McGloin closes in on belated vindication over Pryor

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As it becomes more and more clear that the Raiders are ready to make Matt McGloin the starting quarterback over the guy whose stint as quarterback of the future has passed into history, it’s time to share a few intriguing facts about the past relationship between McGloin and the man he’s about to officially supplant.

With Terrelle Pryor being a third-round pick in the 2011 supplemental draft and Matt McGloin being both undrafted and, in the land rush after the draft, unwanted, their NFL path echoed their mutual high school experiences.

A loyal reader passed along an intriguing link to a 2010 article from the Altoona Mirror.  On Wednesday, November 10 of that year, Pryor and his Ohio State Buckeyes were preparing to face McGloin and his Penn State Nittany Lions.  Asked about McGloin, Pryor was blunt.

I never heard of him,” Pryor said.

But McGloin had heard of Pryor, who definitely has since heard of McGloin.  At the time, McGloin said that Pryor’s extended effort to pick a college had made it harder for other quarterbacks to find colleges.

“I think everybody was following what he was doing, especially the quarterbacks,” McGloin said.  “I know a couple guys, including myself, that didn’t get offers because of him. Schools were waiting to see what he did. . . .  It was frustrating, but at the end of the day I think I made the right decision.”

McGloin’s decision was to walk on at Penn State, where he played well enough to not be drafted or signed in April.  Eventually, McGloin had tryouts with the Redskins and Panthers before joining the Raiders in May.

McGloin has since climbed the ladder on Oakland, and he’s now in the process of knocking Pryor to the curb.  If it happens, it’ll be a measure of vindication for McGloin that has been a long time coming.

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  1. If McGloin keeps playing like he did last week in my opinion all will more than be forgiven for giving Matt Flynn all that coin and releasing him . Boy he looked good . Some really lame drops are why his numbers weren’t jaw dropping .

  2. I saw Pryor play in a high school basketball playoff game. He was physically dominant but acted like a bit of a punk.
    Maybe he should have stuck to hoops.

  3. I wonder why McGloin was so lightly recruited out of high school. From what I can tell he seems to have been something of a stud.

    For example: “A three-sport star at West Scranton, McGloin led his football team to two Class AAA championships and a division championship. He scored 1,300 points as a point guard for the basketball team and in baseball went 7-0 as a senior, hit better than .400, and led West Scranton to its first league title in 16 years.”

    lllll AJ

  4. I wish the best for McGloin, but I think all this kick Pryor to the curb stuff needs to stop. It’s been one start, and Pryor has done better this year than most people ever thought he would do in the NFL. If McGloin is still looking like this in a few starts then will talk.

    I find it ironic that guy who thus far made one good start for the Raiders- yes the same Raiders who gave Matt Flynn a ton of money earlier this year-is already getting talked about as ousting Oakland’s starter, as if the whole Matt Flynn in Oakland thing never happened.

  5. D. Coordinators figured Pryor out and his game isn’t good enough to keep ’em guessing. McGloin may indeed be the best option for the rest of the season…

  6. I have nothing at all against Pryor, but it’s hard not to root for McGloin. It seems like nothing about his journey has come easily and he’s continued to prove his doubters wrong. I hope he can find continued success.

  7. He went from HS to no Div 1 offers. Walked on at Penn State and now projects to be a starter in the NFL. Even if he doesn’t make it long his story should be told to all aspiring football players. Don’t give up and give 110%. I just became a fan.

  8. If Pryors knee is healthy go with Pryor, McGloin looked great but he also benefited from two turnovers deep in enemy territory.. McGloin didn’t move the ball as well as Pryor has.. He did execute better in the redzone, but how many redzone opportunities will he generate? If Pryor can turn the corner and close out drives he gives the Raiders the best chance at moving the football and scoring points.

  9. Plenty of players fall thru the cracks and lets not act like a lot of the Penn St players were most likely unfairly tagged as “hands off” simply due to all they’d been thru.

    After everything the school had been thru he went on, in a pro style offense with Bill Obrien, to post 60.5 comp %, 3,271 yards with 24 td’s, 5 int’s and a 137.7 rating.

    All that with not a single one of his skill players or o-linemen drafted.

  10. I thought Pryor was doing really well before getting hurt – how is he suddenly a bum? And I’d like to point out that Matt Flynn ALSO had one game where he looked like a world-beater….how did THAT turn out?

  11. This is ridiculous. Pryor has worked his tail off for 2years and earned his spot. Sure mccloin had a nice win vs a sorry Houston team,. Let’s not talk about 2 of his 3 tds were off turnovers that gave him short field position. Pryor has hit a bump in his development, but if you put on, say the 9ers with a top flight defence he would have the same record as kaepernick. As a die hard raider fan I want the best players playing. Tp was better for all off preseason and the regular season. I will say he better start learning how to step up in the pocket instead of scrambling to the right

  12. So he got no Division I scholarship offers and he blames that on Pryor taking too long to decide where he was going? There wasn’t one Division I school that didn’t think they had a chance at Pryor so nobody wanted to give a scholarship to another quarterback?

  13. And McGloin is one terrible game away from the same people saying he doesn’t belong on an NFL roster.

    The guy doesn’t have what it takes, he doesn’t belong in the league, he stinks… These were the comments not made about McGloin, but made about Pryor. And there are people on this board still saying it. But the fact is he became a leader in the locker room by outworking everyone else and not listening to the naysers. Fact is, Pryor is continuing to put in the work to get better and is obsessed with improving everyday as a QB. Let time be the judge.

  14. “McGloin was honored on the floor of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by Rep. Marty Flynn in 2013.[10] Flynn cited McGloin’s “daily demonstration of grit and tenacity.”

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  15. Pryor Completed 64% of his passes before the injury bug hit the team , When we lost Wiz , pasheo , Watson and both Running backs had Hamstrings is when Pryor started to Struggle , He was the only Threat on the team at that time so I can see why he a few tough games but I did see him move the ball up and down the field when his O-line was healthy . I like Matt and I’m glad he’s on our team but that’s one game and everything good happened for the raiders in the game , Two turnovers inside the 20 , when the offense stalled in the second Half Jennings strikes with a 80 yard run , and the Defense had a great stop at the end of the game to close the deal , so this was a very Good team win . Both Qb’s are young with Not alot of Play makers around them so there will be some growing pains , but the way they are talking about Pryor is crazy he was the only bright spot on the teams when the season started . People are so quick to jump ship !!

  16. The two-horse quarterback system at PSU with Rob Bolden was a mess- Paterno tried to keep both happy. Once everybody split and McGloin stayed (good for him) to weather the storm, he emerged with some great leadership skills. He’s not mobile, but he’s big, hard to bring down, plays through injuries, and is accurate. If the O-line holds, he’ll do well. If it collapses, he’s done. But a good, resilient kid who went through more at PSU than he EVER will with the Raiders.

  17. Rationalthinker 82, I totally agree with you.
    McGloin is good yea but you can’t just drop Pryor cause he
    Had one good game, Pryor has done great for us
    And is getting better. McGloin had good field position for two
    Tds, Pryor could of done same thing with that advantage.
    I say give Pryor start this week and if he starts playing bad sit him
    And see if McGloin can do it 2 games straight and if so then maybe
    Sit Pryor. Pryor my boy he’s a beast

  18. In 8 games (half a season), Pryor has 5 tds and 10 ints with a 69 QB rating. That projects to 10 tds and 20 ints for a full season. That’s not an NFL QB. And he’s not a rookie, he’s in his 3rd season. I like Pryor’s leadership and work ethic, but he just clearly does not have the accuracy to make it as a QB in the league.

  19. Maybe Pryor will turn out okay…but there is usually a reason every team passed on you for 7 rounds…they can’t all be wrong…either talent or attitude or..but once again the Raiders show they are smarter than everyone else.

  20. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says:
    Nov 20, 2013 2:22 PM
    So he got no Division I scholarship offers and he blames that on Pryor taking too long to decide where he was going? There wasn’t one Division I school that didn’t think they had a chance at Pryor so nobody wanted to give a scholarship to another quarterback?

    The article doesn’t say he didn’t get any offers from any D1 schools. The quote reads “I know a couple guys, including myself, that didn’t get offers because of him”. He is referring to the schools Pryor was considering, of which Penn State was one.

    And what he is saying is absolutely true. Pryor took an extraordinarily long time deciding and PSU, OSU and Michigan amongst others were withholding offers to other QBs while they waited.

    McGloin was specifically waiting for an offer from Penn State, and chose to walk on there rather than wait and see what Pryor was going to do or accept a scholarship from a school he didn’t want to go to.

    I grew up in PA and still follow college football there pretty closely, although not as much since all the icky stuff happened. Believe me, McGloin got plenty of scholarship offers.

  21. “Pryor has done great for us
    And is getting better.”…<<<— that right there is why Raider fans are so dumb..and i've been one for 39 years so i know..Pryor SUCKS!!!! he is a clown, 5TDs and 9INTs..he single handedly lost the Colts game, the Chiefs game and the Giants game with his interceptions BUT OHHHHH NOOOOO says the idiot Raider fans..Palmer did the same exact thing last year and they all wanted to hang him but Pryor does it and it's a different story..hypocrites.. you honestly think they'll win a SB with Pryor as the QB?? smarten up fools..he can't throw

  22. jacunn2000 says:
    Nov 20, 2013 2:15 PM

    He looked good against the Texans. Remember, the 2 & 8 Texans….. I hope he succeeds, but the Texans are horrible right now.
    The Texans may be 2-8, but most of the blame for that goes on their inept Offense, they still do have a pretty good Defense. So McGloin was dealing with a top 10 Defense on Sunday and he looked pretty good getting the job done. Lets see how he does with the next couple of teams before believing that the Raiders are done with Pryor. 1 game doesn’t prove enough, only time will tell.

  23. while Pryor was scamming for free tattoos in college, McGloin was studying film.. successful QB play in the NFL starts between the ears

  24. You Pryor fanboys are on drugs. McGloin had good field position….so what? He put the ball in the end zone. Pryor has had the Raiders Defense score TDs for him, and guess what? The Raiders couldn’t even break 21 against the Giants with a spotted TD. The Raiders haven’t scored over 21 all year with Pryor!! Pryor is what he is, get real and learn some football. They have to give the kid the highschool play book and defenses are laughing. It’s embarrassing to watch. Quit making these ridiculous excuses for Pryor because McGloin played above and beyond anything that Pryor has demonstrated in 3 years. If Pryor was in that game there would have been 6 sacks on him and he sure as he’ll wouldn’t have thrown those passes with the touch McGloin did. You clowns would rather lose as long as Pryor is running around losing more yards than he gains. Unreal.

  25. I don’t hate Pryor. I swear i dont but the way some of you are talking sounds like the same people who hung on to McFadden year after year after year. I think his athletic ability is enough to keep him around to grow but he obviously isn’t ready yet. Truth of the matter is he is the worst QB in the NFL. I’m not saying that to be mean. Its facts. Look it up yourself. His QBR is in the 30’s. He has fast feet. But never checks down. Cant throw left and hasn’t thrown into the endzone in his last 4 starts. I’m perfectly fine looking at McGloin and seeing what he can bring. He has earned a second look.

  26. Greaat…bottom line …why not find out what you got with him…but I will keep it real ….some of these guys who want to just throw Pryor overboard, and act like receivers didn’t drop any of his passes as well are mistaken. Nor am I ready to sat McGloin is the next Brett Farve as some will say. I just love the fact that we have depth. I would love to have a 1-2 punch of McFadden , and Jennings as well.

    Fact also is O-line is way better than what it was, since the second half in KC game. However that is not saying much…really I do not think it could have possibly got any worse.

    One game out of a wild card…GO Raiders!

  27. Ridiculous. One start. Matt Flynn had one good start too. Look how that turned out. And it is ridiculous to suggest that this kid got no offers because of Pryor. If he was that good the offers would have come, if not from the schools he wanted offers from.

    And to be fair, nobody outside Happy Valley had heard of this kid. And the only reason they knew about him last year was because he was starting in the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal.

  28. therolandobottom says:
    Nov 20, 2013 3:30 PM
    You Pryor fanboys are on drug
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    No I am a raider fan Mr Rolondo McClain, and I don’t drink your kool aid, nor di I get delusional after only one game ….

    as far as Pryor, I think he has played for more than three years…. pretty sure he was a state champ in high school (in three sports) was the USA Today, Parade Magazine athelte of the Year, etc…Rivals Scouts, etc… #1 rated recruit. He is the only Penn player (the cradle of qb’s) to rush and pass for 4000 yards. He then went on to start at The Ohio State U, and won a BCS championship there……so he did play before he played for the raiders.

    Hey but I am all for rooting for my Irish cousin McGloin. He too is also from the “Cradle of Qb’s” as well. I could only hope he is the real deal…that way worse case scenario we have two good Qb’s on our roster. Go McGloin, GO Raiders.

  29. eatitfanboy says:
    Nov 20, 2013 2:56 PM
    I grew up in PA and still follow college football there pretty closely, although not as much since all the icky stuff happened. Believe me, McGloin got plenty of scholarship offers.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Why do you have to lie… McGloin just did an interview a few days ago where he said he did not have a single D-1 offer….i have no problem with that. He earned his starting job at Penn St, after being a walk on. Same thing here in Oakland , he was a walk on, and has earned everything thus far, and has earned the right to start…, More power to him…but no need to lie about him…just win baby!

  30. Its absurd to blame Pryor for “tking too long” to pick his school, you see kids rush into dumb decision all the time and then coaches or administrators refuse to release them form their scholarships. Once he signed that letter of intent he was committing himself for at least the next 3 years of his life at just what 17 or 18 year old? Give me abreak if McGloin has a problem it should be with teh coaches that waited on Pryor with baited breath, not with Pryor who’s accomplishments allowed him to weigh his options and select a college on his own terms. McGloin should have been the better prospect and he would not have been on the 2nd or 3rd tier waiting for scraps after the blue chips made their decisions.

  31. Well, that’s a nice little story for a another QB who stinks but Pryor was choosing between Michigan and Ohio State. Hey, but if that makes this guy feel better about absolutely no one in the country offering him a scholarship, I say knock yourself out.

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