Jerry Jones says Miles Austin is ready to return


Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul predicts that blood will be spilled when his team meets the Cowboys in Week 12 and it looks like Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin will be available to take part in the sanguinary proceedings.

During an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, via Calvin Watkins of, that Austin is ready to play for the first time since an October 20 victory over the Eagles. Austin had no catches in that game and he had none the previous week as he struggled to play through the hamstring injury that sidelined him for two games early in the year and has kept him out of the last three contests as well.

Jones addressed concerns that the Cowboys would bring Austin back to soon by saying that the team felt Austin could have played two weeks ago. They took a more conservative approach in order to avoid any more setbacks, though, and Jones feels that the time to let Austin loose has come.

Terrance Williams has five catches the last three games, which isn’t as much as you’d like to see when defenses are selling out to stop Dez Bryant on the other side of the field. A healthy Austin should make more of an impact than that, which would leave defenses with difficult choices to make when it comes to guarding everyone on the Dallas side of the ball.

12 responses to “Jerry Jones says Miles Austin is ready to return

  1. Who cares. Terrance Williams is playing as well as you ever did and he’s a rookie. Dallas would be wise to rid themselves of this overrrated, overpaid, injury prone one-hit wonder chump as soon as they can.

  2. Yeah right. Austin is simple a man that cannot stay healthy. Week in, week out, he is constantly nursing his hamstring(s). It gets old.

    A few years ago he has a breakout year and everyone thinks he’s the second coming, along with Jerry signing him to a boatload of money, since then, he hasn’t amounted to be anything. I cannot stand him to be completely honest.

  3. Let’s go miles.. Now or never boy! Americas team is still behind you until the day you leave. let’s go cowboys!! True blue ready to smash baby blue. Can cowboys fans say sweep?!!! Go ahead say it. Forget these irrelevant bums and their fans. You know how they do. They don’t even know who they played two Weeks ago without looking. Its cowboys week for them. now they pay attention. We love attention. We’ll make you pay for yours. Ain’t no amukamara in our locker room chump.

  4. I’m gonna laugh at all of u posters when we go past 8 wins and I guarantee that none of u will come out of the wood works when it happens! GO COWBOYS and cue the thumbs down!

  5. I’d like to know what these coaches are saving these guys for. The average NFL career is about 4 years – it makes no sense to lose a game while you are hoping they don’t have a setback. Use them while you have them.

    Someday never comes.

  6. Dear Jerry Jones,

    Hire a real GM and go sit the owners box and watch the game like a normal owner.

    Go Pats

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