Reggie Bush thinks he’s a mudder

Getty Images

On Monday, Lions coach Jim Schwartz said a fumble wasn’t the reason why he decided to cut running back Reggie Bush’s playing time against the Steelers on a wet day in Pittsburgh.

“Reggie in horse racing wouldn’t be called a mudder. He’s an explosively quick guy. He’s better on a fast track,” Schwartz said.

Bush took issue with that assessment on Tuesday. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it by explaining that his father was a mudder and his mother was a mudder.

“I think the opposite,” Bush said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Bush explained he thought wet conditions can help knock defenses off balance, although the same seemed to be true of Bush when he fell a couple of times during the game. Bush may have to wait a while for another chance to prove his bona fides in the slop since the Lions play outdoors just once for the rest of the regular season, but he’ll have plenty of chances to prove Schwartz right about his ability in more pleasant conditions.