Report: Rib injury kept Tarell Brown in New Orleans overnight

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The 49ers left New Orleans without a victory and reportedly without cornerback Tarell Brown as well.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Brown spent Sunday night in New Orleans as a precautionary measure after suffering a rib injury during the game. Brown, was injured near the end of the first half and did not return, flew back to San Francisco on Monday.

Brown is believed to have cracked ribs, but a specific diagnosis of the injury isn’t known. Per Rapoport, Brown’s likely to miss time as a result of the injury. It’s bad timing for a player who can become a free agent after the season and who lost out on $2 million during the offseason because of the bad advice of his former agent.

The 49ers will turn to Tramaine Brock and Eric Wright alongside Carlos Rogers if Brown does end up out of the lineup. Brock has played well as the third cornerback this season, but Wright has only recently started playing after a long spell on the non-football injury list.

9 responses to “Report: Rib injury kept Tarell Brown in New Orleans overnight

  1. Of course the blatant knee to his back (with intent to injure) was completely ignored by officials! I’m starting to agree more and more with logicalvoicesays… NATIONAL FIXED LEAGUE

  2. mrlaloosh says:Nov 19, 2013 4:16 PM

    The loud whining coming from the Bay Area is getting annoying.
    You stole a Super Bowl berth from the Falcons last year because of a blatant no call on who, Ahmad Brooks. Karma losers, karma.
    Please quit whining. Wusses.

    You mean Bowman right? Fact check please.

  3. sbc85 says: Nov 19, 2013 4:09 PM

    God the whining never ends.

    Wow, I just confirmed what you said, and my comment got deleted…no cuss words, or vulgarity involved….just facts….3 yrs ago, nobody around here cared about the 9ers, now people would have you believe that the 15 yrs prior never happend…..truth hurts mods.

  4. that EXTREMELY LATE shot by collins to t brown’s back is the play we are talking about.

    Which of course was ignored by the refs, the officials and even the media while bringing up the injury doesn’t talk about the unnecessary roughness that should have pushed the saints away from the goalline.

  5. bowman against falcons- 5 yard bump on the dot.

    jimmy smith 6-8 yard “bump”

    luke keuchly 30 yard “bump”

    not sure where complaining about the niners/ falcons game is justified. compare it to other game deciding “defensive plays.”

  6. also bowman played the ball once it arrived.

    keuchly and jimmy smith (in the SB) never played the ball; only played the man, and made contact during the pass.

  7. niner fans would probably be calling foul a little less after this game if roughness was called when Kap got sacked by his neck, or when Collins kneed Brown a bleeping lifetime after the play.

  8. Yeah niners…..the NFL and the entire world are against you…truth is your team is not relevant enough for that kind of attention Seahawks are the class of that division, you guys are tied with Carson palmers cardinals for gods sake.

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