PFT Live: Jairus Byrd, officiating analyst Jim Daopoulos

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The Bills got an interception from safety Jairus Byrd in last Sunday’s 37-14 victory over the Jets, making it a happy day in a season that hasn’t seen many in the relationship between team and player.

Byrd reported to the team late in August after failing to get the long-term deal he wanted after getting franchise tagged and then missed the first five games of the season with a foot injury. There was trade talk right up until the deadline and it has generally seemed like an uncomfortable year all around, something we’ll talk about with Byrd when he joins Mike Florio on Tuesday’s edition of PFT Live.

Monday night’s Patriots loss ended with the officials picking up a flag that had been thrown on Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly for pass interference in the end zone because they ruled it an uncatchable, touching off a lot of discussion about whether or not it was the right call. Officiating analyst Jim Daopoulos will share his thoughts on that call (and other controversial ones from the weekend) with Florio on Tuesday.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

6 responses to “PFT Live: Jairus Byrd, officiating analyst Jim Daopoulos

  1. Why get an anylyst to say it’s a good call? all Pats fans are more knowelegable than all the refs and analyst anyways right? what a joke. Of course they got it right! Pats fans talking about * lolololololol REALLY? *’s hahahahahha Get over your butthurt team, they suck, and their going to have to put up more than 20 points against my broncos this sunday.

    Go Broncos !!!

  2. Pass interference is sometimes called, and the ball
    is thrown to the other side of the field?

    Like the “through the process” of a catch. Sometimes
    they call it, others times the ball pops right out, and
    it is still a completion?

    The only thing more frustrating than being an NFL ref? Being an NFL fan…

  3. It was a bad no call period. At the very least, it was illegal contact after 5 yards, holding and pass interference. I don’t have a skin in this game. I couldn’t care less about either of these two teams but the non call was horrible. Why can’t they just say that the wrong call was made by picking up the flag and move on.

  4. why does the link i click on here always take me to outdated videos of teams that no one cares about??

    get that straightened out so i can zone off during meetings more effectively.

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