Brooks not upset by the publicity from hit on Brees


49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks doesn’t like that he received a flag and later a fine for hitting Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the neck.  But Brooks doesn’t mind the fact that the issue has given him plenty of attention.

I’m not upset,” Brooks said Thursday, via the team’s official website.  “Obviously it’s given me a lot of publicity.

“This is the most publicity I’ve ever had, off of one play.”

He’s had some publicity before.  Brooks entered the league as a much-hyped third-round pick in the supplemental draft, his stock diminished by marijuana issues at the University of Virginia.  Unlike some of the low-risk, high-reward players the Bengals drafted, Brooks didn’t work out in Cincinnati, but his career eventually has flourished in San Francisco.

During the offseason, Brooks almost got a lot more publicity after allegedly smashing a beer bottle on a teammate’s head.  Prosecutors opted not to pursue criminal charges.

As to the more recent non-criminal charges levied by the league, Brooks maintains his innocence.

“I thought it was a clean hit,” Brooks said.  “You can argue a little something here or there, but at the end of the day, it was a clean hit.  I didn’t hit him in the head; I didn’t hit him in the neck.”

Brooks says he hit Brees in the chest.  NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino has said that, if the contact begins at chest level and moves up to the neck, it’s still a foul.  The rule book arguably implies that the “sliding-up” principle applies only to contact from the helmet or facemask.

Brooks also has reiterated that he won’t take money from ESPN analyst and former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

“Why should I?” Brooks said.  “I’m alright [financially], man.”

He could end up even better financially, if the appeal of his fine is successful.

13 responses to “Brooks not upset by the publicity from hit on Brees

  1. Since Clay Matthews’ fine for the hit on Kaepernick was in the same “neck area” AND four yards out of bounds was cut in half, I would like to believe Brooks’ fine would be cut at least that much . . . but I doubt it.

  2. Hey man, 8 grand is 8 grand. Take the money. I see now why some of these guys end up broke within 5 years of retiring.

  3. NFL taking care of the poor poor Saints again. It’s bad enough they have them the NFC Championship. Yes they got punished last year, the NFL has to do something for getting caught cheating and for the NFL giving them the game. Barry Bonds , Alex Rodriguez and the Tainted Saints!!!

  4. Those people who thought it was a unnecessary or illegal should stop watching football and move onto tennis.

    If I’m Brooks and I’m coming around the tackle as fast as I can, I’m not thinking about, “Should I take it easy on Brees WHEN I get there.” Heck, no. I’m thinking, “Get to that quarterback and get there fast!!”

    When you start thinking about taking it easy on the QB, you risk ending up with another Mathias Kiwanuka vs Vince Young play.

  5. i wanted to see brees get hit harder than that punish that little punk any way you want use and abuse that rat. i think with the new rule changes we are going to see more qbs hurt

  6. It’s easy not to be upset about the publicity when everyone in the United States thinks your hit was clean.

    That said…. if it was the playoffs and the callended his team’s season …. Brooks would feel different even if it was a clean hit.

    Time to learn, kids on defense.

  7. Matt Ryan got sacked with the face mask grabbed no flag WoW the commentators even saying talk about that no flag and talk about Ahmed Brooks sack the NFL is all about ratings they are trying to make the next week Monday nite game interesting because its Saint and Seahawks

  8. Brooks should take the Lewis’ money and donate it to a charity that specializes in players treated for concussions.

    You know for when players actually get hit in head / neck…

  9. jonny42671, the Saints Super Bowl victory was not tainted. If it had been, Roger would have found a way to take the Lombardi away from them. What was tainted was that pitiful excuse of an investigation the NFL conducted. You know the one that produced 50,000 pages of evidence that we later found out never existed. Unless, of course, you, jonny, have copies of those you would like to share with the rest of us.

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