Titans bringing John Skelton in for a second look

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The Titans don’t know who their quarterback of the future will be, but they’re apparently bringing some help in for the present.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans are bringing former Cardinals quarterback John Skelton for a second visit today, which could be a prelude to signing him.

Skelton, who was in Bengals camp this summer, worked out for the Packers recently as well.

The Titans have gone with just Rusty Smith behind starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, and don’t have a quarterback on the practice squad, so they could simply be adding an arm.

But they’re also trying to hang onto some shred of relevance on the fringes of the AFC playoff race, and might want a more experienced guy behind their starter, after Jake Locker was lost for the season with a foot injury.

11 responses to “Titans bringing John Skelton in for a second look

  1. The Bungals should give him another look too.

    He can probably throw a 10 yard out without it being picked.

  2. One of those guys who continues to get looks despite a stat sheet that reads like a horror novel. For his career 53% completions and a QB rating of 63. He doesn’t deserve a first look, let along a second.

  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not an NFL starter – that much is painfully obvious. There are any number of street free agents who would be an upgrade on him.

    The rash of injuries at QB this season may cause teams to re-evaluate how they treat the position from a personnel perspective. It seems like teams are loathe to commit any cap space to having a strong backup. Coaches also hate QB controversies, and strong backups tend to create that amongst fans and media. Given how many teams playoff hopes went up in smoke this year when their starter went down, though, teams might want to re-evaluate that stance.

  4. Until the Titans clean house they will remain a boring, middle team.

    They need a HC, a QB, a RB, an OL and DL, a safety…..etc.

    They have NO leadership inside the locker room and usually quit when they get behind in the second half of games.

    Fans have been loyal for the last 10 years, but that is quickly eroding.

  5. rascalmanny, the fans of this franchise have been loyal since the 1970’s, be it Houston or Nashville.

    Since opening The Coliseum (LP Field) the Titans have sold out EVERY game and will continue to do so. The problem is, until Fisher was fired Nashville didn’t have to deal with a losing team. From 1997-2010, the Oilers/Titans had exactly 4 losing seasons.

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