Reggie Bush: Nobody but myself to blame for benching


The Lions slumped to a 37-27 loss against the Steelers on Sunday after being held scoreless in the second half of the game.

Part of the reason they were shut out was the lack of production from running back Reggie Bush. Bush had 54 total yards in the game, most of them coming in the first half before Bush fumbled in the second quarter and the Lions decided to go with a heavier dose of Joique Bell in the backfield. Bush confirmed after the game that he was fine physically and that the trip to the bench came because of performance.

“Probably because I fumbled the ball. You turn the ball over, that’s what happens. I’ve been in this league long enough to know that. There is nobody to blame but myself,” Bush said, via the Detroit News.

Bush returned in the second half after Bell got hurt, but he wasn’t any more effective than he was in the first half and the Lions took a step back in the drive for an NFC North title. Coach Jim Schwartz said Bell wasn’t seriously injured after the game, although you’d expect Bush to still get first crack in the backfield again next week based on his overall body of work this season.

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  1. between the benching of the explosive reggie bush and the unneccessary decision to opt for that fake field goal (even if it worked, it was still not smart strategy), jim schwartz had a peculiar day.

    if the lions fail to win the division (despite injuries struggles of CHI & GNB), then jim schwartz may get fired. and it’s coaching performances like this that would make such a decision understandable.

  2. First of all, nobody is getting promoted or demoted based on one sloppy game. Second, why was Theo Redick, who sees very little time on offense, in the backfield late in this game?? Why wasn’t Bell, who was very effective, back in once he was medically cleared? The Lions hold back their best players all too often. The staff needs to let them play (win).

  3. Reggie Bush absolutely deserved to be benched. Not just because of the one fumble, because he looked horrible out there yesterday. Couldn’t keep his feet underneath him (and yes I know the field was wet, it was wet for everyone and no one else seemed to have that problem) and he was far from “explosive” as the first commentor said. Even though he got over 100 yards in the game against Chicago he made a ton of mistakes that could have cost them the game 2 weeks ago.

    And, the fake field goal attempt was a good call that just didn’t work out. Everyone needs to quit focusing on that and focus more on:

    Staffords constantly over throwing open receivers (left 3 TD’s off the board).

    Defense’s lack of pressure and very poor coverage abilities.

  4. Reggie needed to stay on the field. When he was in New Orleans and made mistakes he seemed to always do something spectacular later in the game. Too much talent to bench him. Schwartz is a moron.

  5. Reggie has been great, but my man needs to learn to hold onto the ball. He’s had more than one turnover in key situations this season.

  6. This is nothing new, Reggie fumbled in Miami and got benched there to. That’s his problem. He doesn’t help his team sitting on a bench.

  7. to many times you see RB carry that ball like it was a loaf of bread. To bad he got benched he messed up my fantasy team this week but oh well come back stronger next week.

  8. Look on the bright side Bush, you had as productive 2nd half as Megatron and you didn’t have to get dirty.

  9. Off topic, but I’ve noticed that Schwartz is taking a pounding from the media for his decision to try a fake field goal. Kicking a FG on the soggy turf of Heinz Field is never a gimme.
    Schwartz actually lost this game right before halftime when, from the one-yard-line, he had Stafford throw the ball three times with an empty backfield and in a 5-wide, spread formation. Ridiculous play-calling. Had the Lions punched it in there and taken a 31-20 lead, game over. Guaranteed.
    Instead, Schwartz allowed an inferior opponent to hang around, which is never a good idea.

  10. There’s enough blame to go around for the whole team. Terrible defense, especially in the secondary, poor play calling by coaching staff and, not just the fake alone, but first and goal and settle for 3. They played flat and not prepared for the better part of 3 Qtrs. That part is inexcusable and falls completely on the coaching staff. The rest of the mess falls on the players themselves.

  11. Sorry for this insult, but if my crappy team can beat the Steelers, what the hell happened Sunday to the Lions?

  12. bobzilla, I see you fail to mention the other side of the ball – if Ben’s receivers hang on to multiple dropped TD’s, this is a 20-point game easily.

  13. Regarding the not getting into the end zone at the end of the first half after the PI call in the end zone:
    there were only 28 seconds left with first and goal and no time outs…the choice was 1 run, and if unsuccessful, a spike and a field goal attempt, or as many as three possibly unsuccessful passes and then the field goal attempt…totally understandable to choose the passes (the empty backfield, not so much)…Lions were between a rock and a hard place, there…

  14. What does “Ben’s receivers hang on to multiple dropped TDs” have to do with Schwartz’s inane play-calling right before halftime?
    All QBs have receivers drop their passes in driving rain storms. Get over it.

  15. even if Schwartz punches it in before halftime, Steelers still get the win. Though you probably turned off the TV the 2nd half, as I’m sure Ben playing lights-out was driving you crazy. You know, being a Steelers fan and all (wink, wink).

  16. How does Bush and the Lions staff think that jump cutting on a wet field will work? You knew he was gonna slip and fall down and/or fumble in critical situations. My vote is to use Bell in sloppy outdoor conditions and let Reggie go off on a dry track.

  17. Reggie just needs to run. Jumping laterally isn’t a running back style in the nfl. Hit the hole and go. He makes moves that cause him to get hit abnormally. Fumbling and insufficient yardage are the results. Joique runs vertical. He’s not the fastest or the best. But he knows how to get up field. Since reggie hurt his knee during the early part of his career. He shys away from traffic. Causing horrible yardage and helping the defense corral around him. He’s the problem and the solution. Go hard or go home reggie. The loss yesterday though. Coaching. Steelers were 3-6 for a reason.

  18. I think the reason for sitting Reggie had a lot more to do with the turf then his play. Nobody in their right mind would say that Bush hasnt been a game changer since he got here. Bell is more of a strait up the field runner with maybe a couple little jukes to make the first defender miss. Bush reminds me a lot of Barry Sanders and the way he zigs and zags till he finds the hole he wants. Its not if Reggie busts one, its when. Steelers turf with the weather just wasn’t for Reggie and that’s why we are lucky to have the depth we have at running back. Bush is a God send and I hope the Lions use him in a way that we can get 3 or 4 more seasons out of him and I say championship is on the way

  19. noeffinway says: Nov 18, 2013 7:41 AM

    Second, why was Theo Redick, who sees very little time on offense, in the backfield late in this game??
    At some point Bell went out with an injury. I think it was a twisted ankle, but I don’t really know. I saw a brief glimpse of them bringing down swelling and then taping it up.

    Bush departure was all about the heavy rain and the wet turf.

    The majority of the remaining Lions games are at home and they only have one more outdoor game (Philly). Provided they can stay healthy, the Lions should have a good run up to the playoffs.

  20. crown:
    You certainly do make an interesting point: Roethlisberger playing “lights out” is an extremely rare occurrence. Maybe twice each season? Maybe.
    Let’s get a couple things straight: I love the Steelers. But I absolutely loathe you Big Ben Groupies.
    Is it 2016 yet?
    You better start packing.

  21. The only thing I really knew about him was that I wasnt interested in knowing anything about him. The lions barely play them and I never really had interest bcuz of the whole did he or didn’t he? In the past or whatever but the fact is that the Lions were in a harsh enviroment and played their worst game this year and still stayd in It till the very end. With all the other stuff if Ogletree could of stepped up and caught that bomb then we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  22. roarmachine:
    Roethlisberger had a kind of performance yesterday that his groupies, admirers and apologists like to latch onto as some sort of in-your-face “I told you so” that he’s an “elite” QB. The Lions’ 30th-ranked defense helped to fuel their fire.
    Next week, and beyond, when he reverts back to his usual four-field-goal self, his groupies will still be bragging about his 2013 performance against the Lions.
    It’s really quite humorous.

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