Colts give Chris Rainey another chance

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In late September, former NFL running back Chris Rainey ran a 40-yard dash in the low 4.3s during a tryout with the Chiefs.  Nearly two months later, someone has decided to give Rainey another job.

The Colts have announced that Rainey has signed with the team.  He had a Tuesday tryout that, per a league source, included workouts from receivers Ramses Barden and Joe Adams, defensive tackle Christo Bilukidi, and defensive backs Marcus Burley and Sherrod Martin.

Rainey, a fifth-round draft pick in 2012, was dumped by the Steelers in the offseason after a string of off-field issues, culminating in an allegation that he assaulted his girlfriend.  (Rainey’s girlfriend later denied that she had been assaulted.)

It would be easy to assume that Chris Rainey caught the eye of the Colts because his brother, Bobby, had three touchdowns for the Buccaneers on Sunday.  The only flaw in that assessment is that Chris and Bobby Rainey aren’t related.

Actually, Chris Rainey is the younger brother of former NFL running back Rod Smart, who is best known for choosing to display the phrase “He Hate Me” on the back of his jersey while playing in the anything-goes XFL.

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  1. The XFL brought us “hover cams” (that the NFL uses now) and punt returners weren’t allowed to call a “fair catch” (NFL would never touch this).

    Plus the cheerleaders were interviewed after the game as well. Not all bad stuff. 🙂

  2. Where are all the holier than thou Indianapolis fans now?

    I thought the Colts were supposed to be above adding such poor character guys to their team?

    Tony Dungy does not approve…..

  3. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Notice how the Steelers don’t have these signings of desperation?
    Levi Brown says “hi”. Or does it not count against the desperation total when your signing can’t get on the field for one game?

  4. Chris Rainey was briefly kicked off Urban Meyer’s Gator team. If he’s too bad for Urban, that tells you something.

  5. Decent catching out the backfield..Special teams..Haley kept trying to run him up the middle, that’s not his strength..but the Colts OC is MUCH brighter and I’m sure they’ll find away to use that 4.3 speed.

  6. Chris Rainy is the same idiot that while in High School (Lakeland, FL right outside of Tampa) said in an interview when he was known as one of the best backs in the country the following: “When I walk around, people are buying me food, giving me money. I’m like, `Damn, I’m glad I’m Chris Rainey. It’s real nice to be me.’ ” He almost blew his college career because he is so stupid. He later went on to that high moral caliber team of FL where no murderers play (allegedly). I am glad Tampa exchanged their Rainy for a better one.

  7. mike holmgren said that if he was the head coach of the browns when they traded richardson that he would have quit. maybe the game has passed you by mike.

  8. With as soft as the NFL has become, I think I’d take the XFL’s anything goes mentality back in a heartbeat. You definitely wouldn’t have seen that call on on the 49ers against Drew Brees in the XFL.

  9. whysomanylosers says: Nov 20, 2013 10:47 AM

    But where does Kevin Bacon fit in to all of this?


    Kevin Bacon was born in Philly.
    Rod “He Hate Me” Smart played for the Eagles
    Chris Rainey is Rod’s brother.


  10. The coming years may be a good time for someone with the money, connections, and stones to revisit the idea of a new league. No gimmicks necessary. Just base the rule book on the NFL of 10 or 15 years ago (with tweaks), removing many of the ticky-tack penalties that are ruining the game. Being able to start fresh means the new league will not have the burden of historical concussion litigation hanging over its head like the NFL. It also allows the new league to adequately warn its players and have each player sign off on documents that state they have been warned of the hazards inherent in their chosen profession and waive liability, allowing some of the aforementioned rule “rollbacks.” Obviously there are many hurdles. Among them money, a television network deal, and the fact that good offensive players will almost exclusively opt for the increased protections of the NFL. But to be honest, I would rather watch lesser players play the game right than watch stars play two-hand touch.

    If this posts twice, my bad. It did not appear after I submitted it the first time.

  11. Chris Rainey was never kicked off the team at Florida – Urb just gave him a couple of games off to placate the media.

  12. I’m surprised in the who’s-related-to0-whom part of the story you failed to mention that while in high school he lived with the Pouncey twins, who had a lot to do with all those yards he accumulated in at Lakeland HS.

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