Welker has concussion

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The Patriots replaced receiver Wes Welker with a guy prone to injury.  And so, as Welker prepares to return to New England as a member of the Broncos, he may miss the game due to injury.

According to the Broncos, Welker indeed suffered a concussion during Sunday night’s win over the Chiefs.

Welker suffered a blow to the head early in the fourth quarter.  Somehow, he returned to the game, catching another pass.  He later exited, with the team explaining that he was being evaluated for a concussion.

Now that the concussion is official, Welker won’t be able to practice or play without separate clearances from an independent neurologist.  It’s unknown at this point whether he’ll be cleared to play next Sunday night at New England.

After the Pats chose Danny Amendola over Welker, New England was criticized for picking the younger but more fragile option.  Now, there’s a chance that Welker will miss the game.

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  1. I say shame on the Broncos for running him back out there even if he wanted to some times u need to protect these guys from themselves. The Broncos were in control of that game at the time and the chiefs offense was not comming back. Teams should face some sort of punishment for intentionally placing guys in harm’s way like this. I would say the same thing if the chiefs did it to there is right and wrong.

  2. I hate hearing all of the comments and comparisons about these two guys and their injuries. They both seem like good guys. They both work hard and play fearlessly. I loved having Wes on the Pats. I think Amendola is going to be extremely valuable as well. I hope that they both can get, and remain healthy. That being said…It would be nice for Wes to get next week off.
    Go Pats!

  3. Not sure the Amendola comparison works here with respect to whether or not 83 plays next Sunday. The last paragraph implies the Pats will be vindicated for not re-signing Welker if he misses the game.

    It’s obvious to everyone that the Pats should’ve re-signed Welker irrespective of Danny A and/or if he plays next week or not. The reason they didn’t resign Welker has zero to with Welker or Amendola’s fragility – it was a battle of pride with both Welker and Belichick – with the largest portion of the blame falling on Belichick.

  4. …After the Pats chose Danny Amendola over Welker, New England was criticized for picking the younger but more fragile option. …

    Pats chose Amendola over Welker? The Pats offered Welker $5 million a year for 2 years, the Broncos offered Welker $6 million a year for 2 years. Welker chose the Broncos, and the Pats who were obviously already speaking to Amendola’s agent, signed Amendola.

    Now, would the Pats also have signed Amendola if Welker had accepted their offer, none of us know.

  5. I think the point of comparing him to Amedola is kind of weak. I wouldn’t compare a concussion to all the soft tissue injuries Amednola always suffers from. Concssions aren’t from Welkers body being injury prone…

  6. Ill preface this with this: I am a strong anti-Pats fan and have always rooted for Peyton.

    I think the Broncos are going to get beaten up next Sunday night. Alex Smith racked up some yards on the Broncos and even threw 2 TD’s. The Chiefs D, even though they were scored on, kept the Chiefs in the game. The Pats can be nearly as good as the Chiefs on D and are far better on offense.
    Then you take Welker out and have Manning with an ankle injury and Broncs with less than stellar running game. I have to admit, I see the Pats getting a somewhat easy win next week, surprising some, but not me.

    Also, anyone who really thinks the Panthers have a good shot tonight are fooling themselves. The Panthers D will be exposed and Cam Newton is going to look flustered. I think the Pats are going to destroy the Panthers.

  7. Welker did come back into the game and made a big play. Whatever was wrong with him it was minor. I won’t be surprised if he plays. It would be good for Denver to mess around with Welker on the injury report this week. Try to make the Patriots have doubt they will need to prep for him. It’s Belichick 101.

  8. Wes is a competitor through and through. A chance to play against the Pats? I’m pretty sure he’ll find a way to get into that game, heh.

  9. Welker missed a total of 3 games during his 6 years with the Patriots. Amendola has already missed 4 games in his first year with the Pats. To compare the two is an exercise in stupidity. Welker is tough and durable, Amendola is not.

  10. And Welker has played in 10 games so far this year, with 61 catches and 9 TDs, while Amendola enters tonight’s game with 5 games played and 1 TD. I think the criticism of New England was still justified.

  11. I hope he will be alright. I am sure that most of Patriot Nation also wish him well….but at the same time, hope that he doesn’t play against them

  12. Oh the irony.

    I got to be honest though, I doubt Welker misses this game and I could definitely see Denver going above the concussion protocol and clearing Welker to play even though he hasn’t passed all the tests. After all even after sustaining a concussion Denver’s coaching staff put him back in against the Chiefs. The Patriots won’t be fooled and will fully prepare for him.

  13. He was targeted and took blind side shots, not to stop him from making a play, but to remove him from the game. Now it could be longer, it was obvious the Chiefs were afraid of him.

  14. Not a fan of either team, especially not NE, but I hope he plays next week. Not only would it maximize the competition of the game, but interesting to see how he is received in a place that drove him out. Speedy recovery to Wes.

  15. Hope Wes is okay but, not gonna feel bad for broncos if Welker and Thomas are out. Patriots have delt with as many key injuries this year as anyone.

  16. denbronx says: Nov 18, 2013 1:13 AM

    The Chiefs got exposed.

    Up next to get exposed, New England.

    Welker will play this game. Mark it down…

    So stupid, how did they get “exposed”.
    They lost road game by 10 points.

    Does that mean Indy “exposed” Denver?

  17. packergator says:
    Nov 18, 2013 8:55 AM
    The Broncos lose, or the Patriots lose. A win-win as far as I’m concerned.

    You don’t have to worry about either team until the Superbowl. But then again…looks like you might not even meak the playoff. Why don’t you just worry about the NFC?

  18. Chiefs didn’t get exposed this game could have easily been even closer due to missed opportunitys but a good game by the broncos doing what they do best

  19. therealraider says:
    Nov 18, 2013 12:57 AM
    NoOoOoOo !! .. He is a solid fantasy WR , but I can find his production for a week or two.
    Someone’s in an 8-man league. Why don’t you come play with the big boys in a 14-man league?

  20. The Broncos play a REAL TEAM this week – need to get ready to play a QB that can actually complete a pass more than 10 yards down field.

    C’mon Broncos be ready……..you’re facing a REAL TEAM this week……not a paper tiger like the Chiefs.

  21. Plllleeeease…………

    The Chiefs WERE exposed! What about the missed opportunities of the Broncos defense? So many passes by Smith that should have been picked off.

    Chiefs are done. They don’t have a playmaker at QB and ultimately, that is going to cost them in the end.

  22. Chiefs were EXPOSED this week – everyone has the BLUEPRINT now……

    Single high safety, man to man. Broncos played it until the game got out of hand at 27-10.

  23. The big mistake the Pats made when l0sing the bidding war for Welker was that Amendola could be the replacement for him. With his history of fragility, how it was thought he could survive the short crossing routes in the D land of giants like Welker did is beyond me. Whether you like Welker or not, after seeing what he has been doing, you have to admit he is one tough hombre.

  24. Pats didnt get rid of him. It is very well known that he wanted to get out. You dont sell houses when you want to stay in the city

    randomguy9999 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 10:41 AM
    Welker will play… the Pats really blew it getting rid of him….

  25. Loved Flowers punking Welker all night. Score board shows Denver won, reality shows Chiefs getting better, donkeys declining.

    Better hope Peypey takes them to the SB this year, he’s on borrowed time.

  26. They will be no Mile High Gate next week. So, at least the playing field will be even. You know, when opposing teams experience difficulties with the altitude like the ball floating just a bit and going off the receiver’s finger tips? For decades, we call Denver players and teams great when, really, some of their home wins are just gimmes and they end up with home field advantage in the playoffs. Yay for a week off from Mile High Gate!

  27. I love all the talk of the game could have been closer if it weren’t for missed opportunities. Well Denver had some missed opportunities as well. So the game could have been closer or the Broncos could have blown the Chiefs out!!!

  28. Welker got what was coming to him. You want to be a slot receiver and want to play for a QB who leads you into traffic (reminder: Austin Collie). I knew it was a matter of time before Welker would get rocked. Vereen>Welker

  29. I don’t think the plan was for Amendola to replace Wes, but a combination of Amendola, Edelman, Hernandez and Vereen to replace Welker’s production (and then some). With Gronk being out longer than expected, Amedola and Vereen missing much of the season, and Hernandez being…gone…they had to go with what they had. Was it right at the time? Possibly, but fans preferred to keep Welker. We have heard Bill say before that he prefers to move on a year too early than a year too late, so good for Wes for landing in a great offense again! In hindsight, I’m sure Bill would have kept Welker had he known his other options would have been what they were…

  30. denbronx says: Nov 18, 2013 1:13 AM

    The Chiefs got exposed.

    Up next to get exposed, New England.

    Welker will play this game. Mark it down

    And Manning and the Broncos will get exposed in the playoffs, again.

    Mark it down.

  31. Welker is probably the toughest football player I’ve ever seen. The hits he takes and gets up from are incredible, especially considering his size.

    The Pats didn’t choose Danny A over Welker. Welker made $12M last year under the franchise. His agents wanted $8M per year for 3 years, and the Pats offered $2+. When Welker made it clear he was looking elsewhere, the Pats moved on and signed DA. Welker signed with Denver for slightly more than the Pats offered.

    Welker is in Denver because he, and his agents overestimated his value as a slot receiver, and because the Patriots failed to lock him up before his deal expired.

    I’ll always respect and appreciate the years Welker spent in NE, and wish him well as a player and a person.

  32. aljack88 says: Nov 18, 2013 11:16 AM

    The big mistake the Pats made when l0sing the bidding war for Welker was that Amendola could be the replacement for him.
    There was no bidding war. He signed for less that $3m per year for 2 years.

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