Chris and Kyle Long preparing to face off on Sunday

Getty Images

Chris and Kyle Long have never competed with or against each other in a football game at any level, something that will change when the Rams and Bears face off on Sunday in St. Louis.

Rams defensive end Chris and Bears guard Kyle will be on opposite sides of the line when Chicago has the ball and there will be a suite filled with Long family members and friends, including father Howie on a day off from his FOX duties, to watch it all go down. Chris said he doesn’t know how he’ll feel when he sees his brother trying to block him, something that shouldn’t happen too often during the game, but Kyle hopes Chris realizes it’s a special moment for their family.

“I’ll have, I am sure, a few opportunities where it will be Chris and I going against each other,” Kyle said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It is going to be really weird, but I already told him, ‘Do you realize how lucky we are to have this problem?'”

Whether he’s blocking Chris or other members of the Rams defense, Kyle will be tasked with helping protect quarterback Josh McCown against the pass rush with the league’s best rate of sacks per pass attempt. If Kyle and the Bears can do that, little brother has a good shot at both winning bragging rights in the sibling rivalry and a trip to the playoffs this season.