Cleveland gets city to hand over $30 million

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The NFL has become so adept at getting money out of the hands of cities, that they’re now convincing them it’s less than they’re getting.

According to Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns and the city of Cleveland have agreed on a plan that would give the team $2 million a year over the next 15 years out of the pool of taxpayer money.

So $30 million’s not a bad deal right? The story says the “true cost” of the handout is only $22 million, “because the money is being committed at the present-day value of the dollar.”

The city’s wallet must feel fatter already.

Either way you count the beans, the Browns are getting someone else to shake the stalk for a chunk of the $120 million in improvements they’re making to the new stadium.

“I would do nothing to put the city of Cleveland in jeopardy, . . . or sidetrack or disrupt a councilman’s desire to have development in their ward,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said. “It’s $2 million a year that is not needed to provide the level of service that we are providing today.”

Of course, if they don’t find a quarterback, the Browns won’t need the new scoreboard to provide the level of offensive highlights they’re providing today, so it kind of evens out.

14 responses to “Cleveland gets city to hand over $30 million

  1. I can’t get mad at owners for asking, but it infuriates me when municipalities actually capitulate and agree to deals like this. What is the direct benefit to the city of Cleveland if the Browns get a new scoreboard?

  2. Whatever happened to loans? If I need $50k to make improvements on my house I have to take a loan out. Why can’t NFL teams do the same?

  3. The NFL makes an obscene amount of money from a variety of revenue streams. The fact that taxpayers anywhere should have to bear the capital cost to further build this empire is beyond absurd.

  4. Another city held hostage by billionaires, demanding blood money from taxpayers so they can make a little more profit – or else.

  5. You should really read the lease agreement . this is actually saving the City from making payments in the 5 to 8 million a year range over the last 5 years of the lease . And it meets the obligation for the lease . By spreading it out over the 15 years and hopefully having the sin tax renewed , the city is avaioding huge payments they could never afford toward the end of the lease .

  6. The city is required to pay that money under the teams of the lease they have with the team, but why let the facts get in the way of a rip job?

  7. Assuming the “city” in your headline is in fact Cleveland…

    The headline reads:

    Cleveland gets Cleveland to hand over $30 million

    I hope you didn’t have to repay your school loans, because you certainly didn’t get a very good education…

  8. I am quite sure if you would check the net worth of N.F.L. owners they can afford these things on their own. Am I the only one that thinks tax payers are getting screwed every time and in every city?

  9. Sounds like the city signed a bad agreement but when you are desperate you make bad decisions and Cleveland was desperate to get a new team. The NFL and owners takes advantage of desperate cities.

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