Jake Locker bothered by injury-prone label


Jake Locker will have surgery on Wednesday to repair the Lisfranc injury in his right foot that caused the Titans to place him on injured reserve and end his season.

As a result of that move, Locker will end the year having started just 18 of 32 games over the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Injuries to his foot, hip and shoulder have kept Locker out of the lineup almost half the time, leading some to slap an injury-prone label on him. It’s not a label that Locker accepts.

“It does bother me,” Locker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I feel like I have always done everything in the offseason, and put in the preparation to be as healthy and as strong as possible to prevent things from happening. And I’ve just had some freak deals that have unfortunately been major injuries for me.”

There’s nothing about any of the injuries that Locker has suffered that suggests his offseason work has been lacking or leaving him at increased risk of injury. That said, it’s hard to argue you haven’t been prone to injury, for whatever reason, when you’ve missed as much time as Locker’s missed the last two years.

Those absences will make it hard for the Titans to avoid looking for other quarterback options this offseason because it is hard to build around a player who is only in the lineup half the time.

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  1. Has a player ever acknowledged they’re injury-prone? MOST injuries, even in football, are “freak deals”.

  2. It is what it is.

    Locker is injury prone. There is no getting around it. You can’t sugar coat it. You can’t hide it.

    If you can’t play because you keep getting hurt, you are just not durable enough to play in the NFL.

    Accept it or not, Locker’s time as an NFL QB is short. He is merely following Kevin Kolb’s career arc right now.

  3. What’s that saying? “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”
    Locker has only played in 56% of Titans games over the past two seasons.

  4. Noone’s questioning Jake Locker’s heart or his toughness in the sense of risking “life and limb” for his team. He also plays through pain–like he did last season when his left should popped out several times.

    However, unlike the Titans’ most revered quarterback, Steve McNair, Jake’s injuries have been severe enough that they’ve caused him to miss almost half his games so far. In truth, McNair was more “injury prone” than Locker has been. Steve repeatedly played after missing an entire week’s practice, but most of McNair’s injuries weren’t broken bones, tendons, or cartilage like Jake’s have been.

  5. I love jake under center when he is healthy. I bet if he had the experience of the other games he missed over the past couple years, our coaches job would be a lot safer. He studies and prepares like manning and brady and has a great attitude. Everything you want qb to do he does, except staying healthy. I love my team, i dont know if i could handle another injury and mediocre season without shooting my big screen

  6. Dude is not the face of the Franchise. Time to start looking for a new QB. To bad VY went all crazy, he’s looking like the best QB they’ve had since McNair…RIP.

  7. The Titans HAVE to pick another QB in the draft. They would be FOOLS not too.

    Just don’t pick “Johnny Football”, we tried that experiment with VY and we’re still paying for it.

    OH, and we need a RB too. One that, you know, actually….RUNS.

  8. Stick with Locker would be the best choice. The guy is a gamer, has quickly improved his game (accuracy and defense read), is well liked by team mates and is a great leader.

    His only fault seems to be giving 150% instead of 110%. Both his shoulder and now his foot come from trying to do too much. His hip injury was obviously a freak deal. Have you even heard of two out of his three injuries? Both the hip and foot freakish deals.

    Stick with him or live to regret it in the final two minutes.

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