Ted Wells continues meeting with Dolphins employees

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The best part about the ongoing discussion regarding the final play in the Patriots-Panthers game?  It has provided a brief respite from the Dolphins situation.

But the situation continues to percolate in South Florida.  Soon, one aspect of the drama will hit full boil.

The status of the multi-pronged case has been aptly summarized by Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, via Twitter.

For starters, investigator Ted Wells remains in Miami, and the thinking is that he’ll be there for several more days.  Wells already has met with G.M. Jeff Ireland, in a session that according to Darlington lasted more than two hours.

Come Thursday, the grievance hearing regarding guard Richie Incognito’s ongoing suspension will commence.  Per Darlington, the grievance hearing is expected to last several days.

All of this means that, as the Dolphins prepare to host the Panthers, the Miami players and coaches and staff have plenty of other things taking up their time.  Which will make it even harder to snap Carolina’s six-game winning streak.

14 responses to “Ted Wells continues meeting with Dolphins employees

  1. Miami always surprises beating better teams, and loosing to worse teams. I wouldn’t be surprise if they beat Carolina. Lets go Dolphins!!!

  2. Meanwhile, the guy who has been scapegoated by the media in all of this hangs in the wind. The major media has yet to note that Martin’s mother, who is advising him, is a “workplace lawyer” who specializes in corporate shakedowns for alleged “harassment. ” here’s hoping Incognito wins his appeal and is reinstated with full back pay, and Ireland and Clueless Joe get canned.

  3. Osiris – I guess you did not read about how poor ol’ Incognito the scapegoat mocked a team employee’s heritage, dressed up in traditional clothing for said heritage, and made jokes in front of other team employees about players having sex with his wife. Is that what tough guys do in your world? Incognito is a total piece of garbage. It has nothing to do with football anymore. He’s filth. And he has some serious issues that he needs to address.

  4. This is by far the most overblown bunch of crap I ‘be ever seen. The issue here is that a football player who is a quitter got his feelings hurt, because was getting his brains beat in playing a position he was no good at and could not handle the criticism . The bottom line once a quitter always a quitter. I’m thankful he wasn’t defending our country he would get other men killed when could’nt handle it and quit.

  5. Ridiculous. So the Dolphins have to practice while this meat head lingers in the background all week?

    Jonathan Martin, I hope you’re proud. I for one hope you never play another down in the NFL. Coward.

  6. Yes, Richie has acted like an idiot. That isn’t the question. The question is whether or Jonathan Martin was singled out, harassed or discriminated against. For a refreshing take on this fiasco, I recommend Dave Hyde’s latest article for the Sun Sentinel.

  7. Let’s just suppose for a minute that most of what everyone has had the guts to publish is true. That means that the GM is callous, clueless and clumsy when it comes to football operations. It also means that we have an offense, which is led by people with a similar skill set to the GM.

    This anthology of “mal-managers” has created another mediocre team, which is effecting every fans ability to enjoy this season. I am sorry for being selfish but I fell as though I have wasted thousands of dollars on season tickets. I feel like I am watching a soap opera rather than a football team!

    Martin is mentally ill and Pouncey has a gall bladder condition; not to mention a Grand Jury Subpoena! Incognito is a violent bore without any supervision. The black guys love the white guy using the “N” word and hate the black guy who is seen as weak because he shuns violence when he is not on the football field. You can’t make crap like this up!

    To stir the pot, we have a labor union that can’t take sides, even against management. Talk about wasted dues and an unholy alliance! Y0u have the NFL front office sending their investigator to investigate an incident where one of the league owners might have to pay out tens-of-millions after creating and suborning a hostile work environment (in the real world legal sense – not the surreal Dolphin locker room world.) The union demands that Incognito have a chance to bring forth exculpatory evidence in a hearing that will undoubtedly be used by the league and Martin to exam Richie’s defense strategy.

    All of this crap makes you want to root for the Patriots! Okay, it’s not that bad! We all still hate Tom Brady – right?


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