Trent Williams accusation not the first against umpire Roy Ellison

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Roy Ellison, the umpire accused of spewing insults and profanity at Washington offensive lineman Trent Williams, has previously been accused of similar inappropriate language directed at players.

Former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira said on FOX Football Daily that after a similar accusation, he had to sit down with Ellison and warn him not to let it happen again.

“What concerns me about this is I sat in the same chair that Dean Blandino, the vice president of officiating, is sitting in right now, with the same official, Roy Ellison, who years ago allegedly shouted and swore at players, and it was a big issue that I had to deal with,” Pereira said. “I actually had to talk with him in the office to make sure that none of this was going on. So the fact that it has happened twice now with the same individual has to concern the league, and I know they are taking a strong look at this.”

In the previous instance, the NFL had no proof that Ellison had verbally abused a player, so the league didn’t discipline him. But Pereira said Ellison was admonished that such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

“We had no audio, so it was nothing that we could actually confirm,” Pereira said. “When I had to deal with it, there was no proof, so it was a he said, she said. But something happened. And we did have a long conversation, Roy and I did, that we should never act like this as a football official on the field. And I said to him, ‘I don’t ever want to hear about this again.'”

Now we have heard about it happening again. And Ellison, one of the NFL’s few full-time officials, may be in hot water with the league office.

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  1. It’s not like the guys on the field are talking in the Queen’s English as well, just to be clear here.

  2. Same reason they don’t mic up Jim Harbaugh. A lot of coaches also yell “bad” language. But Harbaugh seems to use the F-bomb more than most. I’m surprised the networks ever show the guy. Everyone knows how to lip read the bad words. I don’t think there should be any rules against bad words, but I suppose we have to protect “the children”.

  3. Come on, this is professional football. Are these men or children?

    The wussifacation of America has now reached into NFL locker rooms and onto the NFL field.

    Be a man and ignore the big bad man using naughty words!

  4. Sure, officials are held to higher standards than players, but William’s scandalized tone after the game was a joke. I am sure he said and heard worst things than that during that game. And by the way, what did he said to have Ellison talk to him like that? Hello Sir how are you today?

  5. Wouldn’t it be really ironic if in his regular full time job Ellison was an ordained minister?

  6. The NFL should overpay refs and then dock them for bad calls or stuff like this. I would enjoy reading that…and it could potentially bring officials into fantasy football….

  7. Seems a lot of you don’t play organized sports in any fashion. Based on my experience (25+ years) – it’s simple:

    1) The refs are an independent entity. They call the rules, and have no association with you.

    2) They take no garbage. You mouth off to them, you are gone. No “hard decisions”, no questions. They simply toss you.

    3) You should expect they don’t say anything unprofessional to you. Simply call the plays or the penalties without comment.

    This is done from the pee-wees to the pros in any sport I can imagine. So, if the refs get to toss you at a moment, you shouldn’t have to take any insults or statements that aren’t completely clinical.

    This isn’t about bullying or whining or whatever other reason you want to inject, so stop with that strawman (people with an axe to grind) – it’s about maintaining the relationship that allows sports to be played as fairly as possible.

    If you are a coach (or team captain, like in hockey), things above are altered slightly, but that’s about it.

  8. No way you can fire this guy. Are you kidding me? Mike Vick got his job back and he’s a convicted felon. So the league who gives Mike Vick a 2nd chance fires the ref for using foul language when several players and coaches use the same language?

  9. spewing insults and profanity

    Brother can you guys blow something out of proportion. Sounds like you’re describing Torontos mayor or Alec Baldwin.

    Even Trent Williams never made it sound this bad.

  10. This has absolutely nothing to do with NFL players getting offended by a ref using “naughty words” at them.

    It has everything to do with a man who is supposed to uphold the integrity of the game acting unprofessionally towards the players on the field.

    Officials are supposed to be professional and unbiased, and it’s hard to maintain that when they are cursing out players on the field. That alone is why it’s different from players cursing at officials and officials cursing back. Players aren’t expected to make calls.

  11. Not sure that Mike should be telling everyone about previous discussions relating to personnel issues/infractions he was involved with. Rather, he should be making sure that the current NFL Referee Supervisor gets notified about his direction to that same Referee.

  12. Referee is not supposed to care one way or the other (Outside of making the correct call) .

    If somebody crosses the line, they get warned once and then tossed.

  13. Look. If you’re a player and you feel your team may not get a fair shake from the refs then how could it not have a psychological affect on a player. There were several plays like that late hit on RG3 that make you wonder. Or how about the blatant no call pass interference on that deep pass in the 4th qtr to Garçons? The last thing we need is rouge refs. Nobody imaged the NBA was fixed until they caught that ref. Even that bs roughing the passer call on Ahmed Brooks last night. You can’t turn a blind eye and say a player is just whining.

  14. Trent, you may be a tad too sensitive if an official is getting to you more than the notoriously profane Philly crowd…..

  15. 1st of all, this is a non-story. Players spew curses at officials all game, when someone throws f bombs at you all day, it’s only a matter of time before you hurl a few back.

    2nd, Williams better pray this guy is out of the league after this. I’d have no interest in having this guy as my LT the next time Ellison is on the official crew.

  16. Fire Ellison. Send a message. And while you’re at it, write up some of these refs who have been making bad calls. Bad calls are killing the sport. I as a fan have considered not watching the game anymore if it continues. Its unsportsmanlike and ruins the integrity of the game.

  17. Trent Williams once punched an opposing player in the face. Yesterday, a ref called him a “garbage ass, disrespectful motherf—–“. What part of that statement isn’t true?

  18. Boy, you all are a bright bunch. Did it ever occur to you knuckleheads that maybe, just maybe, Trent Williams is concerned about a competitive disadvantage????? I mean, this is pretty freaking obvious isn’t it? Wow.

  19. blackqbwhiterb says: Nov 18, 2013 7:04 PM

    Refs got no business saying anything ever except making a call. Fire him

    Can’t fire him. He’s a Rooney hire.

  20. People keep posting that players use worse language on the field. That may be. But if a player gets in an official’s face and starts calling him a bleeping this or that, he’ll get flagged 15 yards or be ejected.

    The field isn’t boot camp, and the refs aren’t drill sergeants who are allowed to call the players whatever they want while the players have to take it. If the refs want to go toe-to-toe with the players, fine. But let the players talk back to them. I don’t think the NFL wants that kind of chaos on the field, so Ellison either needs to shut up or find a new job.

  21. The problem here is that if an official can make ANY disparaging remarks about and to a player while in-game, then how does one expect that official to be impartial?

    As much as WE ALL complain about bad officiating and “dubious” calls, we should all be pi**ed off. What’s to say that if a ref can name-call and cuss out a player to his face, can he make a bogus call to blow a game for a player he doesn’t like? Can he fix a game to satisfy odds makers? Can he fix a game to generate an outcome that benefits himself monetarily?

  22. If and I say if Gödel has a pair he will suspend Roy . The officiating has become more of the game than the game itself. You find yourself on every play looking for a flag instead of letting the game be played.

  23. I have a problem with the ref doing this. Not because he shouldn’t use foul language on a football field, but because it’s hard to believe he will be impartial when calling the game.

    That’s a serious mind#%$# if you seriously think you are playing the refs as well as the other team.

  24. and that lady’s and gentleman is how you work unbiased, by cussing out someone on a team… if the player cusses at you eject him, stay classy.

  25. As this guys former supervisor should Perriera really be talking to the media about internal discussions regarding his conduct as an employee? I mean, apparently they want the nfl to be like any other workplace. Pretty sure this wouldn’t fly in the trial world so..,

  26. Why are we worried about some cussing underling?

    Ed Hockuli routinely makes up calls that cannot be supported by instant replay.

    He’s the chump who should be unemployed.

  27. I’m confused as to how this is an issue of “sensitivity”. I’m not trying to say who’s right and who’s wrong, or what should be done about it, just that this is not a an issue of the ref being a “big meanie”, it’s an issue of authority figures and potential abuses of power.

    If my daughter came home from school and said “my teacher is mean,” I would treat it very differently than if my daughter came from home from school said “my teacher threatened to fail me because she doesn’t like me.”

  28. There is a reason Pereira is not in officiating anymore. Ever notice when he is asked to comment on a penalty or a challenge, he is always wrong?

    He is obviously using any media opportunity to become more public. Anything to do with officiating, he will speak up about.

  29. It’s not like the guys on the field are talking in the Queen’s English as well, just to be clear here.

     Come on, this is professional football. Are these men or children?

    The wussifacation of America has now reached into NFL locker rooms and onto the NFL field.

    Be a man and ignore the big bad man using naughty words!

     Too many posts with these or similar sentiment and the point is missed.
    If a Ref is swearing at a player in front of his opponent it shows clear bias. So is said biased ref going to call penalties on an even playing field? No, point is this guy shows he shouldn’t be in stripes

    hawkfan72 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 7:09 PM
    Let’s be clear: Williams is just looking for something to complain about after a loss.

    Let’s be clear, Seattle has the worst(least informed, most bandwagon) fan base in football. Save it Paul Silvi.

  30. This referee is a lot like most of you–if he had to deal with these guys man to man, eye to eye on equal ground, he might have a whole lot less to say….

  31. This isn’t about a player needing to “man up.” It’s about officials’ ability to call a game fairly. If this is true and the official has some kind of chip on his shoulder toward certain players, it undermines the faith we put in the officials that they’re being impartial. Their job is to enforce the rules and maintain order on the field. That’s it.

    I can’t believe how many people are missing this very simple point.

  32. I wish I was a Rooney hire!! I was once a ref and when a kid cursed at me I told him to F-off or that I would see him in the morning as I walk out of his mom’s room. Players have no business questioning the refs calls. Refs have a difficult job as it is. Players need to respect Refs as well.

  33. I’m not a Redskins fan by any means. Williams has a point though. Players shouldn’t have to struggle against the zebras IN ADDITION to the opposing team.


  34. Refs are being paid handsomely to officiate…that’s it. That SHOULD be the extent of their involvement in the game. Players get penalized and/or ejected for berating officials. If this a$$ wants to get involved in any other way, take off the ref uni and put on a team uni, then talk all you want…my guess is none of them have the talent to compete in the game, thus the officiating title…and paycheck.

  35. I’m a little surprised to see so many people dismissing this based on the fact that refs should be allowed to speak in a “macho” manner like players.

    This is not about being macho. This is not about PC. This is about the referees maintaining impartiality throughout the game. If you lose that, the whole game is in question.

    People are missing the point.

  36. So the refs are allowed to curse out the players, but if a player curses a ref, there’s a heavy fine? Can’t have it both ways boys.

  37. Why would a guy without a helmet insult a guy with a helmet!!!!!?

    There’s no way an ump is calling players names! They don’t get emotionally involved in the games, they make calls and call penalties!

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