Santana Moss takes exception to Griffin’s failure to take blame

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Monday night’s game wasn’t the only Week 11 contest that ended with a play from the 18 yard line.  And an equally potent controversy could emerge from it, albeit belatedly.

Lost in the not-so-subtle shots fired by Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III at the coaching staff after the 24-16 loss to Philly was an effort by Griffin to lay some blame for the failed final play to his teammates.

“We had a certain concept with running and nobody got open so I was backing up, and in the situation where you get a sack there, it ends the game,” Griffin said of the final effort to score a touchdown that, with a two-point conversion, would have forced overtime.  “I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone.  It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.”

On Tuesday, receiver Santana Moss took exception to Griffin’s remarks.

“As a leader, you understand that if you’re involved in the situation, whether you’re the receiver, the quarterback, the guys making the tackle, whoever.  Regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say me or I,” Moss told LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan in D.C.

“If we’re going to win games, we need to win games with our guy saying, ‘At the end of the day, I didn’t make a play,’ regardless of if it wasn’t him.  And that’s how I feel.  Because that’s what we’re out there to do.  I’m not sitting here to tell you why it didn’t happen, or who didn’t make the play for me to make a play.  If I’m the guy, that’s at the end of the day have the ball in my hand, and we’re sitting there and the game is over because of me, I didn’t do enough to make the play. I didn’t do enough to help us win.  And that’s what I would do.”

The issue dusts of the pre-draft concerns about former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who drew criticism during a film session with Jon Gruden by blaming the receiver for an interception.

But Moss didn’t hesitate to indirectly criticize the team’s P.R. staff for failing to help players understand the subtle implications of their public words.  (In their defense, the team’s P.R. staff has been very busy mishandling the team’s ongoing name controversy.)

“[There] should be someone who’s doing whatever they’re doing for us, when it comes down to us doing these interviews, needs to step up and talk to the guys that’s doing these interviews, to know what to say and when to say it,” Moss said.  “Because I don’t feel like it’s being said enough, and it’s getting tiring.”

Moss then made his point, respectfully but clearly.

“I don’t need to be going back and forth in the media about who didn’t do this and who didn’t do what,” Moss said.  “At the end of the day, I was seen with the ball in my hand last, as a quarterback I’m saying, and if it didn’t get done then I’m going to let you know it was me.  Whether it was me or not.  It was me.  And I’m going to get better.  And we’re going to get better together.”

That’s possibly the best advice anyone could give Griffin.  Let’s see moving forward if he takes it to heart.

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  1. Kind of surprised that Moss is airing this out publicly, but he’s absolutely right in what he’s saying. A leader doesn’t pass the buck.

  2. It’s ok RG3. Not everyone is a great QB like Tony Romo. When the team responds, any other QB wins but when that same team doesn’t respond, the QB crumbles. This is not the case with Tony Romo. When the team responds, Tony Romo is clutch but when that same team doesn’t respond, Tony Romo MOST of the time is still clutch and finds a way to win. That wasn’t the case against the Saints because Dallas was 95% hurt. We will get our revenge in the play-offs on our way to win our 6th Superbowl. Pave the way people for Jerry Jones and America’s team. #DallasCowboyswillwintheeastandsuperbowl

  3. Just gained even more respect for Santana Moss after reading this. Finally someone on the skins who has the guts to call out king griffin.

  4. Santana Moss is 100 % correct. Brady, Manning, Bree’s all take so much credit when they get the wins.

    As good leaders that know how to win and get others to follow they take the heat for team. Its part of being the alpha, its why they get to eat first.

    RG3 has had multiple passive aggressive remarks whenever people are looking at him in a negative light. Its just bad leadership from a young guy who showed so much promise of it in his first year.

  5. Santana Moss takes exception to Griffin’s failure to take blame.
    Football fans take exception to the Redskins failures . . . in so many ways.

    Redskins . . building a Rams-Dynasty since 2012

  6. Santana is right (although he himself should step up and take blame for dropping a LOT of passes this season). I like Robert and think he’s a good kid. But he needs to learn how to be a better leader. Being a leader isn’t just about working hard and talking a lot. Leaders make mistakes just like everybody else. And when they step up and take personal responsibility for their flaws, they earn respect and solidify their position as leaders. When they refuse to do this, it chips away at their effectiveness as leaders and causes people to lose respect for them.

    Robert, you had a great first year but you have a LOT of growing and learning to do in order to become a great and consistently reliable NFL quarterback. It’s okay – in fact, it’s perfectly natural … You’re only 23 and in your second year. But you need to do more introspection, even more work, do less talking and less celebrity hype. THEN you’ll be able to be as great as we know you can be.

  7. Bob is a gutless, overhyped chump who cant take the heat. I’m glad to see him get called on it.

  8. “That’s possibly the best advice anyone could give Griffin. Let’s see moving forward if he takes it to heart.”
    No, actually the best advice was offered before the season began by someone who had been there, but RG3 didn’t wanna listen. Donovan McNabb tried to tell him, but he was attacked by all you great fans because a black dared to lend his advice to a young fool, who thought they “loved him, they really loved him”.

    Turns out, that had he taken the chance to give McNabb the time of day, maybe he would have learned something. Instead he fell in love with his own voice and image. Reality is sobering as a mofo.

  9. Just hope by the time he was done with his Preamble-Ramble…that most listeners hadn’t changed stations, or most readers clicked forward.

  10. I like this story because there is a Jimmy Clausen reference… And even better because its in reference to RG3…. Hate be a troll but somebody needs to say it… Cam is and always will be better

  11. I’m an Eagles fan BUT I don’t care this man is a leader. RG3 would be wise to follow him like a puppy and learn how to be great not just playing the game but as a leader in the locker room and on the field. RG3 is selfish and needs to mature a bit yet… I honestly cannot say his knee is going to hold up and his career is going to be long and great but we will see. He had a ton of promise in the beginning but this year you can tell his mechanics are off and he’s scared to run. He needs an off season to re-group and get it together but if he does and that knee does hold him he could be amazing.

    On the other hand looking at the Eagles… Michael Vick didn’t win the battle in camp he simply was the best man fit to run the system chip kelly wanted to implement. Now look what Nick Foles is doing…. Just saying don’t forget about Kirk Cousins because he looks really good. It may be wise to sit RG3 and see how Kirk can run the offense. You may be pleasantly surprised…..

  12. I wish Ben could be more like RGIII and throw everyone of his linemen under the bus but damn him, he never blames his teammates and always says that he should have played better.

  13. A . Luck and R. Wilson are looking better in every way a QB possibly can, physically, emotionally and in any way related to leadership capacity . This guy has been insufferable since his injury, and that STUPID Nike campaign. His HC has capitulated to him since the criticism began regarding pulling him or not last year. It’s time coach S. takes control of his diva AND his team, though it appears as it is too late. ” Calling coach Cower and/or Gruden.”

  14. Can we finally put to bed the RG3 v Luck debate now? If you bought the rookie season hype that was manufactured by ESPN, it’s ok to admit you were wrong. I feel sad for the Redskins fans that the Skins gave up about 14 future 1st round draft picks to pick up RG3. I hope he learns from this…Bob blames his receivers for bad play, Luck blames himself. That’s the difference, and why Luck will be the face of the NFL in five years when Brady and Manning are retired.

  15. “RGMe” just doesnt have what it takes to make it in this league. He continues to throw future money out the window by saying the things he does. What GM would want this guy when all he does is blame others? And how long has been in the league? This is his 2nd year and he’s already got a bad reputation? Thats pathetic.

  16. All those first round picks.. This team could be bad for a long time. I see a Lion-like (Millen era) stretch in their future

  17. As a Cowboys fan I would much rather face an RG3 that is worried about his health and not running more than I would like to face Cousins who can actually throw accurately.

  18. I take exception to the fact that apparently Santana Moss refuses to return punts despite the fact that he is the only competent punt returner on the team. At least that’s what I hear on the radio. And considering the fact Moss has not lined up as a punt returner in weeks there appears to be some merit in this rumor.

    Moss makes sense, but it would be nice to see Moss focus more on catching balls that hit him in the hands, contribute where he is needed most returning punts, and do his talking on the football field instead of running his mouth to those tools on 106.7.

  19. Whereas that last play was RG3’s fault for sure, why must a player take responsibility if he is a leader even if its NOT their fault they lost. Why can’t a guy be honest and say this guy dropped that ball and this guy fumbled etc? Same goes to coaches. Everyone always has to “say the right thing” and quite honestly, it makes following the reporting of sports to be boring and a waste of time. I just want people to tell it how it is.

  20. Nothing but respect for Moss for speaking the absolute truth, The word is called accountability.

  21. logicalvoice…please make sense of all this chaos
    tell us how your team is going to the Superbowl
    tell us how your team does not SUCK…

  22. Only two people on the planet believe RG-Me is God given perfection, RG-Me and his apologist logicalvoicesays.

  23. But according to logical it’s everyone else fault but the skins. Too many weak positions, poor coaching, cap penalties and a mortgaged future of picks for one who doesn’t look like he’s worth close to what was given up, and that one likely stings the most.
    And if you think for one second the league has it out for your team or they don’t want to see success from one of their poster boys, well your even more illogical then we all thought.

  24. True dat, Santana. If you are the qb, and the media asks what happened there, particularly when you did actually make a dumb play, its your fault or you’re a chump.

    We see what you’ve got there with that guy.

  25. I doubt Griffin was trying to throw his receivers under the bus but it certainly was a poor choice of words. Throw the damn ball away man!

  26. Couldn’t agree more with Moss. But he should have sat down with RG3 in private to tell him this, that’s what a real mature veteran would have done. Santana comes off as somewhat hypocritical here despite the valid points he makes. Nevertheless, hopefully RG3 learns a lesson here and exhibits a little more accountability and true leadership.

  27. Bob Griffin — already one of my least favorite NFL players. Someone needs to muzzle him for a good five years.

  28. “I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone. It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.”

    In that statement it sounds like he’s blaming the ball for not “executing his throw properly”. Like it was the ball and not his throw that was bad.

    Bad ball. Bad bad ball. Do what I tell you next time this is all your fault !!!

    Every time RGMe opens his mouth I am less impressed with him.

  29. Suffice to say the football situation in Washington is a hot mess, too. The Shanahan-Griffin courtship is on the rocks. More drama to come in the offseason.

  30. Ouch, rg3 is very quickly becoming a whiner and a malcontent. I didn’t see that when they drafted him. As an eagles fan he reminds me a whole lot of Donavan Mcnabb with the blaming of everyone else for his mistakes and the questioning of the coaching staff. The only difference is that Mcnabb had a few championship games and a whole lot of wins under his belt long before he started his crap. This dude is doing it right from jump street. Not a good sign for skins fans. But I love it.

  31. The Redskins are a joke, Shannahan sucks, both of em and RG3 is just plain incompetent. He doesn’t know how to win on his own.The Redskins will never win a super bowl with him. He(RG3) wants all the glory but none of the blame…Just like his coach…I don’t know how this can last much longer. The National media makes it seem like the Redskins(Sorry white people) are a championship caliber team.

  32. Such a pointless exercise.. You want him to take blame even if the blame isn’t his? You can praise a guy for taking responsibility, but I don’t think we should ridicule him for not taking blame. RGIII doesn’t exactly have a history of selfish behavior or anything.

  33. Santana Moss is like I’m too damn old for this Lavar!The kids a punk and his wife looks like Madonna on crack after a highway gangbang by Dirty Mike and The Boys.

  34. Tell you what, I love RG3 and the Skins but it’s not the Shanahan’s fault Robert overthrew a wide open Logan Paulsen for a sure big gainer/most likely touchdown. It wasn’t the wr’s fault Robert missed big passes all day long (mostly overthrown or high) when the wr’s did their jobs and got open. RG3 needs to blame himself, not anyone else. I notice after he overthrows a receiver he acts all mad like the wr ran the wrong route, no… put the ball on them and the Skins probaly win that game. Alfred Morris was brilliant as usual, but some of RG3’s passes have been off target all year long, throws he made all last year. The Skins would be fine if Robert was as accurate at he was last year. The D has even improved some but still has alot of work to do. Love you Griff but please take some blame and work on your mechanics and getting your timing and accuracy back.

  35. As a 7th generation Washingtonian, my family has seen a the highs and the lows. I remember watching our last Super Bowl, cheering with my Grandfather and then cursing the team years later from my couch… Unfortunately, the last decade has been an unprecedented and magnificent joke. Props go to the veteran Santana for speaking the truth. Maybe Bob should focus less on Subway commercials and comeback specials, and a little more on football and leadership. Someone holler at me when Snyder sells the team.

  36. There are many individuals in the Skins organization that are not taking responsibility for their actions from the coaching staff to players. Everyone seems to be pointing the finger whether it’s the salary caps fault or Receivers not running the correct routes Bottom line is handle your team as a team and quit pointing fingers

  37. Who does RG3 think he is, Peyton Manning?

    “I’m trying to be a good teammate here, let’s just say there were some issues with protection”

  38. Robert Griffin the Turd’s documentary about his epic fall from stardom is coming to ESPN’s 30 for 30 series in less than two years from now.

  39. Well he is right, I wonder if he had this conversation with Griffin, or if he just said all that to the media… This message, if given and received properly, can help the young qb…..or it can be the beginning of a mess.

  40. Sounds like a very pragmatic, even logical, response to a qb in free fall that doesn’t know it yet.

  41. If he wants to blame the coaching staff and other players without taking the blame for it, he should’ve taken the meeting with McNabb.

  42. RG Knee has gotten a free pass from the media. He is a selfish player and is not called out the way other QBs are

  43. Guess what Bob, a pick ends the game too, which if memory serves me correctly is exactly what happened.

    Enjoy that high first round draft pick this year.
    …….Oh wait!!!

  44. Griffin made a poor pass/decision. He did not take the blame I agree. If he threw an incomplete pass he would have had a chance at 4th and 1. He blew it. One, the elite qb’s (you know who I mean) probably don’t make that throw and two, I believe they would accept responsibility openly, not in Griffin-esque style. He still has plenty to learn, he is young and will mature in time.

  45. I am a Redskins fan and I do notice, as well, that RGIII seems to divert a lot of the blame off him. I don’t think it is malicious, I just think the guy is honest and has no filter. This doesn’t make him a great leader, but if you’re watching a lot of Redskins games you will see that the receivers aren’t getting open beyond Jordan Reed or Pierre Garcon. And then, when they do get open, they have a propensity to drop the ball.

    However, I find it difficult to say the guy takes no blame when he says the following:

    “I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone. It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.”

    Kinda sounds like he took some blame. If people aren’t open, they aren’t open. Does he miss open receivers? Sure. Everyone does. The guy basically said he effed up the throw trying not to take a sack and it got picked. There is some culpability here.

  46. Funny, for RGIII to have spurned McNabb he sure seems to have picked up his worse habits! The difference is McNabb won some games including playoffs before acting crazy! Maybe he should have met with him! Enjoy your franchise! HTTR-BWAHAHA!!

  47. I don’t agree, as a skins fan Im so sick of shanny and his BS news conferences, the team obviously has coaching issues and he will NEVER take any responsibility, or his son

  48. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. Alfred Morris was and is the star of that team. He leads with tremendous effort in every game.
    Why Washington is so enamored with Bob is beyond me. Alfred is the man.

  49. Tired of guys who want to be the HERO and are fine with it all being about THEM…like they are superhuman….but then when they lose – it’s the coaches or the team…not them.

    So what are you saying?…..

    That you really are NOT that good? Because if you truly were the super hero – you would have put it on your back and won anyway…but you didn’t do that – did you?

    So what does that mean? I guess it means you are just ok…but not dominant.

  50. Maybe people are now realizing RG111 isn’t as good as he himself thinks he is.
    He needs to take the blame for some of this playing. He hasn’t been very good this season, hence their results.
    The way they are going Shanahan should be one on the hot seat for firing. We have listened to so much about RG111, it’s boring now.

  51. That was kind of out of character yesterday for Moss to do that. He is normally pretty quiet and reserved. Though, he is one of those quiet guys that when they do speak…you better listen.

    I couldn’t tell if yesterday he had finally had enough and just decided to vent a little bit….or if he decided it was time to show the “kid” what it feels like to have your teammates criticize you publicly.

    What is more interesting is, if Santana (who never talks) is saying this…you can bet there is a lot of talk in the locker room about this same subject. RGME better be careful, or he will lose his teammates (if he hasn’t already.)

  52. Solution is simple: have Kylie (I am not benefiting from nepotism!) Shanahan run more and more and more read option until RGTwee gets hurt again and then they can finally find out what Cousins can do.

  53. People are so stupid.

    So RG3 needs to say it’s his fault when he gets hit 18 times a game?
    It’s his fault that even the Eagles players said they knew what was coming? His fault they called 4 pass plays on the goal line in Minnesota? His fault he is throwing to Nick Williams while Josh Morgan and added David are healthy scratches? His fault the offensive line is built for the zone scheme but they having him trying to be a pocket passer? Where’s the bootleg? Why did Alfred Morris not touch the ball the first four possessions in Denver second half? Why do we have a defense ranked below 25 again? Special teams?

    You want to fix these problems? Bring in Lovie Smith so we don’t have a Coach with an ego alike Shanahans. Coaching himself out of games.

  54. I wonder if Moss’ sentiment comes from the fact that Brady owned up to not throwing a great pass and the end of the MNF game. He didn’t like the flag being picked up, but he came out and said he could’ve thrown a better ball. Brady might not even really think that, but he stepped up and said his imperfect throw was on him.

    I’m a skins fan who doesn’t like the Pats, but you have to admire that Brady did EXACTLY what Moss was saying RG3 should’ve done.

  55. RG3 = McNabb 2.0

    I already can’t stand this guy, not because he isn’t winning, but because of his attitude, his body language when things aren’t going well and his lack of accountability.

  56. No doubt that Griffin has some maturing to do. The proof is in the words.

    But I think the comparisons to Luck/Wilson are off somewhat. Neither of those guys have really faced adversity yet.

    The better comparison is Kaep, and both he and Griffin seem to be responding the same way (poorly).

  57. terrible I mean … a lot of qb’s struggle with bad O-lines, below average wr’s and yet they never point their finger at teammates. redskins = an dysfunctional organization.

  58. Very comical to see all of these online experts making their little comments about this organization, but the truth be told, this is a young kid who is still learning to be a professional. The media hyped this kid up as the second coming, and his high level of maturity but let’s face it folks…he’s 23 years old in only his second year in the league. He is still growing as a man, and athlete professionally. Santana made his comments because he is a 12 year vet coming off another loss knowing this was his last shot because bottom year he will not be here nor do I see him being productive somewhere else. Should RG3 take more blame, sure and in some interviews he does, but when a team loses and is 3-7 this is exactly what happens. Frustration, and finger pointing start which is just human nature. Let’s see….. last year the Shanahan’s were innovators, Haslett turned this defense around, and our QB was a top five QB in the NFL, and we won the division. Now we are 3-7 and our coaching staff sucks, our QB sucks and the organization is in shambles. Winning cures everything….. see Carolina Panthers. Let it go folks. The skins will get back to their winning ways, we just have to go through some growing pains with a young franchise QB that is still learning the game. Skins fans… will come. Just have to practice patience. HTTR!!

  59. ok Moss might have a point….but at the same time how long has Moss been in the league… does RG3 voice reign more than his Orakpo, and some of the others in the room….and dont feed me that QB is the leader of the team because he touches, tell that to the teams with Lawrence Taylor Ray Lewis and other great defensive led teams….true enough you lead by action not words but what Moss just did was exasperated a situation made it more public when you could handke it behind close doors…not defending RG3 i believe fame got to his head a little…his father just as Archie was w/ Eli is a little to involved with his grown sons career he should of kept his kouth closed like AP and Manning and rehabbed in private…..he wantedthe attention and now he got it

  60. plus im going to need someone other than Moss making these statements everytime i see a replay of the Redskins this season he is somewhere dropping a major pass…..i know RG3 doesnt have his ducks in a row, but neither does Moss……basically the whole team stinks currently, collectively, because they arent winning game….use that as a bonding/building tool to get better

  61. “I like this story because there is a Jimmy Clausen reference… And even better because its in reference to RG3…. Hate be a troll but somebody needs to say it… Cam is and always will be better”


    Pretty sure Cam went through this same thing last year when he got benched after throwing 3 picks against the G-Men and bashed his teammates and organization in a presser. If it wasn’t for Steve Smith using his veteran words of leadership, Cam would have spiraled out of control. This year after your first three games, Rivera was a dead man walking – luckily you have reeled off 7 wins. Don’t sit here and act like your QB and organization is some definition of success – because it ain’t!

    The Skins will get everything back on track and RGIII will be a very good QB in the NFL – these things take time. HTTR!

  62. The only way this could get any better is for Moss to call his quarterback Bob Griffin.

    Are all y’all REALLY sure you want to keep screaming how much better Bob Griffin is than Cam Newton?????

  63. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! His whole attitude is, “RGKnee, it’s all about me” and it’s gotten tiring for that team. Here’s Moss, a respected veteran, putting the issue in check and a couple of weeks ago London Fletcher stating that RGKnee is the face of the Redskins but not the leader of the Redskins. The whole RGKnee drama has gotten old and tired throughout the DC community. Now they are stuck having given up so many draft picks for this drama queen. Their best QB is Kirk Cousins but simply due to the investment RGKnee must play. Fire Shanahan and then trade RGKnee and they can probably rebuild their team for the long haul vice having been short-sighted. GO Ravens!

  64. A. The Skins are simply not a very good team.

    B. One read then run QB’s, are often hurt, and if one is truthful, don’t fare well in the NFL.

    Its fine to be able to escape pressure, but if you have a clean pocket yet still take off running before looking for your second or third option, then you probably won’t see much if any post season success and if you’re not careful won’t have a long career due to injury.

    The wildcat and now the read option are about dead because once NFL defensive coordinators get a bit of tape to study, they quickly conceive methods of shutting the high school stuff down.

    Just so no one decides to try it; the wishbone nor the wing-t will work long term either.

  65. gmenfan1982 says:
    Nov 19, 2013 11:56 PM
    Whereas that last play was RG3′s fault for sure, why must a player take responsibility if he is a leader even if its NOT their fault they lost. Why can’t a guy be honest and say this guy dropped that ball and this guy fumbled etc? Same goes to coaches. Everyone always has to “say the right thing” and quite honestly, it makes following the reporting of sports to be boring and a waste of time. I just want people to tell it how it is.

    while i can’t believe you asked, there are 2 simple reasons. first of all, qb gets credit even on a 5 yard dumpoff that the running back takes to the house on his own. so if you always get credit, you always take the blame. its called leadership and team.

    secondly, how motivated to block will the linemen be when bob says “it was all good till the guard missed his block and i got my head taken off.” not a good strategy….

  66. cowboyhater says:
    Nov 20, 2013 8:26 AM

    Let’s see….. last year the Shanahan’s were innovators, Haslett turned this defense around, and our QB was a top five QB in the NFL, and we won the division. Now we are 3-7 and our coaching staff sucks, our QB sucks and the organization is in shambles.

    dude: shanahan was innovative in the 80’s. not since. haslett hasn’t shown much his last couple stops, and although they weren’t very good last year, they struck gold and won a weak division. only in the mind of those same people who saw the second coming of joe gibbs and the albert haynesworth signing and the mcnabb win over philly as the sign their long wait was over. each year its a different miracle cure. and when shanny is fired, you’ll be starting over once again. with no wideouts and a gimpy overrated qb.

  67. I’m with gmenfan1982. I’m tired of all this “NEVER THROW ANYONE UNDER THE BUS” PC crap. It’s honestly an insult to anyone’s intelligence who actually watches the games and sees what’s really happening on the field. I’m not saying RGIII doesn’t have maturity issues, or even leadership issues; I’m saying that insisting that he’s not a good leader because he doesn’t take responsibility for someone else’s mistakes seems like a false standard to me.

    I also don’t get all this love for Moss and what he said on a radio talk show. How is THAT demonstrating leadership? Isn’t it hypocritical for HIM to throw his QB under the bus while at the same time decrying his QB for throwing other team members under the bus?

    It looks to me as if the entire Redskins organization is a mess, not just RGIII.

  68. Well….did any of the receivers get open? Have they been getting open? Moss has lost too many steps. Countless drive killing drops. He took exception because he knows what Griff said is too true. The thing is Griff made a general statement and that S@^! hit home. I watch the play route and they suck. I have yet to see a play where there is a drag route or real dump off. Nothing is disguised. No delayed release by TE or FB. This is a lot on play calling and the Kyle telling this kid to look down field instead of take what is given and to Moss/ Morgan/ Garcon dropping the easiest of catches in crucial times. HTTR

  69. We had a top 5 defense every year until this 3/4 was implemented. We just don’t have the personnel to do it successfully. PLz go back to the 4/3. We are just to thin at LB to have a successful 3/4. I like Cofield but he is not the dominant NT you would need to run it successfully. HTTR

  70. The term “Coach Killer” is usually applied to NBA players. Guys who are bigger than the team, who if they decide they don’t like the coach can get him fired. It obviously applies here. Dan Snyder has to decide to keep RGIII or Shanahan. It’s obvious they can’t coexist going forward. Unfortunately for Shanahan they don’t sell Coaches jerseys in the NFL so he’s obviously drawing the short straw.

  71. Lol at the 300 plus people with “love for Moss”. Shows you have zero credibility siding with the a true non clutch player. Moss….” the king of drops”.
    If you really watched him play you would probably slap yourselves!!!HTTR

  72. So skins fans, are you still happy about giving up 3 number 1 picks plus other picks to move up 4 spots for this dude? So far Nick Foles (who went 86 picks later) is the 2nd best QB to come out of that draft. And he proved it on the field sunday.

  73. We are happy being Redskins fans…..80 years and proud. Gotta love the Eagle fans, now Nick Foles is going to get them a Super Bowl win. Ummmm…ok. You faced the worst defense in the NFL…don’t get too excited. After all, you are the Eagles. Hail!

  74. I called this from day 1, RG3 is the most hyped failure next to Mike Vick in recent years. Kid needs his head shrunk and his ego put back in check. He had an arrogant and obnoxious attitude since before he was drafted and now look at him………Fail.

  75. The Skins gave up way too much for Griffin. Now they have no premium draft picks to build the rest of the squad.

    Plus if theres a falling out between he and the Shanahan’s, I don’t see how its not the coach that loses. They have such a ridiculous investment in this one player, that they have to pick him over the coach for the foreseeable future.

    This is going to end up being a worse bargain for the Skins than the Herschel Walker trade was for the Vikes. Do we know for a fact whose idea this lunacy was?

  76. RGIII : “WE need to play better.” “WE need to have better execution of the plays that are given to us.” WE need to cut down on the mistakes WE make one the field.”

    Moss : “HE needs to take responsibility whether it is his fault or not.”

    Seriously people!! Which one sounds like the team player here?? Y’all want RGIII to start throwing his teammates under the bus or put the blame on the whole team, WHICH INCLUDES HIMSELF? These comments are coming from a guy that is clearly on his last leg and unwilling to take any blame himself. Give it a rest. HTTR!!!!

  77. logicalvoicesays says:
    Nov 20, 2013 8:21 AM
    Mountain out of a molehill. Santana’s gone after this season anyways.

    Hey theVoicesinyourhead… I thought the Washington team was going to win the SB, and Bob was going to be the MVP this year. How is that all shaking out? Bob is not a franchise QB, or a leader. He will never be a top 10, or even top 15 QB in this league. It takes more than just some fast wheels and a big arm. He reminds me a lot of Randall Cunningham- fast with a huge arm, but no accuracy, accountability, or substantial wins.

    You are right though. After this season Santana is probably gone. Following him out the door will be the Shanahan’s and in a few years Griffin himself. He will be too expensive to be the Clipboard Holder on the sideline.

  78. I am so happy that my team has a boring QB that doesn’t throw his teammates under the bus, takes the blame for losses and credits his teammates and coaches when they win. Just a boring guy that never screams “Me, Me, Look at Me”. Just a boring guy that plays his best in the biggest games. Boring old guy that I knew I could count on to be a leader for 10-15 years. Boring guy that has little speed, but has never missed a game due to injury. Just a boring guy that has won two Super Bowls, and will probably win one or two more before his career is over.

    I will take Substance (Eli) over Style (Bob) every time.

  79. therealsmiley please cut and paste the portion of my post in which I said that Nick Foles would lead us to the super bowl…..Thank you idiot. Now, I just said that he is better than RG3 and that is supported by hard statistical data and head to head competition.

  80. “Sophmore slump”anyone?… Almost every rookie has a good beginning year and then their sophmore season in the pros suck… Case in point.. Cam Newton. He dazzled fans his rookie year but his second season he caught some really bad press for not stepping up as the leader of his team but instead trying to redirect the reason for their failures to his team mates. He received alot of criticism for not stepping up to the plate and taking the heat for their terrible play and has really displayed more leadership and maturity this season….

    RGIII was the darling of college football the year he left for the draft. He could do no wrong and was given full credit for bringing Baylor back to prominence. Not hard to figure out why now he can’t possibly be the reason the “Skins” aren’t fairing very well…

  81. The implication of public words… Learn from how BB of the pats manage the media feeds. Wes welker said he still thinks of what BB will think when he talks to the media even though he now plays for the broncos. Player could have big a ego and a mouth to match. Somebody need to take charge to control both for the good of the team. There is no I in team… A team wins or lose as one.

  82. Man, did the bloom fall of the RGIII rose quick or what? I just remember the announcers during the playoff game in January against Seattle go on and on about how much his veteran team mates love this guy and they unanimously named this rookie a captain (apparently very rare in sports circle). Then the injury came and then the weird “look at me, want me, love me” off season he spent blaming the Shanahans for the injury (rightly, but very wrong for doing it publicly) and now this past weekend (seemingly) throwing the offensive braintrust under the bus following a bad division loss leading to a well-respected veteran in Satana Moss publicly telling him what to do with himself.

  83. Steeler fan here – and regardless of what you think of Pig Ben off the field – he is a great QB and great leader on it.

    Here is where RG3 needs to take note….since day 1, if the Steelers win – per Ben – it was a team win. If the Steelers lose – regardless how Ben played – it was his fault. He takes the blame and says he should have made a few more plays.

    Seems very simple in reality.

  84. kenny328usa – so I decided to look up stats and compare…only because your statement derives from an Eagle fan….need I say more. Here you go, career stats for both:
    Foles 61.8 Completion vs 62.7%
    Foles Yards 3,253 vs 5,914
    Foles TDs 22 vs 34
    Foles Int 5 vs 15
    Rating 97.6% vs 93.2

    Hard statistical data? Would you like to add in rushing yards and rushing TDs? RGIII 7 TDs and 1,130

  85. Santana Moss said… “Regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say me or I,” . Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Robert Griffin III say …

    “We had a certain concept with running and nobody got open so “I” was backing up, and in the situation where you get a sack there, it ends the game,” “I” was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone. It didn’t get to where “I” wanted it to go.”

    I count 3 times where he said “I” and didn’t see anyone else’s name mentioned. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!

  86. Seems to be no shortage of incompetent, inefficient, blundering, excuse-making, arrogant, condescending, passive-aggressive, immature, thin-skinned, selfish, egotistical wannbe leaders in Washington these days…

  87. For a franchise QB, all successes should be “we” and failures should be addressed as “I.” Sets a good tone and wins the respect of teammates.

  88. To all my fellow Redskins fans. Save your. It’s pointless to try to have an intelligent conversation with the majority of people on this website. All they want to do is bash RG3. They’re not really interested in talking about football. I can respect anyone’s opinion but when it comes with “RG Knee” and some other comments ( which were kinda funny) but has gotten old now. It’s literally like kindergarten on this forum. Like 5yr olds saying” na na boo boo” non stop. When that knee is 100 % and the brace comes off 31 teams are gonna be trembling when RG3 gets on the field. HTTR

  89. henryd3rd says: Nov 20, 2013 4:20 AM

    Mr. Shanahan would you please come to the Mr. Synder’s office and bring your playbook? And tell your son to come with you.
    Why is everyone blaming the Shanahan’s? Go check the stats: the Skins are consistently in the top 5 in total O and top 3 in rushing. If RG3 made all the throws he made all last year we would have alot better record. If anyone is to blame it is RG3, Haslett and the D. Don’t get me wrong, I love Robert but he has to take some of the blame. He is not as good as he was last year.

  90. The game was so ugly on so many levels I almost feel sorry for the kicker who scored the only points in the game.

    They’re probably flattening his tires in the parking lot for making the rest of the team look bad.

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