Niners, Kaepernick seem destined to wait to do a new deal

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Before the 2013 season began, it seemed likely if not inevitable that, come February of 2014, the 49ers would be figuring out how to come up with the cash and cap space needed to give big-money contracts to quarterback Colin Kaepernick and linebacker Aldon Smith, both of whom will be eligible for new deals after completing their third NFL seasons.

Now, for entirely different reasons, it seems likely if not inevitable that both players will play the 2014 season under their current contracts.

For Smith, a string of troubling off-field issues will keep the guy who has 38 sacks in 37 career games from getting the kind of contract he would have gotten in 2011 but for the adoption of a new rookie wage scale.  It became obvious once Smith took a leave of absence to enter rehab that the 49ers won’t be breaking the bank until he shows that he has overcome his various predicaments.

For Kaepernick, there’s only one predicament.  And it’s a big one.  Goes like this:  Kaepernick suddenly stinks.

OK, he doesn’t stink in comparison to the quarterbacks who truly stink (and they know who they are).  But Kaepernick stinks in comparison to the high bar he established last year.

It didn’t appear it would be that way, way back in Week One.  With the Packers still skittish about Kaepernick running wild in the 2012 playoffs — and with coach Jim Harbaugh rope-a-doping Green Bay into thinking more of the same was coming — Kaepernick threw for 412 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

In the nine games since then, he’s averaging a measly 154.4 passing yards per game, with eight touchdowns and seven picks.  And the 49ers have won five games and lost four.

If that trend continues, Kaepernick will get a new deal after the season only if he’s willing to do something based not on his 2012 coming-out party but on his 2013 coming-down-to-earth performance.  Which means that Kaepernick is now likely to play out his rookie deal (at $973,766 in base salary next year), with the 49ers having the franchise tag available in 2015 to keep him from leaving.

Based on how he’s played so far in 2013, it’s currently hard to imagine anyone offering him more money than the 49ers will.

But at least Kaepernick sold out off the field, while there was still something to sell.

49 responses to “Niners, Kaepernick seem destined to wait to do a new deal

  1. How the mighty have fallen. Their GM & coach were the toast of the league last offseason. Now their 1st pick last year (WR) was traded away, the year before that Smith sits in rehab & their QB might not be all he’s cracked up to be.

    If SF is not committed to Kaep, then they’ll look like fools gold trading away a 9-1 starter.

  2. “But at least Kaepernick sold out off the field, while there was still something to sell.” – I think that’s part of the problem. Needs to do more classroom time.

  3. No disputing the fact that the Niner offense is anemic right now. Not good. However, I watched every single game of Kaep’s at Reno and after a breakout freshman year he struggled in his soph season, better his Junior year then lit it up his senior year. He’s mirrored that progression this season with a caveat. His two main outside threats were not in camp and haven’t been in the battle so far.

    While you can argue he should still be playing better with the table scraps he has outside, he’s young and still learning. The bright side for Niner fans is the kid is a level headed, smart, trouble-free gamer with an insatiable work ethic.

    Niners look tired. Maybe back to back deep post season runs do that to a team

  4. Kap was never that good and there’s a reason he couldn’t beat out Alex Smith for the starting job.

    The issue is that the 24×7 media, desperate for something, anythng, to say, decided to talk him up last year in an effort to make him a star.

  5. He’s a one trick pony. San Fran has the weapons and tools for an elite offense, however, with the predictable QB, they’ll be mediocre at best. With Gore losing steam as well, they’ll be looking for a few key positions in the coming years

  6. Just goes to show you, never wear a clown suit and sunglasses indoors until after your playing days are over.

  7. Who has got it better than them ?

    Suddenly…..quite a few teams.

    Quick shelf life in the NFL. Remember when Baalke was the toast of the town ? Now things don’t look as bright, and that 2012 draft was a dumpster fire.

  8. What’s really wrong with Kaepernick???

    Kaepernick is nothing but a over rated over hyped selfish money hungry punk that is purely thinking about his pockets.

    As the saying goes, he got his mind on his money and his money on his mind. The reason why he isn’t running and playing to his own strength and winning games and carrying the team on his back like he should is exactly that! He doesn’t want to get hurt. He saw what HarBaalke did to Alex Smith when Alex Smith got concussed. They took his job, put him on the bench and traded him the following season to save money.

    If Kaepernick gets himself hurt, he would have no guaranteed money, no insurance for the big contract he is yet to sign. He’s not a 1st round pick that has already gotten his millions out of the gate. He tried in the off season to milk up as much as he could by doing all the commercials, magazines and selling his face. Now he’s thinking about his big contact and guaranteed money (if you were his agent or his parents, you would advise him the same). He’s not worried about winning or putting himself in harm’s way for a win each week or even a 1st down if it comes to it. Unlike for example Russell Wilson, whom every time the game is on the line, the kid (even with the best defense in the league) works his butt off for a 1st down with his legs. Do you see Mr. Kaepernick doing the same for the 49ers?

    Case in point, SF vs NO, game is tied 20 – 20, with 1:56 left in the 4th Qtr, 3rd and 19, Kaepernick would rather ran out of bounce (stopping the clock for the Saints, which lead to the punt and winning FG for the Saints) and gain only 16 yards and come 3 yards short so he won’t get hurt than risk it going for the 1st down taking some hits and win the game for the team!!!

    This is the king of over rated over hyped selfish dolphin hat wearing “you can all hate me” punk loser you have as your starting QB.

    Funny though, it’s all karma, because you can blame part of this on HarBaalke as they and their double talk double face dealings (since they have taken over the team) have lost trust on the players. Though the players have not spoken out publicly, they all know what they’re dealing with now.

  9. Take it from a Bucs fan: Do not give him a long-term deal until he proves he’s worth it. 1 season is not proving he’s worth it. The Bucs would be in a world of hurt right now had they given Freeman a long term deal he didn’t deserve. The 49ers would be wise to do the same and wait it out. For the QB position at least, the franchise tag is your friend.

  10. Looks like a potential salary cap issue for the Niners if they choose to take a chance and overpay CK. The Falcons and Ravens are going through this right now with their overpaid QBs.

  11. New rule for media and pundits (Jaws). Wait at least 3 years before you anoint rookie qb’s as hall of famers.


  12. Is seems Kaepernick believed all the hype about being the greatest ever, got caught up in all the endorsements, commercials, celebrity status, bicep kissing, ect.

  13. anyone see cam newton the last few weeks?? anyone remember last year at this time people were ready to send him to the wolves because he was struggling? that was his second year starting, this is kaep’s second year starting. to echo some of the previous comments there is a learning curve, and the sports entertainment media annointed him. If he is struggling next season game 10 then we will have an issue…let’s wait until then.

  14. Everybody, calm down! Colin has played just over a season of football. Remember Peyton Manning’s first season? Colin still has a chance to be a great QB. He has the two things he will need to make it happen: 1) A good head coach who can teach him; and 2) A good defense to keep him in games.

    AND, the team is 6-4 with a great chance of making the playoffs. People really do need to relax!

  15. I love how all you niner faithful crowned squidward after 10 whole games, now you guys are back peddling saying he’s only played x amount of games we need more time to evaluate him….squidward looks lost as hell out there, 9ers better draft a qb in the next draft cause squidward thinks he clearly cannot be replaced. Humble pie people.

  16. logicalvoicesays says:
    Nov 20, 2013 8:19 AM

    So you’re saying Kaepernick (6-4 with a good shot at the playoffs) is an RG3 (3-7 with ZERO shot at the playoffs) wannabe??? Man you’re all correct he IS a failure.

  17. cuda1234 says:
    Nov 20, 2013 7:41 AM
    “Kap was never that good and there’s a reason he couldn’t beat out Alex Smith for the starting job.”

    First he took Alex’s job, then he took the niners to the superbowl with great playoff games against great NFC teams. What are you even talking about!?

  18. Seriously this isn’t all on Kap! The play calling has absolutely sucked. We’ve been riddled with nagging injuries on Defense as well as serious injuries on Offense and the most important factor that everyone seems to be overlooking is Kap hasn’t had anyone to throw to! Yes Anquon and Vernon have been amazing but this is a new chemistry experiment between them and Kap! Once Crabby comes back and Manningham gets his football legs back then we’ll have the multitude of weapons back and this offense will be unstoppable, period! And one final note. This league isn’t about who’s dominant throughout the year or crazy stats anymore, it’s about who gets hot at the right time and winning on the road, I.e. Giants and Ravens of recent years.

  19. I don’t think they would be better with smith still at qb. He can be neutralized as much as kap by good defense. I don’t know what will happen the rest of the way as they don’t look real good right now but maybe its not a bad thing that he’s no longer talked about as a 20mill cap killing qb.

  20. I’m no Niners fan. In fact, they are one of my most hated teams. That said, this kid has been saddled with a pretty pedestrian offense. Aside from Davis at TE, none of the WRs scare anyone, and Gore isn’t the same back he once was. The o-line has suddenly sprung some leaks, too. And, yes, the Niners haven’t drafted all that well recently. They missed badly on that WR and LeMichael James has not turned out to be the threat out of the backfield they thought. So, maybe Kap has his own issues to work out, but he’s trying to do it with an offense that no one is losing sleep trying to plan against.

  21. Bicep kissing..headphone around his neck during interviews like a fashion statement. Defenses I think see this and want to sack him so they can kiss their biceps

  22. So you’re saying Kaepernick (6-4 with a good shot at the playoffs) is an RG3 (3-7 with ZERO shot at the playoffs) wannabe??? Man you’re all correct he IS a failure.

    Ummm….how many games back are the 9ers in their division, and how many games back are the skins??
    You don’t even gotta get back to me dog.

  23. Kaep is a great athlete and a good quarterback. Jaws said that “Kaep could be on of the greatest (eventually” COULD BE. I think he can be but he most definitely has struggled this year. Just as many people fail to qualify their failures often times people fail to qualify their success. Kaep’s success had some ‘some’ to do with a new look/wrinkle implemented into the offense and defenses needing to react to that.

    The fact is simple that over 11 starts last season there was plenty of adjustment for teams. It is not as though teams create the gameplan 16 weeks in advance. You finish your week and start prepping afterward. The Green Bay Packers had the whole offseason to chew on the raw salty taste of being humiliated in the Divisional Playoff game against the 49ers. They sought outside info on how to stop the ‘pistol’ and come week 1 what happened. Kaep’s ability to THROW the ball was well demonstrated. It should also be noted that GB has a much much better defense than last year, making 400 yds through the air more impressive.

    However, the coaching staff fell in love with this development and didn’t ‘QUALIFY’ that success. GB was down a starting DB. The following week, in Seattle, SF played the best ‘back end’ in the NFL (Sherm, ET, etc) and attempting to be pass happy against that LET ALONE in one of the toughest stadiums to play in (statistically speaking) was obtuse. Still, that games final score is drastically misleading to how closely contested it was through 3 quarter (12 – 3 at the beginning of the 4th quarter). 17 points in the 4th quarter against Seattle and 14 in the 4th against the Colts the following week and then there was blood in the water.

    Just as last down the stretch last season, it is apparent that the ‘heads’ of the 49ers want to wait to show the league what the truly want to look like. This is uncomfortable and forces a handicapping of of sorts and I think that uncomfortability of present and prevelent in the appearance of the 49ers’ offense.

    The Panthers are stout and well coached defense. The Saints are an above average defense as well. Kaep has had poor numbers against such defenses but when you clip the feathers of a bird it is difficult to watch it attempt to fly. It fights and struggles mightily flailing its wings and momentarily gets off of the ground, only to fall and struggle more.

    When I observe the situation and account for the impending ineviteability of contract extentions and negotiations. It becomes apparrent, in my opinion, that the 49ers are attempting to influence this by creating a situation that Kaep could grow and work on very VERY specific things while the 49ers could still win. But by doing this it negates Kaep from ‘flying’ and deflates his numbers. Those numbers will be brought to the table when contract talks begin giving the 49ers a substantial amount of leverage in these negotiations.

    Kaep is a winner. He has worked hard and is developing while still winning. Again, while he is a great athlete and good QB he does have room to grow as a QB but more importantly as a leader. I don’t agree with a lot of statements that he is money hungry or a punk. The QB is young and while adopted he hasn’t had to ‘grow up’ through the same situation of Russell Wilson. Wilson’s strength is his leadership, not to mention he is a good QB as well, and situational awareness. Still to this day, if I had the choice of Luck, Wilson, RG3, or Kaep I will take Kaep. The kid is growing up quick, has eaten a little crow with humble pie on the side, and is learning what it takes to be a leader.

    Look for improvements over the last 6 weeks of the season and potentially into the postseason.

  24. Just like Griffin, Kaepernick is going through the same transition Steve McNair made after he’d taken the Titans to the Super Bowl before he became one of the AFC’s best.

    While I think Griffin is ahead of the bar and will be better for it next year despite his step back overall (also once the coaches he hate are fired), Kaepernick seems to be fighting the natural progression that he needs to take and is at a crossroads of his career. People making excuses for him and saying that he was one play from winning the Super Bowl should put Steve McNair as the best example of the career path he needs to take because he was in the exact same situation but realized that he still needed to get way better to help his team compete for the Super Bowl.

    Kaepernick’s answer to his struggles seems to be, well what I did last year worked and eventually it will work again as long as I keep at it. No, you’re going to have to reinvent yourself and become a better passer because the league has a book on you now, or the 49ers will be drafting your replacement soon.

  25. hen510 says:
    Nov 20, 2013 11:44 AM
    So you’re saying Kaepernick (6-4 with a good shot at the playoffs) is an RG3 (3-7 with ZERO shot at the playoffs) wannabe??? Man you’re all correct he IS a failure.

    Ummm….how many games back are the 9ers in their division, and how many games back are the skins??
    You don’t even gotta get back to me dog.


    One may NOT simply look at the number of games back a team is and base their playoff chances on that alone.

    The Skins are 2.5 games behind the Eagles.
    The 49 niners are 3.5 games behind the Seahawks.

    If the playoffs began today, the 49 niners would be in the playoffs and the Skins would be at home.

    The NFC East is weak and by that I mean there will not be a wild card team from that division so to go to the playoffs from that division, you need to win it.

    The issue for the Skins is that there are three teams ahead of them in their division to pass so while they are only 2.5 games back of the leader, I don’t see them getting by all 3 teams.

    Every team in the league who isn’t in playoff contention would much rather be in the 49 niners position while being 3.5 games back than in the Skins position even though they are only 2.5 games back in their division.

  26. He’s having a rough year no doubt, but I’d wait til next year to say all this stuff. He just needs to work thru this and keep his mind on the field. The coaches look bad to me in this situation. He needs to go out there and play his game.

  27. kaperchoke,
    Yea, he wasn’t about the money except he was a number one pick back in the days when they got the $60 million deals. If I hear one more person bring up Alex Smith like he was some great part of the 49ers success, I’m going to vomit.

    He’s doing in Kansas City what he’s capable of doing at his ceiling (same as he did under Harbaugh after being horrible for 7 years and normally would have been out of the league or on somebody’s bench by that point of his career like David Carr if Harbaugh didn’t reinvent him), Trent Dilfering it up. Or maybe you forgot how bad he was in that NFC championship game against the Giants?

  28. kaperchoke says:
    Nov 20, 2013 12:35 PM
    He’s thinking about his pockets instead of winning, no wonder he’s lost out there ROFL!!!

    Kaepernick is eligible for a contract extension at the end of the season… If he is “about his pockets,” then his mind is definately on winning to improve his contract.

  29. I don’t think money enters into this equation at all. Maybe it was a lack of a pre-season ( he took about 10 snaps, total). But it’s not the O Line – Kaepernick misses seeing open receivers ALL the time and he really gets out of rhythm with his constant audibles (if he knew what he was doing – ala Manning – I would cut him some slack for audibles….but audibling and then accomplishing nothing is a very bad sign). Don’t you want to scream “just throw the damn ball” at times. I think he may end up as another Jim Druckenmiller (a cannon for an arm and nothing else). Greg Roman isn’t doing the team any favor either – the running stats are skewed because most of Gore’s numbers come on 1 or 2 long runs….the rest are 1 and 2 yard nothings.

  30. sportsfan18 says: Nov 20, 2013 12:23 PM

    One may NOT simply look at the number of games back a team is and base their playoff chances on that alone.

    The Skins are 2.5 games behind the Eagles. The 49 niners are 3.5 games behind the Seahawks.

    If the playoffs began today, the 49 niners would be in the playoffs and the Skins would be at home.

    So many things wrong here…..first of all playoffs wouldn’t start today, second 9ers, bears, cardinals all tied for wildcard #2 third…I GAURANTEE you other teams on the bubble would rather have to win the NFC east to get in the playoffs than aim for the 2nd wildcard

  31. KraperNOOB suck. He’s thinking about his MONEY more than about winning.

    What did all the BS in the off season tell you? LOL!!!

    Look at him, he’s a punk kid at the candy store LOL!!!

    He don’t care about winning like Russell Wilson, the kid is nothing more than a over hyped over rated selfish punk.

  32. I said it last year and no-one believed me – Kap’s throwing motion is terrible. He has a wined-up “chuck” method that is slow and easy to read pre-throw – due to all the shoulder movement.

    Manning, Luck, Wilson, Brees, Smith have sharp wrist-snap motion with little shoulder movement.

    Kap’s muscles get in the way, and there is a reason most great QB’s don’t look like that. Montana, Young, Manning, etc etc

  33. Kaep and RGIII are sucking at the moment so their bums all of a sudden? What a joke NFL fans are. I really don’t get the RGIII crap since he’s coming off a serious injury. I guess players now get just a few games to recover then you’re a bum if you’re not killin it on the field. Both players are just starting their careers. People are so quick to put players in the Hall or say they’re busts. Let it play out and just maybe they’ll mature like people sometimes do.

  34. Greg roman’s bs play calling continues from the end of the super bowl. Where’s the screens, quick slants, check downs, delay draws against aggressive defenses. Nobody fear our passing game so they stack the box with 9 how can the o line protect against that. Let Kaep b the guy that runs and throw on the run. I refuse to believe Crabtree is the reason for this offense being 32nd. Great coaching staff find ways to adjust and get the best out of there players I don’t see that happening. I believe in us to get this right the next 6 games everyone forgets when u reach the post season regular season records doesn’t matter ask green bay when they finished 15-1 or saints when Seahawks went at 7-9 in beat them in the first round!

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