Report: Dolphins ask to delay Incognito grievance hearing


Members of the Dolphins organization have started meeting with independent investigator Ted Wells as Wells tries to sort out what happened with Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and others.

According to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Dolphins would like to hold off on Incognito’s grievance hearing until they’re done working with Wells. Mortensen reports that the team has requested a delay of the hearing, which was expedited and is currently scheduled for Thursday.

Incognito was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, but is reportedly arguing that Martin and his attorney David Cornwell have engaged in the only conduct that’s been detrimental to the Dolphins. Incognito will be represented by his own outside counsel at the hearing, but the NFLPA will also have a presence at the hearing after filing the grievance on Incognito’s behalf.

Unless there’s a ruling that speeds up the timeline, the Dolphins have until December 2 to return Incognito to the active roster or cut him from the team altogether.

14 responses to “Report: Dolphins ask to delay Incognito grievance hearing

  1. Isn’t it great that the Dolphins are trying to call the shots on this “independent” investigation? What a dog and pony show this NFL sponsored charade has become.

  2. incognito is done.

    incognito should try to pay off the NFL (like he did the volunteer at the golf course who he assaulted with the golf club).

    The NFL needs to wash their hands of guys like incognito.

  3. If the hearing is delayed, Incognito should receive his game check from here on out until hearing is conducted. The Dolphins have no reason to delay the hearing other than they have no basis to suspend Incognito.

  4. My only gripe against the Fins handeling of Incognito is they suspended him without pay. They have essentially deemed him at fault without hearing all the facts. For that reason, and that reason alone, Incognito has a case i.e Dwayne Bowe.

  5. FREE INCOGNITO!!! Then suspend Martin for conduct detriMENTAL to the team. There has never been any conduct more detriMENTAL to a team in the history of the Dolphins. No, not even Ricky.

  6. As a Dolphin fan going back to the start I think this is the worst ownership we have had. The guy has no clue about running a Pro Football team, he should clean house on the management team and bring in new blood. To cut Richie with no pay is low class, they have no clue, Martin is gaming them like a pro. Did I say they have no clue. Bill

  7. Richie is probably trying to force their hand. He knows he won’t go back to the Fins, and he probably doesn’t want to at this point. He wants them to fork over his last couple game checks and cut him. He’s hoping to go to a playoff team – either by waiver claim or passing through and signing a new deal.

  8. The Dolphins should spend more time playing football instead of at his childish drama. One does not win football games and make the playoffs on petty drama. Suspending Incognito without pay before the investigation is wrong also. Even the Constitution says a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

  9. Incognito will end up on a top team and could get a super bowl ring out of this mess this year.

    Martin will get a big settlement.

    Everyone on the management staff of the dolphins, starting with the GM, will lose their jobs.

    The Dolphins will have to rebuild again from the ground up and be a terrible team for the next 3-4 years.

    Stephen Ross, you should have cleaned house years ago, how stupid can you be?

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