Ed Reed: Wade Phillips is “probably” the reason I’m not in Houston


Ed Reed will play for his new team against his old team on Sunday when the Jets face the Ravens, and he’s offering up some opinions about the team that let him go last week, the Texans.

Specifically, Reed doesn’t seem to think highly of Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, saying that Phillips is the reason Reed is out.

“In hindsight he’s probably the reason I’m not there,” Reed said of Phillips, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

There may be some truth to that, as Reed wasn’t a good fit in Phillips’ defense. But the reality is, if Texans General Manager Rick Smith and head coach Gary Kubiak wanted Reed, he’d still be there. So if Reed is putting the blame squarely on Phillips, he’s incorrect.

Reed doesn’t think that Phillips’s defense is just a bad fit, but a bad fit for a lot of his former teammates as well.

“That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people, not just me. The truth is the truth,” Reed said. “That defense was not a good fit for a lot of people that are still there.”

Reed said he hopes he’ll get a warm welcome in his return to Baltimore on Sunday. It’s safe to say he won’t get a warm welcome if he ever returns to Houston.

30 responses to “Ed Reed: Wade Phillips is “probably” the reason I’m not in Houston

  1. I love how Reed goes to the “Wasn’t a good fit” defense. The fact is he was outplayed, benched for it, then let go. Nothing more than that.

  2. he won’t have to worry about his return to houston – he will be out of the league by the end of this year…sun is setting, Ed…

  3. Are the Jets a good fit after you did nothing to prevent them from giving up the deep ball consistently against the Bills?

  4. Be quiet Ed. You were terrible in Houston, nothing to do with Wade’s defense. You’re old, slow and your failure to be honest about your health should put a blemish on your career.

    If that doesn’t do it, your constant yapping will.

  5. And Ed Reed continues to distance himself further and further from a graceful exit from the game.

    How bad is this going to get?

  6. @marvsleezy,

    Those deep passes completed on the CB’s werent Ed’s responsibility. Rex’s defense puts a lot of pressure on the CB’s and they often don’t have help over top. I know one of the was quarters where they have inside help but none over top and the other was cover 1 where you can get help at times but depending on the route combination and if the QB is looking the safety off or not you can’t count on help on a fade.

  7. Wade Phillips will eternally have a look on his face like he just walked out to the parking lot and realized someone stole his car.

  8. Wade Phillips has been a pretty good defensive coordinator in the NFL for most of the last 30 years. I wouldn’t want him as a head coach, but he’s a good defensive assistant.

    So to say that his defense “is not a good fit for a lot of people” is accurate only if you go back over a 30-year period. And there have probably been many more people for whom it’s been good.

    Why can’t Ed Reed just realize that his time is almost done and go quietly? Oh, that’s right, he played at the University of Miami. That explains it.

  9. he clearly can still play. though as a jets fan i was a bit confused as to why rex was sending him on blitzes and playing him near the line of scrimmage most of the game. he really didnt get tested deep. those long td passes were all on the cornerbacks.

  10. Ed Reed’s beard is the reason he’s no longer in Houston.

    You starting playing like an old dude and you look like an old dude, so you must be an old dude.

  11. I wonder if Baltimore gonna have a “ceremony” for Ed like that fiasco lame Indy fans put on for Megahead a few weeks back….
    nah B’more ain’t that kind of town…

  12. jjackwagon says: Nov 20, 2013 4:03 PM

    Actually Ed, I think your lack of production is the reason you’re not in Houston.

    Couldn’t have said that better….

  13. “That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people, not just me. The truth is the truth,” Reed said. “That defense was not a good fit for a lot of people that are still there.”

    As bad as the Texans are this year, they still have the #1 defense in football, so at least some of these players must be a good fit for this system….

  14. I am a huge Texans fan and Ed is 100% on the money. Yes the defense puts up above average stats but they can never get off the field on third down and this is a product of Wade blitzing like a madman and leaving his backend vulnerable in man coverage. Keep in mind that all of the personnel back there have questionable abilities.

  15. Reed will get a warm welcome in Baltimore. But once the game starts, Smith and Jones are going to torch you 60 minutes. After that we will all hug and say “we love you man”.

  16. Maybe you can get a trophy that says “texans, #1 defense”

    McNair will never see the Lombardi trophy

  17. Ya, Ed, the reason Houston gave up on you was the same reason Baltimore gave up on you… Wade Phillips…

    Baltimore had enough of his mouth, his holdouts, his drama… and the Texans figured that out quickly. Houston was just stupid for throwing too much money at him.

    And Rex… didn’t you watch ANY game tape of Reed? Can’t you see that he’s lost several steps, and only arm-tackles, due to his neck injuries? WHY did you sign him?

  18. Wade Phillips’ comments, saying Reed deserves the H of F, shaking his hand when saying “Goodbye” and telling Reed it was an honor to coach him… Learn one last lesson from your former coach, Ed – it’s called humility and grace.

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