money. Either way, our loyal fan base has been tricked into thinking we are once again relevant just long enough to suffer yet another horrible but all too common Redskins losing season.

  21. Look as an Eagles fan I respect RG3 and think he is an above average quarterback however throwing your coaches under the bus is not going to win you a lot of fans in the locker room, he must have missed six or seven throws that could have made a difference for his team, the Eagles look like they are improving every game and should be dangerous after the bye week. RG3 needs to shut up and look at his play before criticizing everyone else. Mike Vick 2.0

  22. Not sticking up for Griffin because that last pick was bad. However, they were down 3 scores in the first half and threw the ball 7 times! At what point do you realize that you need to adust the game plan. Also, Shanahan through Griffin under bus by saying the Offense played poorly and left points on the field. They were up 2 scores on Denver and started the second half with 3 straight drop back passes after Morris had 100 yards in the first half. Then instead of adjusting the playcalling to Griffin from getting killed up the middle you continue drop straight back. How about a roll out or a screen. That is bad play calling.

  23. Props to the Eagles for a decent win. Redskins have not really played a complete game all year. Its frustrating to watch. Here is my take:

    Cousins is a smarter QB than RG. Better I don’t know but when he plays he plays a smarter more efficient game. Play the guy.

    All the coaches are at fault. Same team minus Zo that looked like they knew how to ball last year.
    Got to be a very poor job of coaching not that having a full salary cap would have helped this team. Yet they did it last year and they were without that cash.

    If you fire Shanahan and his whole lot, remember whose in charge, Danny. The same Danny that got rid of big Shot, brought in Zorn and Spurrier. Can Allen hire a coach not name Gruden?

    Defense had always been in the top half of the NFL when we had a 4:3. The idiots decided to pitch what was working just fine, when they had the personnel to run it. For what? To watch this horrible 3:4 that has no imagination, no unit to run it, let alone move up its ranking in the NFL.

    Special teams is what it is. Get rid of Zo and it is now a rudderless ship that tries desperately to sink itself along with the rest of the crew on a weekly basis.

    Basement again. Thanks for that.

  24. Did it take Andy Reid 5 years to turn Kansas City into a competitive team? Three first round draft picks for a lemon. Two picks for Donovan McNabb. The salary dump that led to the $36 million cap reduction penalty. Rex Grossman still on the roster. The worst defense I ever seen on a NFL football field. Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen playing wide out.

  25. As it is still a bit early to judge if Griffin is already an NFL bust or not, he’s not necessarily making it hard for everyone to do so, with his love of “media”, or himself, for that matter. Bottom line, aside from a miracle run last season, he hasn’t really shown anything to show he’s really capable of leading a team.

    As always, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Saying that your opponent knew exactly what was coming, specifically, from your end of the game, doesn’t excuse you losing the game at all.

    It just seems that, if he spent s ome time watching game tapes, rather than talking, he may actually look competitive at game day.

    To be a so-called “master”” at the game, one has to be a student first. There’s no other way around that, that is how the universe works. But it seems as all of this is lost as evidenced with his attitude.

    Good luck Robert!!!

  26. Well put commentary by laserw above.
    My feelings exactly after watching that debacle against Dever a couple of weeks back and my position hasn’t changed since. RGIII can’t progress through his reads properly and he has minimal (being generous there) pocket awareness. I’m sick of watching play after play where he looks as panicked as I would be if I was under center.
    The season is done and over with. I truly think consideration needs to be given to installing Cousins and trading RGIII. His knee is in relatively good shape and the hype surrounding this player is still (unexplicably) very high so there would be takers I’m sure. So engineer a trade already and unmortgage some of that future that we layed on the line to get him in the first place.

  27. What a joke. They knew what was coming because Kyle can’t run most of the play book because RGIII can’t read an NFL defense. So they are limited to the 15-20 plays he can run well and half of those are running plays. Gotta love it when the QB and supposed team leader throws the coaches under the bus instead of standing up and taking the heat. Of course I’m sure he followed that not so subtle dig at the coaches with a “I have to do better” so he seems like a “Stand Up Guy”. Can we trade him for one of those 4 picks we threw away and roll with Cousins now.

  28. The Redskins have scored 8 offensive touchdowns in 10 first halves this year. Three of them came against the Vikings. RGIII is only good against the prevent defense when his team is trailing in the 4th quarter.

  29. out coached, again!
    why do we treat the FRANCISE QB that way. cant he be a quarterback, not a running back that throws.
    that style of offense is just gonna get him killed, he was hit a bunch, and ran too much (by design) to get 1st downs.
    they are asking Robert to do too much.
    the shanahan experiment is over.

  30. everybody bashing on Robert. Francise QBs throw, NOT run.
    last night peyton played the #1 D, wasn’t touched, got rid of the ball in 2seconds.
    I hope kyle watches that game film.
    the pistol is dead, please run the spread offense.
    Kyle consistently has been out-coached this year, lack of true experience is what is hurting the redskins. his dad never over rides him either.
    they got so much heat from playing him last year when he was clearly hurt. but Kyle keeps running him time after time.
    kyle is 28 years old, with NO NFL playing experience.
    the experiment is over bye shanahans

  31. Amazing. Why is RG3 being blamed for everything? He doesn’t play defense. Has he played perfect? No but he makes this team so much better. And be honest with yourselves. What does he really have to work with. How many starters on the Redskins could even make the roster on top teams? Garçons is our number 1 wr but plays like a 3 with a few spectacular catches. His routes are horrible. All we have really to compliment RG3 is Alfred Morris. I like Reed but to not use Davis who is a legitimate threat vs Paulson. Poor use of the few weapons we have. That miss pass thrown to Paulson would have been caught by Davis. The o-line is just nonexistent. On defense we have only backups. Orakpo and Kerrigan are looking like tweeners and unable to apply pressure. RG3 was able to disguise all this when he was healthy. I’m am glad we got RG3. He is a good Qb on the road to greatness . HTTR

  32. Hats off to the Eagles and Chip Kelly. I have really been impressed with the coaching job this guy and his staff are doing. It looked bleak for a while there, but so far this team looks legit.

    As for Mr. Ego aka Mike Shanahan, if this guy isn’t fired after this season, then Dan Snyder is an idiot.

    I have always felt that he is overrated as a coach. Yes he had two rings, but he also needed Elway AND Davis in order to get them. This team clearly is getting outcoached each week and it certainly showed in this game.

    I agree with the others that say RGIII is getting blamed for everything. That Redskins D is awful. RGIII can’t do anything about that. He actually played well in the second half, but his back isn’t strong enough to carry both the offense and the defense. He’s good, but not that good.

  33. This is great.

    the entire fanbase has turned on Shanana.

    They went from running their mouths for a year and a half, about how great they were, to calling for the entire crew to get terminated.
    Confirming the fact that the modern day reskins fans are nothing but bandwagon know-nothings.

    They gave 3-4 years worth of draft picks away in order to select a previously injured running qb. A QB that does nothing but stare down the first option and force passes..

    HAIL to some truth !!

  34. I’m so tired of hearing about the cap penalty. The year they broke the rules and got in trouble they didn’t even make the playoffs. Last year they had cap penalties and won the division so there is really no excuse. The Skins have a $18mil cap hit this year, Philly is still over $20mil under the cap. Even in the “Dream Team” years with all those high priced free agents Philly was still significantly under the cap. It’s the Jerry Jones mentality that if you throw enough money at a team it will equal a winner and if that’s the mentality of 2 teams in the division, then it’s really only going to be a battle between the Eagles and Giants every year.

  35. Not a Shanahan backer but people keep bringing up the Elway point. Well how many rings did “The Hoody” win without Brady? People forget he was the head coach in Cleveland. Did he win with his QB there? People act like Dungy walks on water. How many did he win without Manning? Coughlin without Eli? There have been a few Super Bowl winners that won with great defense but most of the more recent winners have won because of the QB play they received. So yes Shanahan has won a championship with only one QB, but you can say the same thing with just about every Super Bowl winning coach except maybe Joe Gibbs, and The Tuna.

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