Saints place Jabari Greer on injured reserve

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The Saints weren’t lying when they said cornerback Jabari Greer had a “significant” injury.

The Saints announced that Greer was placed on season-ending injured reserve today, and was replaced on the roster by defensive back Trevin Wade.

Wade was drafted in the seventh round of the 2012 draft by the Cardinals, and played 13 games with the Browns last year.

Greer went down during Sunday’s win over the 49ers and was carted off, and it was clear he wasn’t well from the initial reaction.

Losing a starting corner is a tough blow for a defense that was playing well beyond expectations. Corey White is expected to slide into the starting lineup, pushing the depth of a group that wasn’t deep to begin with.

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  1. Wow, 49ers fans are bad when they win and pretty much insufferable when they lose. How do Seahawks fans deal with this all season? Godspeed.

  2. Niners are a dirty team to play. They almost always injure a player on the opposing team…or get fined for illegal hits, then explain it away claiming not to know the rules like Harbaugh claims. If he doesn’t know the rules (he does, btw), then how do you expect his collection of reckless felons and alcoholic, drug users to know the rules themselves? They’re just a classless, whiny, self-absorbed organization.

  3. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 19, 2013 4:23 PM
    Karma for bountygate.

    This proves that the Seahawks & Saints are the most classless franchises and both cheat


    Karma doesn’t exist, and if it did, Jabari Greer is one of the most classy people in the league. It wouldn’t be going after him.

  4. Remember that nothing lasts forever. There’s gonna be a team that beats the Seahawks in Seattle and it might quite possibly come in 2 weeks. Don’t expect to come out of that game with a “W” if y’all play like you did against Tampa.

  5. Again, the hilarious bountygate references. How soon we forget how many other teams admitted to bounties, intent to injure, etc. And let’s be clear, Brooks was trying to hurt Brees on Sunday. He had several options for how to sack him and several to cause a fumble. And he chose one of the most likely to injure.

    Losing Greer is a big blow that may haunt the Saints in the playoffs. As both the Niners and the Broncos both know from their painful playoff failures last year, flawed secondaries get exposed in the playoffs. Greer isn’t what he once was, but he was still a good corner.

  6. .

    Bountygate? For AFC followers that story was the non starter of the decade. Didn’t that happen years ago? Only people interested are vikings fans whose season ended in September.


  7. This is the second corner the Saints have lost. They lost Patrick Robinson for the year early on. So thats our 1st and 3rd down.
    But I wouldnt say the Saints arent deep in the secondary. Corey White has played well all year. Chris Carr has made plays in a limited role.
    And what they’re neglecting is that the Saints are stacked four deep at safety and both Malcom Jenkins and Kenny Vacaro regularly play nickel. So They really need 3 capable corners 3 of their safeties to get by in the secondary.
    The Saints defense is not about to fall off.

  8. Seahawks may blowout both Saints and Niners… We just got back 3/5th of our line and a #1 WR…. (Btw…We still won all those games with many backups though)

  9. Sorry to hear your guy is out…

    Who is going to cover Percy Harvin? If you’all have to double team him it’s going to be a rough game in the CLink. Force Multiplier.

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