Justin Tuck feels better than he has in years

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When the Giants were losing their first six games of the season, plenty of the team’s players came under criticism.

Defensive end Justin Tuck was one of them. Rodney Harrison of NBC said Tuck was on his “last legs” and several other observers opined that Tuck was on the back end of his time as an effective NFL player. The Giants have won four straight games now, however, and Tuck’s play has also taken a turn for the better.

The veteran defensive end credits a return to health that has him feeling like it is 2009 again, something that Tuck wasn’t certain would happen after a long stretch of nagging injuries that kept him from feeling like his old self.

“Sure,” Tuck said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “Considering the success I’ve had in my career, and understanding that mentally I can still play the game at a very high level. But when your body isn’t allowing you to do that in those said years, you start to wonder if your body is going to respond back to when the game was easy. I feel great this year, I think my play is showing that. This is a sign of things to come for me to get back to the ultimate goal.”

Tuck and the rest of the defense have spurred the turnaround for the Giants over the last four games, although it’s fair to wonder how much of the turnaround can also be credited to facing a string of backup and/or injured quarterbacks. This Sunday’s game against the Cowboys should give some insight into the final answer on that front.

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  1. The rest of the NFC is beginning to tremble at the thought of a giants team making this historic run and sneaking into the playoffs. If we do, it meant that we won a ton of games in a row to do it and, therefore, we’d be coming in hot. Ruht roh 49ers, then hawks, then pack fans.

  2. As a lifelong giants fan, this guy is, I hope in his last year with us. We drafted a talented player in Damone Moore, but the real issue is Tuck is riding out this teams solid defensive as a unit, but year after year, he has some injury!
    Reese better look at start replacing guys like Tuck
    who have had there day, and now it’s time for younger players to play, period!


  3. Could it also be the first 6 losses were also due to our back end not being able to cover? They traded for Beason, got Will Hill back, and switched some of the LBs around. These changes help to stiffen a back end that was generally porous.

  4. I understand the hate, I really do. As a Giant fan, I, as most of the fanbase are, am used to the rollercoaster ride that seem to happen every season.

    In reality, if the Giants, and I do realize that is a big IF, even make it into the playoffs, it would be, not only miraculous, but also an icing on the cake. This is a team that was counted out, 5 or 6 games into the season. We lose out, hey, there’s always next year, as it definitely showed by the teams performance early in the season that they were not contenders.

    Going back to the haters, I think it is more them “oh no, not the Giants, again!” We all know it, as much as a lot of haters won’t accept, the one team people don’t want to see and play against in the post is the boys in blue.

    It’s all good!

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