Ted Wells releases statement saying Dolphins are cooperating

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Ted Wells, the investigator appointed by the NFL to investigate the alleged harassment in the workplace that resulted in Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin leaving the team and fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito getting suspended, has released a statement saying the Dolphins are cooperating as he prepares to interview team personnel.

“We look forward to meeting with Dolphins players, coaches and staff in order to get the facts and prepare a thorough and fair report,” Wells said. “The Dolphins organization has been very helpful in arranging the interviews and urging their personnel to cooperate with the investigation. We have asked all Dolphins personnel to respect the process and avoid commenting on the investigation.”

For the Dolphins’ coaching staff and front office, the last part of that statement may be the most important: Coach Joe Philbin, General Manager Jeff Ireland and others in the organization don’t want to talk to the media about the situation, and Wells’s statement gives them cover to say, “We can’t comment while the investigation is in progress.”

We likely won’t find out exactly what Philbin and Ireland think of this situation until Wells releases his report.

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  1. Does Wells know how to fix a groin injury? If so, an extended interview with Patterson please. It’s been a while since the Dolphins have had their top two CBs healthy for most of a season.

  2. Martin will never play in the NFL again

    the Phins will end up writing him a big check because of it

    Incognito will get a big check too, but he might find some fool to employ him again even though he’s a locker room cancer

    whoever their O line coach is will get canned, though he should have been canned a long time ago considering the lines bottom 3 performance for 3 years straight

    there will be NFL wide rules on interaction

    the Phins will be a mess fir 2 years while this gets worked out

  3. I think randomguy has it pretty much figured out with the exception of I think Ireland goes and possibly Philbin if a big name coach will come out of retirement.

  4. Rod mostly I agree with you and random but I think they’re going to eject Philbin regardless, along with some O-line coaches. Someone will take a chance on Incognito I believe. What a black eye for a franchise that used to have it going. Sheesh.

  5. Please let Martin move on to another team.
    In particular the Washington Redskins.
    And please let him be offended once again and leave the playing field, only to show up with his mommy by his side ready to fight Daniel Snyder, Billy Kilmer, John Riggins and the Hogs in the Supreme Court.

    Pink Flag.
    Unnecessary toughness.
    15 yards.

  6. GONE:
    Martin, Ireland, Sherman, OL coaches

    SUSPENDED/ON NOTICE (but return in 2014)
    Incognito, Philbin, Kevin Coyle

    Our talent scouts need to be evaluated too.
    Look at what they’ve recommended over the last few years.

  7. rodh32340 says: Nov 18, 2013 11:13 AM

    I think randomguy has it pretty much figured out with the exception of I think Ireland goes and possibly Philbin if a big name coach will come out of retirement.


    With the exception of Incognito being a locker room cancer, His teammates love him, Its Martin that has his teammates wives mocking him.

  8. 1. Martin will def not play for Miami again.

    2. At some point his parents will emerge post settlement and talk about player behavior and need for new NFL HR rules.

    3. Unless new rules are put in place right away and they won’t until NFL and the union agree on things, Martin is not coming back considering his recent settlement with the Dolphins and no new guidelines yet. No GM would want the Dolphin experience. So maybe in 2014 with new rules in place.

  9. If Gregg “Kill the Head and the Body will Die” Williams only gets a one year suspension… then Ireland can expect about one, maybe two days off.

  10. It took me a while to digest some of the known facts of this strange case to arrive at my opinion.
    First, Martin turns down the “bonding” trip to Las Vegas with the fellas. Then tells us that he was made to pay against his wishes.
    And who keeps over 1100 text messages over an 8 month period? He deliberately kept his mouth shut so nobody would know that he was building a case. Then, knowing at some point that his mates are going to pull a prank on him, he uses that moment as a good excuse to walk out on his team in the middle of the season. He believes that checking himself into a hospital will buttress his claim of mental harassment. He then selectively releases the infamous text that he had been saving for months. Nobody, nobody ever said that Martin wasn’t intelligent. This guy didn’t endure the “locker room culture” from high school and college only to “snap” in his second year of pro football. This is a calculating individual who had a plan from the beginning. Perhaps he was really mad about the 15 grand. Perhaps he never really liked Incognito. At some point he decided he was going to get his payback one way or another. What’s really galling is that he thinks he’s going to continue to play in the NFL. Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

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