Cam Newton celebrated win with trip to Waffle House

Getty Images

Charlotte’s grown up a lot since the NFL arrived in 1995. An actual, if still quaint, downtown exists now, with restaurants and clubs that stay open after dark.

But Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hit one of the city’s old-school nightspots after leading his team to a win over the Patriots on Monday night.

I went to Waffle House,” Newton said, via David Newton of “Popped orange juices.”

Newton’s celebration was as low-key as he’s been in the aftermath of the team’s signature win of the season in front of a national television audience.

But rather than celebrate with teammates, he caught a quick, cheap meal with the family, at a place where he said he’s “on a first-name basis” with the staff.

“I order scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese grits in one bowl with a light waffle, . . . extremely light waffle,” he said. “Ah, man, to die for.”

It also fits with his team, which has scattered, smothered and covered opponents for six weeks in a row.