League acknowledges Blakeman should have been more descriptive

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A day after the NFL supported, sort of, the decision to pick up the flag that had been thrown at the end of the Patriots-Panthers game, the NFL has acknowledged that it does not support Clete Blakeman’s bare-bones, real-time explanation of the non-call.

Said Blakeman at the time:  “There is no foul on the play.  The game is over.”

Should he have said more?

“Yes, absolutely,” the league office tells PFT.  “In that situation, we certainly want the referee to explain over the mic why the flag was picked up and why the play did not result in a foul.”

While a more detailed explanation would have done nothing to make the call more or less accurate, it would have gone a long way toward making the general public feel good about the outcome.  In an age where opinions become quickly cemented and then shouted around the world via Twitter, it’s important for the league to set the agenda quickly.  And there’s no quicker way to do it than to have the referee tell the world the moment after the play happened.

People love to complain about guys like Ed Hochuli, who likes to talk even more than he likes to wear tight shirts.  But having Hochuli assigned to Monday night’s game would have resulted in a far more detailed explanation than the one we got.

We possibly wouldn’t have been able to understand it, but that’s still better than having nothing at all.

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  1. The best Ref’s are the ones who talk a lot. Seriously…when they explain things it gives the fans a better understanding of the game as a whole. It educates us so we learn and understand future calls of a similar nature.

  2. What if the defender didn’t catch the ball cleanly and it glanced off his hands back towards Gronk? But Gronk couldn’t catch it because he was being mugged? That would be PI. So how can they say the pass was uncatchable if they don’t know (for sure) if the defender will make the pick?

  3. I’m seriously disappointed that the NFL hasn’t moved to void the new CBA for the refs and brought back the replacement guys.

    Time to open up the negotiations!

  4. This myth that the Patriots get all the calls has somehow ballooned over time because of one correctly called play 12 years ago. It’s like a rumor in high school that keeps getting more and more embellished the more people you tell.

    Pretty sure there were 4 holds on the Eli to Tyree play. Perhaps the most significant play of the decade given what a win would have meant. People are so blinded by their Patriots fatigue that they just start making stuff up to suit their agenda.

  5. “There is no foul on the play because we don’t want our cars flipped in the parking lot” isn’t really much better than what was provided.

  6. Funny how New England has gotten just about EVERY call for more than a decade and now that they finally get the other end of a bad call, it sparks an outrage. It’s karma, folks.

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