Trent Williams thinks NFL will sweep incident with ref under the rug


Washington offensive lineman Trent Williams doesn’t think the NFL is going to do much about his claim that an official cursed at him during Sunday’s game.

Williams told that he doesn’t expect the NFL to do much of anything about the matter, and at this point he’s turning his attention toward Monday night’s game against San Francisco.

They’ll probably sweep it under the rug,” he said. “That’s my opinion, but I’m over it. I’m focused on the 49ers now. That’s the end of it.”

Former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira revealed this week that the official in question, umpire Roy Ellison, has previously been warned that he needs to be civil in his interactions with players. Williams said that fits with what other players have told him about Ellison.

“I’ve had [players from other teams] hit me up the past few days saying they’ve had the same experience with him,” Williams said.

If that’s true, the NFL has a problem on its hands. Officials should enforce the rules while treating players with respect. If Ellison isn’t doing that, he shouldn’t be an NFL official.