Dan Dierdorf retires from broadcasting

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Dan Dierdorf, who followed a Hall of Fame career as an offensive lineman with a three-decade career as a broadcaster, is retiring.

CBS announced today that this season will be Dierdorf’s last in the booth. The 64-year-old Dierdorf suggested that the physical difficulties of traveling each week are the primary reason he has decided to step aside.

“I have been blessed to spend my entire life in the game I love,” Dierdorf said in a statement. “I had an opportunity to go from the field directly to the broadcast booth where I have had the privilege of working with the giants of our business including Ray Scott, Lindsey Nelson, Jack Buck, Dick Stockton, Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Verne Lundquist, Dick Enberg and lastly, my partner, Greg Gumbel. It has become a challenge for me to travel to a different NFL city every week, so it’s time to step aside. This has been a wonderful ride as I really have lived the dream.”

After an All-American career at Michigan, Dierdorf was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1971. He had a 13-year career, was chosen to six Pro Bowls and was elected to both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His broadcasting career began as soon as his playing career ended, meaning this is his 43rd consecutive year in the NFL.

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  1. 17 flights a year + a playoff game or two? Doesn’t seem too taxing to me, but good luck Dan. You’re one of the better ones.

  2. I don’t know if he isn’t not one of the biggest hypocrites to every talk about player conduct when he was as a dirty of a player as they come. And he stunk as a broadcaster.

  3. remember this clown doing jets games with mark sanchez? this guy couldnt salivate enough about how great and amazing mark sanchez was, acted like he was the greatest qb who ever lived. good riddance to this buffoon

  4. I wasn’t always a fan of Dierdorf, but the man made a living off of his dream jobs, and now gets to spend his days relaxing and doing what he wants. Good for him, a lot of us would’ve switched places with him in a heartbeat.

  5. Finally. Dierdorf is the worst broadcaster out there, and only Theisman and Jerry Glanville can rival him for being the singly worst NFL broadcast guy in history. He talks constantly about how “player X is one of the great ones” regardless of how good they are, misses details left and right, and is actively wrong multiple times a game. He’s terrible, and should have left years ago.

    AFC games may actually become watchable now; just wondering what it takes to get rid of Phil Simms as well.

  6. Have always enjoyed Dan’s commentary. Nice guy, easy on the ears. I’ll miss him.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  7. As a kid, I remember watching him, Al Michaels and Frank Gifford on Monday Night Football. That’s when MNF was must watch television. That was before ABC destoyed it with the Dennis Miller debacle.

  8. Worst most bias announcer ever! He announced the Bills Pats game this year. He kept referring to Brady as Tom. We all know Brady is a great QB. But we don’t need 3 hours of praise even while the other teams offense is on the field to gush and profess his love for “Tom”.

  9. One of my all time favorite MNF moments was some fans hanging a huge banner spanning the length of the upper deck (in the New Orleans Superdome?).

    It read, “Get A Job Dierdorf!”

    He was so upset when the instant replays kept panning across the banner. The rest of the booth was laughing.

  10. I respect Dan Dierdorf as a player and a person, but he is a terrible broadcaster and I am not sad to see him go.

    Dierdorf is a huge homer towards certain teams and players. Dan is doing himself and the fans a favor by retiring.

  11. thermanmerman99 says:
    Nov 20, 2013 11:26 AM
    remember this clown doing jets games with mark sanchez? this guy couldnt salivate enough about how great and amazing mark sanchez was, acted like he was the greatest qb who ever lived. good riddance to this buffoon
    Interesting that you’re calling someone with the accomplishments Dan Dierdorf has a “clown” and a “buffoon”.

    If wondering what that makes someone like you.


  12. Lasting image of him will be how much he hated Boomer Esiason when he took over for Frank Gifford back in the 90’s. It was too funny and didnt even seem like Dan was trying to hide his dislike of him.

  13. I loved Dierdorf, and consistently found his commentary to be enlightening, insightful and entertaining. Dierdorf also brought a unique flavor with a touch of humor that I really appreciated.

    To me, anyway, I was always put in a better mood when I learned that Dierdorf would be announcing the game I was going to watch. Dierdorf really enhanced my enjoyment of watching football, and he will definitely be missed.

    Also, Dierdorf (and Hannah) ranked as my top two OLs of their generation — two consummate professionals who excelled in both the physical game and the finesse game – plus were outstanding in the aspects involving intellect, technique, leadership and heart.

    I wholeheartedly wish him all the best, and a long enjoyable retirement.

  14. Dierdorf was the most consistently biased, non-objective national broadcaster out there.

    He had an absolute hatred for certain teams and individuals that he was childishly and unprofessionally unable to keep out of his game commentary.

    Good riddance.

  15. While its true that Dan may not have been equal to Einstein, compared to guys like Michael Irvin he is an intellectual GIANT!

    What do you expect people? Its a game. How can you really expect someone who made a living playing a kids game to be some sort of genius.

    He was not a great speaker, but certainly light years ahead of B. Obama when it came to communication. If I hear that genius studder his way through one more sentence with 17 uh’s and um’s it will be one too many.

    Peace out!

  16. Well it’s about time, because he doesn’t get the names right, and makes some horrible mistakes sometimes.

  17. Thank God – I’m sure the Rooney’s would be more than happy to hire him in pr or maybe as a cheerleading coach.

  18. Some of these hateful comments are so undeserved. Now if they were to be applied to Chris Berman and Phil Simms (can you just imagine pairing the two of those egomaniacs together?)

  19. Dam Knees will always catch-up with you. What this guy’s body has been through, especially playing in those days and years of fighting the pain and inability, makes me laugh when I see these players w/ a boob-boo, make millions and sit on the sidelines. Best of health Dan.

  20. Dr. Dan Dierdorf as James Brown from CBS would always refer to him as, in my opinion was a good broadcaster. A lot of young fans can’t appreciate him but he was part of a great duo back in the day with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford. He’s an NFL legend in his own right. Best of luck Dan and thanks for the memories.

  21. People seem to be missing the point. CBS announced it would be his last year with the network.

    It’s called being fired!!

    No fan of Dierdorf, glad I won’t have to listen to him commentate anymore. No doubt he’ll show-up on some directional Fox channel spouting his normal rubbish.

  22. It always amazed me that a true hall of famer could sound so utterly clueless when talking about the game. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I will not miss his work in the booth.

  23. Sure, we can complain about Dan Dierdorf’s Fisher-Price: My-First-NFL-Game style of commentary, but we were all the fan who needs that at one point. The NFL has grown immensely over the last 20 years and all of these new fans have needed to learn their ABCs before they’re ready for Collinsworth to explain what the deep safety’s responsibility playing Cover 3 is.

    All the best to Mr. Dierdorf. I respect his immense impact upon the game and hope he enjoys his retirement.

  24. Thanks, Dan. Youare a class act and as a broadcaster, your ability to be literate burys that of Phil Simms.

  25. Enjoy retirement Dan, you were one of the best OL in the game.

    Imo, as a broadcaster it was a bit more of a mixed bag. Initially Dierdorf was one of the best, describing defenses, play in the trenches, which was rarely analyzed.

    Unfortunately as the years wore on, those insights got to be less and less unique, and it seemed that he was less able to anticipate strategy, and became relegated to telling us what we just saw on the field. That, and the constant stream of high praise for marginal talent, took him down the rungs of analysts.

    But overall, Dan was a good guy, and had a great first and second career in pro football without drawing attention to himself by self-promoting and catch phrases. Good on him.

  26. Great player but absolutely AWFUL in the booth. First, how can a guy with a lisp have a broadcasting job? He must have been spitting all over his partners in the booth!

    That said, what a great career for a guy who at 64 can retire and do whatever he wants for the most part.

  27. Shame that a guy retires and gets trashed here. Dan wasn’t perfect, but I appreciate his eye for line play and he was part of the greatest MNF lineup that I ever watched.

  28. Dierdorf is one of the most biased announcers I’ve ever had to listen to. During the Ravens/Bengals game, he had absolutely nothing good to say about the Bengals but just talked great of the Ravens who weren’t playing good either. I knew it was time for him to hang it up when later he says “yeah the cornerback was pulling the receivers arm back before the ball got there but it was a good no-call by the refs”. Seriously?! You just said the corner was pulling the receiver’s arm back before the ball got there. That’s PI Dan! Good riddance. Happy to see him go!

  29. I didn’t particularly enjoy his style, but I will give him credit for the one thing I tend to notice most about announcers- he actually paid attention to what was going on on the field, and I never got the impression that he thought the broadcast was more about him than the game.

    So many of the new breed of announcers- I am looking directly at you, Mike Mayock- almost treat what is happening in the game as secondary to whatever point they are trying to make. Or they will start telling some story they got during the week about a player and keep plowing on through it while an actual play is taking place on the field.

    He’s not the only one. I think I counted 5 times on the Red Zone Channel last weekend where the announcers didn’t notice there was a flag on the field until the ref started announcing the penalty because they were too busy listening to themselves talk to pay attention.

    And yes, I realize that I just used Dan Dierdorf’s retirement as an excuse to rant about announcers in general. Sorry.

  30. It’s funny how everyone hates everyone announcer. What announcer’s ARE acceptable. I thought Dierdorf was easy on the ears, great voice for a color man, which makes watching the game a good experience. His insight wasn’t nearly as a good as say someone like a Collinsworth, but overall he was fine. Judging by some of these comments, sounds like he was forcing people to change the channel he was so bad, which was ridiculous.

  31. How can anyone find that mushmouth easy on the ears? I simply cannot understand how producers put guys with obvious speech impediments (Dierdorf, Mayock, Lou Holtz) in positions where they can be heard. It’s unfair to the listener.

    Sadly, it may also be time for Al Michaels to go as well… Great voice, consummate pro, but all things must and do end.

    Goodbye, Dan. You assaulted my ears for nearly all of the 38 years I’ve been a fan.

  32. Hopefully Troy Aikman follows Dan’s lead and hangs up his Mic after this season as well.

    There has to be some ex-players who have a knowledge of the game beyond the position they played.

    Johnston is good in the booth. Collinsworth does a great job. I like Chuckie as an analyst as well. That about covers it for guys who are willing to give an unbiased and knowledgeable analysis of the game. There is nothing worse that watching/listening to guys like Aikman talk stupid.

  33. I always liked this guy. He had that ‘I drink a lot’ kind of voice like pat summerall.

    He always didn’t get too involved in drama like joe buck or al michales, or I guess most of the commentators.

  34. To anyone who says Dierdorf is “the WORST” in the booth, you clearly have not heard Madden’s man-love for Brett Favre. No broadcaster in history can ever come close to Madden’s obsession with Favre.

    Maybe CBS will hire Mike Mayock away from the NFL Network. He’s one of the best color guys out there today.

  35. He felt obligated to comment on every single play. He clung to pre-determined story lines no matter what was actually happening in the game. He relentlessly canonized NFL marquee players with lengthy, schmaltzy tributes. He overstated the importance of drives and games in the big picture. He inserted “I or me” in 75% of his sentences (e.g. “If I’m Bill Parcells here, I might think about taking a timeout. but that’s just me). He felt compelled to tell us that the guy’s knee was down 14x when they showed a clear replay 14x that the guy’s knee was down as if we were blind men in the bleachers.

    But worst of all, he managed to stump for Jim Hart for the Hall of Fame during a Jacksonville-Tennessee game.

  36. As broadcasters go, I didn’t mind Dierdorf. To be honest, I think most of them are very good anyway. Solomon Wilcotts? Troy Aikman? Cris Collinsworth? I can’t think of a color-guy I like these days.

    What I don’t understand is why more former coaches aren’t doing color during games. Madden was pretty good, especially early in his career. And I remember Jim Mora Sr. breaking down plays like I’d never heard before. He was dry as dirt in his delivery, but he knew what he was talking about.

  37. .
    “Who the Heck misses Madden? The guy was the WORST, he called EVERY SINGLE game as if it was the world’s first time ever witnessing a football game.”

    Agreed! Listening to Madden was down right torturous! “…and boom!”

  38. How about giving Cris Carter a shot in the both? He’s extremely intelligent and as long as he is being kept off the field as a head coach, maybe he could be put on the “on deck circle” with a mic……

  39. Kinda hard to stay 30 years in a job that you’re lousy at. Maybe most of the responders to this post could be wrong. I liked him, so the TV exec’s and I think you’re wrong.

  40. “Thisth isth just thuper news, Greg. I’ve been in thisth booth for yearsth from Gifford to Michaelsth, and there isth no better way to be thent off. Goodbye Nathional Football League. I will missth you!”

  41. While I admire his persistence and courage, this decision is long overdue.
    My wife hears the cry, “Oh no, not him!!” when I turn a game on and either Dan or Troy Aikman is the commentator.
    Especially frustrating was when Dan would discover what in his mind was a salient point regarding the game and then repeat it over and over and over and…..

  42. I have always loved listening to him in the booth. He was, “Al & Frank & Dan” when I first started watching MNF, and I believe got a raw deal being forced to leave. He didn’t sugar coat anything, and compared to Gruden, who sugar-coats everything, you know what I mean. He doesn’t pull punches, and he always cals it like he sees it, which as a football fan you appreciate that.

    He will be missed.

  43. The only one who annoys me more that Dan is Phil Simms because Phil can’t say “Him.” He says “eeem.” Look at eeem go, or watch eeem throw etc. C’Mon Phil it’s easy H-I-M. Him, not eeem!

    Dierdorf was THE MOST BIASED broadcaster in the biz!!

    Good Riddance!!!

  44. grogseal says:Nov 20, 2013 1:12 PM

    While I admire his persistence and courage, this decision is long overdue.
    My wife hears the cry, “Oh no, not him!!” when I turn a game on and either Dan or Troy Aikman is the commentator.
    Especially frustrating was when Dan would discover what in his mind was a salient point regarding the game and then repeat it over and over and over and…..

    I totally agree. Try this drinking game during the game Aikman calls. Whenever Aikman says “yeah”, “well”, “I mean”, or “you know” – you have to take a drink.

    You will be rushed to the hospital five minutes into the game.

  45. I remember when Dierdorf began his broadcasting career. I was a lot younger, but at the time he seemed like a breath of fresh air.He used to say things like “I was just a dumb offensive lineman…” and his perspective was unique at the time. I recall his star rising until he reached the pinnacle of his profession, MNF. Then, it seems, he became like an airplane stalling in mid-air. He seemed to become full of himself. He would make absolute declarations about plays that would most times be proven incorrect, and thus make himself look foolish. Then at some point he started becoming almost unbearable to listen to. Maybe it’s time for him to retire.

  46. I am giving away my age, however I always admired watching his playing skills. He was an intelligent, thoughtful OL who was also very skilled. He played on some mighty poor St. Louis Cardinal teams yet he gave a great effort each and every game, earning him a well-deserved bust in Canton. Best wishes for an enjoyable retirement Dan. You certainly earned it over the many years.

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