Aqib Talib limited in practice


The “Ice up, son” phenomenon that Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith started after last Sunday’s victory over the Patriots continues to grow in Charlotte.

Meanwhile, the man who was told to ice up continues to practice in New England. Cornerback Aqib Talib aggravated a previous hip injury while guarding Smith and couldn’t return to the game, but he’s been able to participate in practice each of the last two days. He’s been limited, but being able to go two straight days at any level is a good sign for his chances of playing against the Broncos on Sunday night.

Cornerbacks Alfonzo Dennard and Kyle Arrington were also limited for the Patriots, who are going to need as many healthy bodies as they can get at the position with the Broncos next up. Reports this week have pegged Dennard as unlikely to play with a knee injury, however, and safety Steve Gregory was also limited as he returns from a thumb injury.

Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui, who has a knee injury, was the only player to miss practice altogether.

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  1. Cornerback Aqib Talib aggravated a previous hip injury while guarding Smith and couldn’t return to the game,


    Guarding or fighting?

    I couldn’t really tell.

  2. This feels like it is going to be one of those unexpected NFL games– The Patriots will beat the Broncos handily.

    The Broncos are a better team, have proven themselves all season, but this one will shock everyone.

  3. Talib has been very good for the Pats. Shame to have a bad game and then have to take the smack talk. Best way to overcome this is for him to play great the rest of the way.

  4. As a Patriots fan I admire how Steve Smith has always played and was disgusted with Talib’s dumb crap on Monday. That was disgraceful.

  5. @ dualprime,

    “He’s still looking for his ass after Smith handed it to him…over and over.”

    Really? 4 catches for 62 yards and 0 TD’s is handing Talib his @$$? I will agree he made a couple of key catches, but seriously? With your assessment, that must make Brandon LaFell with his 7 catches and a TD a future HOF’er.

    Smith is a pretty solid receiver, but he hardly handed Talib anything except for some attitude and a funny line about icing up. Smith is a psycho, and everybody knows it. Cam Newton and that very solid Panther D is who did the damage to the Patriots.

  6. Talib has been one of the best cornerbacks in the league all year, one of the reasons the pats have had success this year, he shut down a.j green vs cincy, although we lost the game. He absolutely dominated jimmy graham, graham had zero catches in the game going against talib! One of the best and most efficiency te/yardage gainers in the league! My point is that I cannot beleive how much criticism he is receiving after one bad game! And it wasn’t even THAT bad of a game for the injured talib! He held smith to under 70 yards which isn’t amazing for an elite receiver.. Y’all must be stupid and clueless to judge talib on his performance.. He can’t absolutely dominate and shut down the receiving corpse of every single team week in and out. He might not be 100% healthy on Sunday vs the broncos but he knows how much this game means, expect him to have a big game, especially after receiving the critisism he has this week. He will shine and shut down of one of many manning weapons. on another note, I’m sick of everyone saying manning is proving he’s the better quarterback compared to Brady this season.. There is absolutely no way you can compare the two based on what Brady has had to work with all season compared to manning having an all star receiving corpse.. Lets see what people are saying if the roles were reversed. Should be an interesting Sunday nighters, can’t wait. Go pats go! Make that selfish welker know what happens when you reject to stay with the team that raised you into the player you are. Rant over.. Woooo

  7. First of all, the Pats and Panthers played MONDAY, not Sunday. Can’t even get simple facts straight. SMH.

  8. Smith handed Talib his ass? He had 4 catches for 62 yards and 0 TDs. One of those went for 42. So, the other 3 catches went for 20 yards. Talib had 5 tackles and 2 Passes Defensed, which means he knocked down the pass. I don’t think Smith handed Talib anything. That being said, Talib acted like an ASS on the field. It was Cam Newton who handed the Pats D their ass especially on 3rd down.

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