Dennis Pitta still not practicing for Ravens

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Last month, there was a report that the Ravens were hoping that tight end Dennis Pitta would be able to return from his hip injury in mid-late November.

We’re a little bit past the middle of the month now and Pitta hasn’t started practicing. As Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun points out, Pitta hasn’t spoken to the media since hurting his hip in the preseason so there’s no way to know if there’s an imminent return to the practice field in the offing, but it certainly doesn’t look that way.

Starting with Sunday’s game against the Jets, the Ravens will play three games in 15 days. Their record is 4-6 right now, which makes those three games pretty crucial to the team’s chances of returning to the postseason this year. It doesn’t seem likely that Pitta will be back for those contests, which could mean the results of those games help make the final call.

If the Ravens are out of the playoff hunt, Pitta would only be returning to show that he’s healthy ahead of free agency. There’s a risk involved with that, however, and  it seems less likely with every passing week that Pitta will be playing this season.

14 responses to “Dennis Pitta still not practicing for Ravens

  1. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 20, 2013 10:33 AM
    The Steelers 0-6 run continues…


    Here we go squealers, here we go

    Wrong team, dude. That’s just lazy trolling.

  2. he’s practicing today.
    seasons not lost..afc is terrible.

    9-7 probably gets in this yr
    ravens need wins vs nyj and Pitt at home next 2 weeks
    6-6 off a mini bye would be right in the mix for sure

  3. The 2nd wild card slot is completely within reach. Jets & Dolphins at 5-5, Ravens @ 4-6. Beat the Jets this week & both are at 5-6. Miami has 60% of the OL injured or suspended or MIA. Ravens, Steelers, Chargers, Browns, Titans, Fins & Jets all fighting for that last spot.

    Denver, KC, Cincy, Indy, NE all look like their spots are relatively safe barring late season collapse. That leaves seed #6 for a very average team.

    If Pitta comes back & can play, that could raise the Ravens to average & be a boost into the playoffs. Once the postseason starts, anything is possible. Just get in!

    The D is getting better. ST getting better. If Pitta makes the O better, bring him on. He started practicing today, BTW.

  4. Ravens sure could use him, hope he comes back soon. With that said…

    That laughing you hear in the background is Pitta’s agent.

  5. ESPN & The Ravens App is reporting he’s on the field today at practice. The Baltimore Sun is wrong.

  6. I’m pretty confident the Ravens will beat the Jets and Steelers at home. They are an extremely tough out at home against anyone not named the Denver Broncos. They win those 2 games they are back in the race.

  7. 2013 will end this way:

    Steelers 2-0 vs. the Ravens
    Steelers 1-1 vs. the Bungles

    Will have better record than the Ravens.

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