Freeman not frustrated by his status in Minnesota


Lost and largely forgotten amid a lost and largely forgettable Vikings season, quarterback Josh Freeman continues to wait for his chance to play.  Well over a month after joining the team and as of tomorrow one month removed from his only playing time in Minnesota, Freeman isn’t frustrated by his status.

“He’s coming along,” a source with knowledge of the situation recently told PFT.  “That position and everything that goes into being successful just takes time and reps and that’s what this last month has been about.”

Freeman hopes to play in December, which would give the Vikings a chance to see if he could be the answer in 2014 — and which would give Freeman a chance to generate some game film that could help him get a job elsewhere, if the Vikings aren’t interested in keeping him.

Regardless, the Vikings continue to pay Freeman $166,667 per week now for the right to decide whether to pay him even more later.  Soon, the Vikings could finally find out what they have in the former first-round pick who has shown that he can play at a high level — especially in a couple of games played against the Vikings in Minnesota.

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  1. Well he’s only visiting for now. Remains to be seen what his actual team will be at the end of the season. It could be just about anybody. Probably not the Bucs. And certainly not the Packers.

  2. It’s unfortunate for him that the Vikings put him out there expecting a young but veteran QB who could actually learn a playbook and do the job he was paid to do. Now exposed for the QB he was and will always be. But hey if my team is down 30 pts and needs a guy to chuck it down the field with no pressure – he is my guy.

  3. I like the Vikes but could there be a bigger mess than Spielman’s current personnel moves? Freeman may be the QB in 2014 but I’m guessing it won’t be for the current coaching staff or front office.

  4. Why would Freeman be frustrated? He stole upwards of 14 million dollars combined from two football teams to stink it up on the field. He should sit back and enjoy the final seven or eight weeks of his career.

  5. I don’t understand why you don’t play him now. We need to see what we have. You don’t pay a guy $2 million to sit him on the bench. You want to see if he can stay consistent (unlike Ponder).

    What scares me is that Frazier won’t start Freeman again until Week 16 or 17 and Freeman plays really well, giving the front office the idea that he is “the guy”, then him regressing next season. It’s the equivalent of a one- or two- game sample of Ponder- if you find that one good game, you think you have the franchise quarter. Find the game the very next week and you’re wondering what the hell the guy is thinking.

  6. Adderall is a schedule 2 drug. Until freeman stops hiding behind his doctor prescription and rids himself of that addiction. He is never gonna get back to the level he was.

  7. Isn’t every Viking frustrated with their status? Just being a part of this second-rate franchise must be frustrating for any player who wants to end his season with a championship celebration, being showered in confetti by the hometown fans.

  8. Many of us wouldn’t be frustrated if we’d just pocketed $11,300,000.00 for doing little to benefit those signing the check, and basically carrying a clipboard for a few months.

  9. Why would MN play anyone other than Ponder and risk their chance at losing out on teddy or Marcus? Too funny. And you KNOW any qb they pick will be a huge bust.

    Can’t be mad at freeman, it’s not his fault the Vikings team are complete and utter football failures.

  10. Maybe the Vikings put him in there right away to drive his value down so they can sign him at a much lower cost next season. Before you criticize this theory remember what other QB’s this team has.

  11. A month to learn a new system and give your current starting QB another chance isn’t really that long. I’m no fan of the Vikings, but I don’t feel like it’s really that big of deal that it has been this long. Their season is shot already an has bee for the last month. Taking there time to see if any of the QB’s they have going to work moving forward isn’t a bad thing either. Vikes fans should just start looking forward to next year.

  12. This is the clown who actually said he was glad for a chance to “pump the brakes” when he was brought in as a back up. Because you know, most quarterbacks don’t actually like playing football.

  13. I guess he could say the coaches have no idea what they are doing. (sarcasm) Bottom line, you have a disaster at the position and the Freeman threw for 27 tds and 4000 yards last year. I think they should take a serious look at him.

    I like his response. Whether it’s what he feels or not, it reflects a stronger commitment to the team than to himself. That’s a good thing to me.

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