Report: Walden gets a one-game suspension

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Well, we now know what a helmeted head butt of an unhelmeted player costs.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the NFL has suspended Colts linebacker Erik Walden one game for applying a head butt to Titans tight end Delanie Walker, after Walden removed Walker’s helmet by the face mask during a play.

Walden has the right to appeal the suspension, and it will be handled by Ted Cottrell or Matt Birk.

The suspension could have been, and arguably should have been, longer.  The infraction happened after the whistle, and it involved a player’s head.

The process presumably will be expedited, with a decision possibly coming by Wednesday, so that Walden will be able to participate in practice as Indy prepares to play the Cardinals in Arizona.

33 responses to “Report: Walden gets a one-game suspension

  1. At the time, I could not believe he wasn’t thrown out the game. Sit – think about what you did – no game check (the skins clubs will get by w/o you for one week).

  2. Ted Thompson didn’t resign him last year because he knew he would head butt a player that game a year ahead, he can predict the future


  3. I love my colts, I bleed blue, however there is no room for that. Accept responsibility for your actions and move on and improve from it. That’s not colts football, sit, then come back take control and learn from it!

  4. That was the second one in a week. The first was when the Bucs safety headbutted a helmetless Miami player on Monday night.

  5. But if it happened INSIDE the locker room, that would just be “boys being boys”, and the helmetless player would need to “toughen up” and learn to take his “hazing”. Right?

  6. Hitting a helmetless player in the head after a play < hitting a helmeted player in the head during a play

    League of Denial

  7. hyzers says: Nov 18, 2013 1:45 PM

    Suh would have been banished for such barbarism. #doublestandards

    There is a difference between it being a player’s 1st offense and it being a player’s 8th offense.

  8. We have come to expect no less from the NFL. Their entire suspension/fine policy has become a laughing stock. If headbutting with a helmet a helmet-less person only gets you one game suspension then the NFL can expect more of this type of behavior. Walden will appeal it, ex-players will hold court and cut the suspension and implement a small fine. If the NFL wants to truly get serious about player safety then either do it or shut the hell up.

  9. “The suspension could have been, and arguably should have been, longer. The infraction happened after the whistle, and it involved a player’s head.”

    100% right here but this just proves that QB’s are far more valued. If this had been a QB, he would’ve missed the rest of the season. It’s a terrible double standard.

  10. Is the NFL really saying that ripping a dude’s helmet off and then headbutting him is the same as a hit made during play? Because this is the same punishment Dashon Goldson and James Harrison were given(though Goldson’s was overturned).

    At least with helmet-to-helmet hits during a play you can say heat of the moment, bang-bang play, etc. This was just disgusting.

  11. Walker couldve easily been fined too as he threw a lifeless punch in immediate retaliation which i dont blame the guy as its an instinct but a lil more mustard behind it and it wouldnt have gone unnoticed.

  12. Yeah, that’s cool. At least I’m not dead like Ed Reed’s brother, Torrey Smith’s brother, Wade Philip’s dad, Andy Reid’s son, and Adrian Peterson’s son.

  13. What about the punch from Walker afterwards? I’d probably punch Walden, too…but, a punch is a punch. Deserved or not, Walker also threw a punch, and that should have drawn something from the league.

  14. He’s beaten up his girlfriend

    Been benched by the Packers 49ers playoff game because wouldn’t adjust and let Colin K. run past him all ga,e.

    Head buts a guy with no helmet.

    And I’m sorry if you’ve ever heard him talk.

    All this adds up to to him being a really sweet dude.

  15. He’s probably still salty from the last time he seen delanie. Delaine and co. Did end up exposing Walden on route to a record breaking game afterall

  16. Peanut Tillman throws punches every game. Only a small percentage actually jar the ball loose. The rest end up hitting the offensive player in the forearms and chest.

    When will the league fine/suspend Tillman?

  17. Suh gets 2 games for stepping on an arm, Walden gets one for ripping off a helmet then headbutting the man…player safety is CLEARLY the NFL’s top priority.

  18. As a titans fan who grew up in indiana with the rest of my family being colts fan this is about as unnacceptable as it gets. for 1 the colts are a classy organization and for 2 this guy should literally be on a 2-3 game suspension without pay. Hit him where it hurts and thats in the pockets.

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