Daopoulos: Official who threw flag has final say over picking it up

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Former NFL official and supervisor of officials Jim Daopoulos, whose on-field career included being on the wrong end of Jerry Glanville’s “Not For Long” rant, joined PFT Live on Tuesday to discuss the most controversial call since the “Fail Mary” that ultimately prompted the end of the officiating lockout in September 2012.

In a wide-ranging discussion that touched on the call itself, whether illegal contact or holding were viable alternatives, the definition of “clearly uncatchable,” and other related topics, Daopoulos addressed the procedure that normally applies when an official throws a flag and then picks it up.

According to Daopoulos, back judge Terrence Miles would have final say over whether the flag he threw would be disregarded.  While, as referee Clete Blakeman told pool reporter Mike Reiss after the game, a collaboration occurred before the interference call was uncalled, Blakeman avoided the question of whether Blakeman imposed his will on Miles.

If they applied the procedure that Daopoulos described as standard, Miles made the decision on his own, after hearing from others who were in position to see whether Gronkowski had a chance to catch the ball that was intercepted by Panthers safety Robert Lester.

For more from Daopoulos, who believes the officials got the call wrong, click the little box in the big box below.

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  1. This game has shown how vague and in need of revising the NFL rule book is. If an uncatchable ball shouldn’t get PI, why do balls thrown 10 yards in the air and out of the back of the endzone get PI calls? Sounds to me like PI is based on the refs opinion rather than a set
    in stone rule. Makes sense when you figure the colts played Denver’s receivers really tough on defense and when KC tried the same thing they got called for holding and PI all day.

  2. I thought Jim had some very good stuff to bring up and made a lot of good points. I wished he would have taken a few things further and really the best way is to break down this play with the video in hand and work your way through it. I have a different interpretation on a few different key moments and I think there really should have been somebody doing more of a technical analysis of this play using video and showing multiple perspectives with the video so that you can see why an idea from one perspective can nullify another.

  3. The only reason you hear so much about the call is because espn is all about the pats and all other media follows espn. Which is sad because espn censors things the way they want it to appear.

  4. The back judge was a little slow getting the flag out, which led to the side judge to be late in assessing if the ball was in the air. Video shows movement limiting contact on Gronk when the ball was in the air a good 5 yards from the guy who picked it. The back judge takes the side judge’s input and picks up the flag. The refs were just a little slow assessing the play – by like 1 second. Can’t fault them that much.

    Crucial call at the most crucial time in the game. But it was just one play. Lots of ‘what ifs’ in this game- Ridley’s fumble, more stupid Mankins penalties, Talib’s making it personal with Smith, incredible play by Cam to turn a 3rd and long sack near the goal line into a 40 yard scramble. It is a tough game to lose but it was a great game to watch.

  5. While I think the play was PI, I can see how the call could be made that it was an uncatchable . What I don’t understand is that at worst there should have been an illegal contact call. Luke was mugging him well beyond the 5 yds supposedly allowed.

    That would have put the ball on the 13 with one play left. Still a long shot, but a shot nonetheless.

    I’m much less upset with the end of the game call than the holding call against McCourty that kept the Panther’s game winning drive alive. After McCourty legally chucked him, it was Olsen to kept running into McCourty. He never made any attempt to disengage. That’s why McCourty held his arms out for most of that play. He knew Olsen was trying to draw the foul. Then to make it worse Olsen obvious flopped at the end. He;ll win no Oscar for that role.

    If the play was called correctly the Panthers would have had to make a 4th and long to win the game.

    Finally to add insult to injury, the refs made a weak holding call one one side and the next drive ignore an obvious holding infraction.

    In the end both were homefield calls that happen in the league. I guess its fair as long as you get your share. Still its hard for fans to take.

    BB has the best attitude. Coaches and players get to make mistakes all the time. The refs opinion is the only one that counts at the moment. No use whining about it. It isn’t going to change anything. They aren’t going to change the score

  6. Well I can honestly say and I never thought I would it looks like the Pats kinda got boned again and I kinda feel bad. I mean the call with the field goal gets called all the time now right??…..right?? Oh no it doesn’t? Hmmm well I’m sure this isn’t a case of the league promoting who they want to win. Seems weird look at all the shady calls and tell me who benefited from them. I’m not gonna say it but do a google search on crappy calls that help turn or save a game and you will find one constant on each team that benefited. I’m not kidding I found like 9 lol

  7. I love jerry glanville (oilers/titans fan), and i always get a laugh when i see that clip…”YOU KNOW WHAT THE NFL STANDS FOR?!…NOT FOR LONG WHEN YOU MAKE THOSE KIND OF CALLS!

  8. There’s a simple solution! Have all controversial calls reviewed.

    In this case it would have shown to be a penalty because the ball was in the air before contact was made.

  9. Okay…if we can agree that the ball wasn’t catchable, thus taking Pass Interference out of the equation…how was illegal contact or defensive holding not called?

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to watch that and see that “something” was going on there.

    (…and no, I am not a Pats fan, in fact just the opposite….I like the Panthers better.)

  10. It’s over and down with. I think the Patriots got “hosed” but so have a lot of other teams this year. After watching the Rams play Carolina, I’ve become convinced the Panthers are the dirtiest team in the NFL.

  11. This guy is an idiot. He knows holding is not an option after the ball is released, he knows the ball was already released, he still wants holding to be called. He says that he’s interfered with, that’s automatically DPI, but then he concedes that uncatchability is an exception, that DPI isn’t automatic. This is a rules expert? He’s a moron. How can I think any information he is providing is correct?

  12. I thought the PI call that went for the pats where Dobson was the intended receiver was an uncatchable ball considering it was way over his head along the sideline. The gronk pass was more catchable then the other. Unless the ball is clearly way over a receivers head, I think it is difficult to say what is uncatchable. André Johnson made some catches in the past few games that could have been deemed uncatchable, but he caught them. Same thing with Bowe who twisted around to catch a ball as he was diving in the Sunday night game. I think gronk could have made a play on that ball if the defender was not mugging him.

    I think it was a cop out by the refs to say it was uncatchable. There should have been a penalty called on that play whether it was PI, holding or illegal contact. It sounds like the officials do not want to admit they made a mistake.

  13. titans12thman says:
    Nov 20, 2013 1:50 AM
    I love jerry glanville (oilers/titans fan), and i always get a laugh when i see that clip…”YOU KNOW WHAT THE NFL STANDS FOR?!…NOT FOR LONG WHEN YOU MAKE THOSE KIND OF CALLS!
    My favorite Glanville rant actually came when he left coaching and became a broadcaster. He was the color guy for the 5th game of the Panthers first season (1995) at Chicago. With 2 minutes left, Carolina ran a punt back for a TD to take the lead. The punt was terrible, and Glanville was beside himself. “Look at this,” he growled. “The punt never got more than 10 feet off the ground, easy for the returner to get a running start. When I was coaching, if the punter only kicks it 10 feet in the air, we’re gonna punch the punter in the mouth.” The Bears would take the ball and win the game at the end, but the loss was easier to swallow by re-playing Glaville’s rant over and over. A lot of people hated him, but I loved him. Never at a loss for words.

  14. The defensive player did not turn back to play the ball and instead (first) pushed, (second) grabbed with a bear hug, and (third) moved the player out of an opportunity to make a play on a catchable ball (its Gronkowski, a guy who makes such plays all of the time). Just get the video and break it down frame by frame and there is no excuse for picking up that flag.

  15. The only good thing to come out of his game is the pats loss the game, who cares if the officials screw up, teams lose all the time with calls that don’t go there way, people make mistakes, I’m glad they loss. Bill

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