Jason Pierre-Paul wins NFC defensive player of week

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The Giants are on a hot streak, and so are their players, in terms of winning weekly awards.

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was named NFC defensive player of the week, after he sealed the Giants win over the Packers with his sensational interception returned for a touchdown.

He’s the second Giants player to win the award in the last three weeks, joining cornerback Terrell Thomas.

That kind of play has coincided with a four-game win streak that has them on the cusp of the NFC East race, which frankly, it’s hard to be out of.

14 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul wins NFC defensive player of week

  1. dude had one good play all game long and he earns defensive player of the week. you gotta be kidding me hell at least justin tuck was in tolziens face all game . not to mention all the other defensive players in the nfc who got shafted

  2. @greenbowlpackers12 You mean one good play all season! This guy has fallen off the map!! He is slower and isn’t as effective as he used to be and don’t give me this “he is injured crap”!

  3. Two years ago, they said if they redrafted in 2010 that JPP would be #1 overall….I’d rather have Suh, Dez, Demaryius, Earl, JIMMY GRAHAM, GRONK! The list goes on…

  4. JPP is hurt and wont be back for real until next season. The Giants season, when they wind up at 8-8 and out of the playoffs with a lousy draft pick will be defined by inexcusable losses vs the boys in week 1 and the eagles and bears later on…..the Giants easily could have won all 3.

  5. zam0854 says: Nov 20, 2013 12:16 PM

    Giants don’t deserve to play in this years Super Bowl…lol

    That’s the funny thing about the Giants, though. You could argue in ’07 and ’11 that, out of the NFC, they didn’t deserve to play in the Superbowl. Unfortunately for fans like you, though, this isn’t the BCS and the best teams earn the chance to compete for titles by winning playoff games. The Giants have a knack for playing better than the “best” or “most deserving” teams when it matters most.

  6. It’s always funny when people kill a guy for not playing hurt, and kill him for not playing well when playing hurt.

    He played last year with a herniated disc in his back, that ended up requiring surgery. Seems to me that a herniated disc and subsequent back surgery is a pretty solid excuse for not playing up to his normal levels. Remember he’s only 24, plenty of football left for this guy.

  7. Jon Beason also deserves that honor, but he won’t get it, because he plays so well every week that everyone thinks thinks his performance in any given week is not outstanding.

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